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Tasha Cobbs is a famous singer who has lost over 50 pounds in her weight loss journey. To know if she undergoes surgery, keep reading!


Tasha Cobb is one such name that has gained popularity due to her weight loss Transformation.  Tasha Cobbs is a gospel singer and songwriter. She had lost almost 50 pounds, which is incredible. Before weight loss, she used to suffer a lot from her health issues, and she was also overweight. She has also sought surgical procedures for weight loss. 

Tasha Cobb has inspired many people with her weight loss journey. She has done the impossible and is a ray of hope for those who are struggling with being overweight. In this article,  we will look deep into Tasha Cobb’s weight loss journey, the surgery she underwent to lose weight, and her workout and diet plan. Stay tuned till the end.

Real NameNatasha Tameika Cobbs Leonard
Famous NameTasha Cobb
Date of Birth7July,1981
Age42 Years old
Height5 feet 4 inches
Weight60 kgs
ProfessionSinger and Songwriter
Marital statusMarried
Net Worth$5 Million
Tasha Cobbs Table Overview

Who is Tasha Cobbs?

Tasha Cobbs Weight Loss surgery

Born and brought up in Georgia, United States Tasha Cobbs is a talented gospel singer and songwriter. Her birth name is Natasha Tameika Cobbs Leonard, and she was born on July 7, 1981. She is a renowned singer, and she is absolutely melodious. She has millions of fans. She began her singing career in early 2010. She became famous with her song “Grace” and since then, her voice has touched millions of hearts.

She has also become an inspiration for many due to her weight loss transformation.  She has lost over 50 kg of weight and has also undergone weight loss surgery. She had also faced challenges in managing her weight, but in the end, she lost it and has inspired many.

What was the turning point in Tasha’s life?

Tasha Cobb used to suffer from being overweight, and her life used to revolve around challenges related to carrying extra weight. She was continuing with a life full of weight related challenges until one moment when she realized that she needed to make some changes for her own good.

Basically, she realized that she needed to change herself when she went to a mall and was not able to walk because of her weight. Her breathlessness and helplessness at not being able to walk made her feel like she was doing something wrong with her life by not changing her body for the better. 

It was not an easy decision, and the journey itself was not easy at all, but she kept going because she became aware that her extra weight was taking a toll on her body, which can be life threatening for her. 

Did Tasha Cobbs Undergo Surgery?

After dealing with being overweight, Tasha Cobb finally decided to undergo weight loss surgery. But this decision was not easy for her. She was very skeptical at first about her decision. She seeks medical advice from her doctor to check whether she can go for this surgery or not. 

She underwent weight loss surgery called bariatric surgery, in which surgeons alter the digestive system to help a person lose weight. This surgery is considered for people who find it tough to lose weight even after following every diet available on the planet.

Tasha was also obese and made the decision to go through surgery. But she was scared at first because there are many risks associated with surgeries. Surgery can also be life-threatening. Tasha recognized that surgery alone is not a life-changing solution; she also has to follow a diet and workout.

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Tasha’s Workout and Diet Plan

Tasha Cobbs diet workout

Tasha wanted to lose weight, but only losing weight was not her aim. She also wanted to have a healthy body and maintain her weight, which she achieved with the help of surgery. That’s when she realized that only going through surgery was part of her weight loss journey. She also has to eat clean and healthy and work out to maintain her weight. Apart from surgery, she made the following changes to her weight loss journey:

1. Making lifestyle changes

Tasha always knew that surgery was only a tool to help her lose weight, but it was not enough to make her achieve her weight loss target. She had to make some changes in her lifestyle to lose some extra weight and maintain her progress. So she made some lifestyle changes that were much needed for her and also helped her feel better and become happier. 

2. Adding Workout to her Routine

Tasha understood that losing weight and having a healthy workout were very important. So she included exercise in her daily routine and consistently worked out every day. She did various exercises daily to keep her body active and moving. 

3. Following a Balanced Diet

Tasha also understood the significance of eating healthy and clean. She started eating healthy foods and followed a balanced diet. She always ensured that her plate is full of nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. She also started eating homemade food religiously.

Tips from Tasha Cobb for Weight Loss

Tasha Cobb has successfully lost over 50 pounds and has inspired millions of hearts with her dedication. Tasha Cobb has shared some valuable tips for losing weight easily. Following are the tips shared by her:

1. Stay Active:

Tasha Cobb has been advised to stay active. She says that staying active is very important for losing weight because it will help us burn calories. You can simply go for a walk or run, and by doing these two simple activities, you can remain active.

2. Eat Nutritious Food:

Eating nutritious food is very important to give your body all the vital minerals and vitamins it needs. It is very important to follow a balanced diet in weight loss.

3. Control Portion Size:

Tasha says that being mindful of what you are eating and eating in limits is very important, as it can only help you stop overeating and follow the diet.

4. Stay Hydrated:

Tasha suggests staying hydrated and drinking lots of water. Drinking lots of water is very important, as it makes us feel full and also boosts our metabolism. 

5. Get Enough Sleep:

Getting enough sleep is very important, especially for weight loss, as when we sleep, our body repairs itself from all the things we did in the daytime.

6. Avoid Sugar:

As per Tasha Cobb, sugar is an enemy for weight loss. Sugar can make all your efforts go in vain. Sugar is not good for the body, and it also gives you extra calories.

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Tasha Cobbs Net Worth

Tasha Cobbs carrier net worth

Tasha Cobb is a famous singer and songwriter. She started singing in the early 2010s and is known for her melodious voice. Recently, she became famous for her weight loss journey and is now inspiring millions with her transformation. She is a hardworking lady and has a net worth of $5 Million. Her net worth includes her investments, assets, salary, and crypto investments.

How much weight has Tasha Cobb lost?

Tasha Cobb is known for her mind blowing transformation. She remained determined and consistent in her weight loss journey and lost over 50 pounds/ 23 kilo. Before weight loss, she used to weigh around 83 kilo/ 183 pounds. Through her hard work and dedication, she has achieved her targets. She now weighs 60 Kilo/ 133 pounds). She followed a balanced diet, exercised daily, and also underwent weight loss surgery.

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In a Nutshell, Tasha Cobb’s weight loss journey has inspired millions. She is a talented gospel singer and songwriter. She has become idle for those struggling with weight loss. Through her determination and hard work, she has lost over 50 pounds. She has also undergone weight loss surgery. Going through weight loss surgery was not easy for her, but she understood all the pros and cons and then made the decision for herself. 

Her story serves as a reminder that positive changes are possible with consistency and hard work. Tasha has also shared some tips such as staying hydrated and eating clean with her fans to lose weight easily.  Tasha Cobb’s journey has touched millions of hearts and inspired them to start their weight loss journeys too.


Did Tasha Cobb suffer from depression?

Ans. Yes, Tasha Cobb suffered depression in 2016. She revealed in an interview that no one talks about mental health, but it is very important.

Did Tasha Cobb go for therapy?

Ans. Yess Tasha Cobb went for therapy and has also shared how she felt when she first went for therapy. She said she was very nervous during her first therapy session.

Who is Tasha Cobb’s Husband?

Ans. Tasha Cobb is married to Kenneth Leonard. They got married in 2017, and till now they are happily married to each other.

Did Tasha Cobb suffer a heart attack?

Ans. As per reports, she suffered a mild heart attack which was not life threatening, however she didn’t talk about it so it is not confirmed.

Did Tasha Cobb ask for medical advice before surgery?

Ans. Yes, Tasha Cobb asked for medical advice and understood the pros and cons of weight loss surgery before going for it. 

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