How Tessa Brooks Has Lost Around 60 Pounds?

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Tessa Brooks, a famous YouTuber, has lost around 20 pounds by making some lifestyle changes. Her weight loss is an easy one to follow.


Food is the love of many and many people live for food. But putting so many calories in the body has not been so beneficial for many people. One of them is famous YouTuber Tessa Brooks who suffered from weight gain due to unhealthy habits. 

She is a popular internet sensation who has worked hard to achieve all the name and fame she has. But this success had one disadvantage, which is stress. Stress and her unhealthy lifestyle made her gain weight. 

Tessa Brooks realized she needed to make some changes to live a peaceful life and she embarked on her weight loss journey. Her weight loss journey is something with which everyone can relate. 

Although she is a popular YouTuber, she lives a realistic lifestyle. Even her diet plan and weight loss journey were as realistic as they could. In this article, we will look into the weight loss journey of Tessa Brooks and will see how she managed to lose so much weight. 

Real NameTessa Brooks
Famous NameTessa Brooks
Date of Birth5 April 1999
Age24 Years
Height5 feet 6 inches
Weight56 kg/ 123 pounds
ProfessionYoutuber and Actress
Marital StatusNot Married
Net Worth$5 Million

Who is Tessa Brooks?

Tessa Brooks is an American YouTuber, actress, and model. She was born on April 5, 1999, in Fresno, California, United States. She has been more interested in dancing as compared to studying from her school days. 

She has a good YouTube following because of her content and people love watching her videos. To pursue her dancing passion, she has participated in many competitions and has won hearts and medals. 

Tessa started her career by posting her dance videos on YouTube with ‘Team 10’ in 2017. She rose to fame later. In 2018, she was a part of the TV mini-documentary ‘The Mind of Jake Paul”. 

Later she did many short movies like ‘Ninjago:2 Much Llyod’. She also starred in 14 episodes of the TV series called ‘Boss Cheer’. She has also been part of ‘Honey Girls’ and ‘Happy Hazel’.

Why did she decide to lose weight?

Tessa Brooks has a soft corner for food, and lately, she has started consuming too many carbs and junk food. She once posted a picture with a pizza stating that love is in the food. All these things clearly show how foodie she is. 

But as it is said that everything is good in limit. She slowly started seeing changes in her body which was not a good sign. Tessa says that she has a ‘Muscular and Tiny body’. She says that due to her body type even a little weight shows.

She says that even if she eats a little amount her body gets fat and this is what she does not like about her. But this feature of her body started showing the consequences and all the weight that she gained so far.

This is what pushed her towards a healthy lifestyle because she thought of making some changes to her body to live a peaceful and happy life. Her stress eating was a problem for her so she eliminated it from her life by making reasonable changes.

Tessa Brooks weight loss

What diet principles does she follow to lose weight?

Tessa Brooks was following an unhealthy lifestyle, and her body needed some changes to shed pounds. So she made some simple changes in her diet by excluding and including some things. Here are the diet principles she followed to lose weight:

1. Removing dairy products from her diet

The first and foremost change that Tessa made was removing all the dairy consumption that she used to make from her diet. According to Tessa, this change clearly helped her a lot as she decreased many calories by just removing dairy and also made her digestion smooth.

2. Completing water intake

She was also very particular about her water intake because she believed that it helped her get the glowing skin that she has by flushing out the toxins from her body. It also helped her manage her appetite and boosted her metabolism, so it helped her burn more fat while working out. 

3. Avoiding Junk Food

Tessa Brooks says that healthy eating is of no importance if you do not stop eating junk food. Junk food is high in calories and is often made in unhygienic ways which can make you contract several diseases. So she avoided junk food because it is high in oil, sugar, and salt. 

4. Eating in small portions

Tessa says that moderation is the key. She believes in eating small portions. Because this only helped her eat not too much or too little. When we stuff ourselves completely with food, it makes it hard for our stomach to digest the food. 

5. Keeping her diet simple

She is a firm believer that there is nothing special in following complex and tough diets. She says that simple diets have their own way of healing your body and helping it in burning fat. So she followed a very simple diet plan that focused on including all the nutrients and proteins.

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Tessa Brooks’s workout routine

Tessa Brook is very particular about her workout routine. She used to work out daily to burn calories and store fat from her body. Here is the workout routine of Tessa Brooks that helped her in losing weight:

1. Cardio workout

She used to do cardio workouts daily. Tessa loves doing cardio as it is fun and helps in burning more calories as compared to other exercises. She used to do cycling, dancing, running and walking. She is a dancer and dancing used to boost her mood. 

2. Strength Training

Tessa Brooks also did strength training to build muscle mass. Tessa says that during her weight loss, she did not want to lose muscle mass. So to avoid that she did strength training. It also boosted her metabolism. She used to do planks, squats, and weight lifting. 

3. Yoga 

Tessa Brooks has also added yoga to her diet routine. Yoga is the most loved Ayurvedic exercise that has various health benefits. Tessa used to do yoga for mental peace and to bring flexibility to her body. The various asanas in yoga serve different purposes but this has been the most famous one in Western culture.

Tessa Brooks Before and After

tessa brooks weight loss before and after pictures

Tessa Brooks has managed to lose weight after recognizing her unhealthy eating habits. Tessa has lost around 20 pounds/ 9 kg. She has been very open about her weight loss journey and has documented her entire journey through a YouTube video.

Tessa says that she loves every body type and values everybody. She says that one should admire their body because it is made by god. But also says that one should take action to switch to a healthy lifestyle if it is needed.

Before weight loss, she weighed around 143 pounds/65 kg. She gained so much weight because she overcame her stress by eating well and this stress eating became a hurdle for her in the long run. But she did not hesitate to take action for her own good.

After weight loss, she weighs around 123 pounds/56 kg. Her story is very motivational and realistic. She is known for her weight, easygoing nature, and her eye captivating beauty. Her weight loss transformation has made her more beautiful.

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In conclusion, Tessa Brooks is a famous American YouTuber who has made a remarkable transformation by losing around 20 pounds. She decided to change her lifestyle because her unhealthy eating habits and stress were causing her to gain weight.

Tessa’s weight loss journey is relatable to many of us as she took a realistic approach to shedding extra pounds. She made some simple yet effective dietary changes like cutting dairy products, avoiding junk, and keeping her hydration in check.

Tesla also added a workout routine to her weight loss journey. She used to do yoga, strength training, and cardio workouts daily to lose weight. Before her weight loss, she was unhappy because of her eating habits and stress.

But she took action to change her life. After weight loss, she has become more beautiful than ever. Tessa’s story serves as a motivational reminder to all of us. It shows that with determination and confidence, anyone can achieve everything.


What is Tessa Brooks’s net worth?

Ans. Tessa Brooks is a famous YouTuber who has a YouTube subscription in millions. She also has very good engagement on her social media handles. Her net worth is around $5 million. 

Did she undergo any weight-loss surgery?

Ans. No, Tessa Brooks has not undergone any weight-loss surgery. Her weight loss is completely natural. She followed a simple dirt routine that helped her lose weight.

What is Tessa Brooks famous for?

Ans. Tessa Brooks is a well-known actress, dancer, and YouTuber who has been famous for her YouTube videos and has also done many TV shows. 

What was Tessa Brooks doing?

Ans. Tessa Brooks is a famous actress who flourished her acting skills after her YouTube channel rose to fame. She has been in many TV series. She has been in Boss Cheer (2018), yA (2020), and Happy Hazel (2020).

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