How does Tiffany Franco lose weight?

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Tiffany Franco underwent a surgery called gastric sleeve surgery that helped her lose 80 pounds. There is much more information that you should know about her weight loss.


Weight loss is a subjective thing, and everyone has their own way of losing weight. Some lose weight through organic ways while some lose it by going under the knife, i.e., through surgery.

But the result of any of these ways is satisfaction and a feeling of happiness in your skin. Today we are going to talk about the weight loss journey of famous Internet personality Tiffany Franco. 

After suffering from being overweight for a very long time, she finally decided to start the journey of loving herself. It is well said that if your life is a disaster, it has an impact on your weight loss journey. 

Well, you all must be aware of her relationship issues with her now-ex-husband, due to which she paused her weight loss journey for a while. However, after realizing that her body needed attention, she underwent weight loss surgery. 

There is much more information that you should know about her weight loss. In this article, we will look into the weight loss journey of Tiffany Franco and will see how she lost so much weight.

Real NameTiffany Franco
Famous NameTiffany Franco
Date of birth28 May 1991
Age32 Years
Height5 feet 7 inches
Weight213 Pounds
Marital StatusNot Married
Net Worth$1 million

Who is Tiffany Franco?

Tiffany Franco is a famous influencer who was seen on the 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way season 1 and since then she has been associated with 90 Day Fiance Franchise. In the first season, she met Ronald Smith with whom she got married and had a daughter in the year 2019. 

After giving her best in her marriage, it still failed. Tiffany spent half a decade trying to change her husband, but his addictive behavior made her understand that this person will never change. After getting out of her toxic marriage, she decided to change her body to get a revenge body. 

Tiffany has a growing fanbase on social media apps like Instagram and Facebook. She is very active and is popularly known as a weight-loss influencer. She shares her journey with people and inspires them. Her fans are loving the confident new Tiffany.

Did Tiffany Franco undergo weight loss surgery?

Tiffany Franco was overweight before her weight loss. Before weight loss, she used to weigh over 290 pounds, which were taking a toll on her health. She was unable to enjoy her daily life and it was hard for her to do daily activities easily. 

Her relationship with her ex-husband Ronald was also not good, and being in a toxic marriage also affected her weight loss. She had a daughter in the year 2019, after which she started her weight loss journey but soon after her marriage became a disaster due to which she stopped and took a break from the weight loss journey. 

After parting ways with her husband she underwent a gastric sleeve procedure, through which she lost 80 pounds of weight. While sharing her journey with her fans through her social media, she wrote that they removed half part of my stomach, and it makes me feel lighter and happy. 

She mentioned that she still wants to lose 18 pounds to achieve her weight loss goal. Tiffany continued her weight loss journey even after surgery and she followed a healthy lifestyle. Surgery also requires post-surgery healing and care. 

What are the things Tiffany followed post-surgery to maintain weight?

Tiffany Franco diet and workout

Tiffany followed a post-surgery diet to lose more weight and maintain the weight that she shedded through surgery. Tiffany followed the following things that helped her in maintaining weight post-surgery:

1. She added more soups to her diet

Tiffany was on a soft diet after her surgery because going through a weight loss surgery in which you get your stomach cut can make it hard for you to digest solid or hard food. Having more soups also helped her in losing weight and soups are very low in calories. Soups are considered one of the go-to foods during weight loss.

2. Hydration

Tiffany has mentioned that she was very punctual about her water intake as she needed to drink as much liquid as possible after her surgery. This thing helped her in boosting her metabolism and having more energy throughout the day. Water is a component that has numerous benefits for our health. 

3. Took her vitamin intake seriously 

Tiffany took her vitamin intake very seriously because it helped her gain all the energy that she lost during surgery and weight loss. Tiffany added vitamin-rich food like broccoli, liver, carrots, oranges, spinach, milk, and sweet potatoes to her diet. She also took the help of a vitamin supplement. Vitamins are very vital for our body and their necessity increases when we try to lose weight. 

4. Giving her body proper rest

Tiffany gave her body proper rest after her surgery. It is very important for our body to heal from surgery because vice versa can lead to weight gain and life-threatening complications. Giving proper rest to her body also helped her get ready to lose more weight. 

5. Avoiding Caffeine

Tiffany also avoided caffeine because it could lead to hormonal disbalance and also had the chance of disrupting her healing and weight loss process. Caffeine does not directly contribute to weight loss rather it affects the different things like sleep or hormones that can affect weight loss.

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How much weight did she lose?

Tiffany Franco has been very open about her weight loss journey. She keeps sharing her progress and updates regarding her health and weight with her fans. Once in a post, she mentioned that she underwent gastric sleeve surgery to make her feel happy and before the weight loss, she did not hate her body. 

She also mentioned that she lost weight just to feel healthy and not to promote any slim figure culture. She is an inspiration for many people who are overweight and struggling. She is a role model of patience. 

From saying that she is only on the earth be lied to loving herself to the fullest, she has come a very long way. Before weight loss, she weighed around 293 pounds (133 kilograms). But after losing weight through diet and surgery, she now weighs 213 pounds (97 kilograms).

She is continuing to lose weight and remain fit. Losing 80 pounds (36 kg) in just 15 months is a tough nut to crack. She loves herself now more than ever. Her weight loss saved her from many life-threatening diseases.

Tiffany Franco’s Net Worth

Tiffany made her debut with a television dating show. She was born and raised in Frederick, Maryland. Tiffany is a makeup artist who is famous for her makeup looks and obsession with cosmetics on social media. 

She also sells makeup tutorials on different platforms through content hosting. She has built her career with her own hard work. Even after having a successful career, she suffered from being overweight, but she lost weight by undergoing weight loss surgery. 

The objective behind her weight loss surgery was to become healthy. Tiffany has a complicated relationship status, which is also a reason for her being in the limelight. She married Ronald, which became the main reason for her becoming famous because of her toxic marriage. 

This 90 Days of Fiance star has a net worth of around $1 million. Her net worth includes her paychecks, sponsorships, social media income, and her investments.

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In conclusion, Tiffany Franco is a well-known influencer who has had an inspiring weight loss journey. After suffering from being overweight, she finally decided to undergo a weight loss transformation. Tiffany underwent weight loss surgery. 

Going through weight loss surgery is a tough decision and requires lots of courage. Tiffany underwent a surgery called gastric sleeve surgery that helped her lose 80 pounds. In this surgery, doctors cut 70 percent of her stomach. 

This is not about her weight loss journey. She also followed a healthy lifestyle and restricted her diet to soups and soft foods. Her post-surgery healing took time, but she understood that her body needed rest. 

When her fans asked if she wanted to lose any more weight, she replied that she still had 18 pounds to lose to reach her weight loss goal. Her story is a tale of courage and determination. She continues to inspire many people through her transformation.


What happened to Tiffany from 90 Days of Fiance?

Ans. Tiffany and her fiance from 90 Days Fiance Ronald got married and remained together for half a decade, but their marriage did not last. They have a daughter together which was born in 2019. 

Did Tiffany have a gastric bypass?

Ans. Tiffany Franco has been very open about her weight loss surgery. She underwent a VSG, i.e., a vertical sleeve gastrostomy.  In this surgery, doctors removed 70% of her stomach. She mentioned that she did it to become healthy, and she doesn’t promote being skinny.

How did Tiffany get a black eye?

Ans. Some time ago, Tiffany Franco got a black eye. When she was asked she said that she fell on the ice which left her with a black eye.

What is a Tiffany Plate Diet?

Ans. Tiffany’s life is all about food. But to lose weight, she sacrificed her favorite food. Her fans are curious about her diet plan. Tiffany eats Chicken sausages, raw and pickled vegetables, fruits, cottage cheese, and mustard seeds. 

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