How did Wendy from Red Velvet Lose Weight?

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Shon Seung Wan, also known as Wendy has lost 15 kg (33 pounds) after suffering from weight-related issues so many times. She has made many mistakes in her journey.


If you are a K-Pop fan, you might have heard about Red Velvet’s member, Shon Seung Wan, known by her stage name Wendy. She is a fabulous singer and is known for her group performances with her other group members Irene (Bae Joo-Hyun), Yeri (Kim Ye-rim), Joy (Park Soo-young), and Seulgi (Kang Seul-gi).

Apart from working with them, she is also a radio host. Now she is all over the internet for her six-pack abs. While performing on stage, her fans noticed her abs and her pictures and videos circulated all over the internet.

Her fans had many questions in mind and her post got flooded with comments like “Wendy is a real deal,” and many fans raised questions about what kind of training she is doing. Her fans are inquisitive about knowing her over-the-night transformation.

Well, in reality, it did not happen overnight. She has gone through a lot before achieving her fit body. Wendy has mentioned that she has struggled a lot with weight. In this article, we will look into the weight loss journey of Wendy and will discover her secrets to losing weight.

Real NameShon Seung-wan
Famous NameWendy Shon
Date of BirthFebruary 21, 1994
Age29 Years
Height167 cm
Weight47 Kg/104 Pounds
ProfessionSinger and Radio Host
Marital StatusNot Married
Net Worth$8 Million

Who is Wendy?

Wendy is a South Korean singer. She was born on February 21, 1994, with the name Shon Seung Wan. She is a member of a South Korean girl group called “Red Velvet”. She made her solo debut in 2021 with the EP “Like Water”. 

Eventually, she became a member of the SM Entertainment supergroup “Got the Beat”. Wendy has shared that her parents were against her singing and wanted her to focus on her studies. 

But when she was in school, they allowed her to take auditions to become a singer in South Korea. Wendy has also made various appearances on television, such as she was a panelist on reality shows “We Got Married” and “Trick & True”. 

Shon Seung-wan is currently getting famous for her weight-loss transformation. She has lost 15 kg. Her fans are getting mad over her fitness and are seeking her fitness routine that helped her get abs.

Why did Wendy decide to lose weight?

Being famous is not always the cherry on the cake. There are many repercussions of that and one of them is constant trolling. You have to be in a proper way and shape when you are a public figure. Wendy also faced lots of trolling and criticism about her weight. 

She tried to do everything to be slim but losing weight is never too easy for anyone. Wendy has also confessed that she was a little fat and also shared that due to constant criticism, she went on to try extraordinary measures for losing weight which is not at all healthy for anyone. 

She said she tried eating only a blended mixture of apple and cabbage in the morning and spending the whole day without eating anything. She started exercising vigorously, but eventually, she realized that she was doing bad with her own body. 

Wendy shared that she noticed that after doing all this her body was not losing any weight. When she realized the cause, she found out that the most important ingredient of self-confidence was missing in her life.

What are the tips she followed for losing weight?

Wendy has made lots of mistakes in the initial stage of her weight loss by following rigorous diets and not loving her body enough. Eventually, she realized that she could only be successful in losing weight if she followed a healthy lifestyle. So she followed the following tips for losing weight:

1. Replacing Tea or Coffee with Fresh Juices

Wendy avoided and replaced tea and coffee during her breakfast time. She instead added fresh juices like lettuce juice, orange juice, or apple juice to her diet. Juices have more nutritional value and hydrate the body while beverages like tea and coffee dehydrate the body and contain sugar or milk which can lead to weight gain. 

2. Followed traditional healthy dish recipes.

Wendy’s is South Korean, and they often consume rice in South Korea. So she used to have a limited quantity of rice in her lunch, along with pumpkin juice, to balance the food. This helped her get her proteins, vitamins, and carbs at the same time. Consuming rice also helped her control her portion size. She used to have seaweed paper with the rice to add more value to it.

3. Walking 10,000 steps a day

Wendy was very particular about waking up 10,000 steps daily to digest the food that she had eaten all day. She used to complete her steps in 2 hours because she also had to do other things. as being a singer she had a very busy schedule. She also used to do jumping ropes. Even if her day at work was very tiring she never skipped her walks. 

4. Joining a Gym

Wendy got famous for her abs, which can be achieved only after spending some hours daily in the gym. Well, that’s exactly what Wendy did. Wendy joined a gym and spent 2 hours daily and also did strength training like lifting weights, squats, and planks to get fit. She did core training 3 to 4 times every week to get abs.

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Wendy Before and After pictures

wendy red velvet weight loss before and after picture

Wendy’s transformation can be easily seen through these pictures. She struggled with weight-related issues and also faced trolling as we mentioned above. However, she did not let the hate consume her spirit. 

Before weight loss, she weighed around 62 Kg/137 pounds. Before weight loss, she was not so obese, but in South Korea, there are some rigorous beauty standards that are followed by all Koreans. 

But when Wendy was not able to satisfy those standards she got trolled. But her transformation is not to be in a certain shape but to become a healthier version of herself. She has lost over 15 kg (33 pounds).

With her transformation, she is back on screen while weighing 47 Kg/104 pounds. After weight loss, she no longer follows a strict diet but she has become about her eating habits and avoids junk food and even traditional food in Korea.

Wendy’s Net Worth

Wendy is loved all around the globe for her vocals and songs. Wendy was born into a rich family. But she has made her own career and name in the industry. Even after having a successful career and a good income, she has been praised by fans for not buying luxury cars and large houses. 

Instead, Wendy donates a good portion of her money. Wendy has a net worth of $8 million (as of 2023). Her net worth includes her show income, assets, investments, and album money. We should all learn the habit of donating from Wendy. 

Wendy’s wealth can be easily estimated from her clothing and lifestyle as she is always seen wearing luxury clothes. Netizens are always seen praising Red Velvet members for their modest yet down-to-earth nature.

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In conclusion, Wendy also known as Shon Seung Wan is a famous Korean singer who is making headlines with her fantastic weight-loss transformation. She has lost over 15 kg of weight in just 4 months. 

She received a lot of criticism due to her weight which made her negative about herself. She mentioned that she followed a very extraordinary approach towards weight loss but that also did not help her in losing much weight. 

After learning from her mistakes, she made sure to eat 3 times a day but that is also not appropriate as per our studies. Wendy has lost 15 kgs in just 4 months by not following a healthy routine. She was not consuming enough calories which are normally required in the female of her body weight.

Although she managed to get abs and she required results, this diet can make your body weak. Finally, we would like to say that fitness is important but not for the sake of life. 

Losing weight in a healthy way is important for seeing the results in the long term.


What happened to Wendy in red velvet?

Ans. Reportedly, Wendy fell from a more than 2-meter-long platform, which caused her to have fractures on her wrist, ribs, and jaw. It bruised the whole right side of her body. She took over one year to recover. 

Does Wendy relapse?

Ans. Yes, Wendy relapsed in season 6 of Sons of Anarchy. But she learned from her past mistakes and did her best to give her best presence on this journey.

Has Wendy undergone any surgery to lose weight?

Ans. No, Wendy has not undergone any weight-loss surgery. Her weight loss was completely natural. She followed a rigorous diet and workout routine to lose weight. 

What is the leader of Red Velvet?

Ans. Bae Joo-Hyun is the leader of Red Velvet. She is also known by her stage name, ‘Irene’. She is the lead singer and rapper in the group. 

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