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Taryn Asher, a 48-year-old Journalist, dropped 44 pounds in less than 4 months. Taryn’s natural route to weight loss


It will be the height of absurdity if a person aiming for weight loss does not look up to the successful and meaningful physical transformations of others.

Looking at others and seeking validation from yourself can be the most fulfilling ways in which you will grow. It is to inspire ourselves that we look at others who have completed the journey of a full physical transformation. 

And, in the list of many of these people is one Taryn Asher. A famous Journalist, Fox 2 News Reporter, and one who has been in the industry for nearly 2 decades now. 

NameTaryn Asher
Weight Loss44 pounds
Date of Birth14 June 1975
Age48 (in 2023)
Height5′ 10”
ProfessionJournalist, News Anchor
ResidenceBloomfield Township, Oakland County, Michigan, America
Marital StatusMarried (with Jason Carr)

What makes Taryn Asher’s Transformation Different?

Taryn Asher Weight Loss journey

By no means was Taryn Asher gaining excessive weight an expected scenario. And, neither was she someone who was suffering from some kind of hormonal distress from birth. A “fluke” would be the word that will be best used for the incident. 

Reportedly, a while back in 2017, she got food poisoning. Nothing serious, and as expected, she was back to work in just a few days. However, that incident led to a series of incidents that were not expected by anyone at all. 

Weight Gain

Right after that, she started swelling over her body parts, i.e., hands and face. And when she reported to ER, it was found that she had a hormonal imbalance because of which she was how she was. 

It was not life-threatening for the time being, but it sure was something that was not easy to live with. With that, she started gaining excess weight and had to take a break from her career for a while. 

But when the others were wallowing in self-pity and despair, Taryn Asher made a comeback that no one could have foreseen.

She did not give in to her medical conditions and aimed to get back to the physique that she had before. And what you see her as today, in itself, is a testament to the work that she put in on herself to get back in shape.

Taryn Asher’s Medical Condition

Because of the after-effects of the food poisoning, and the results that followed, she was admitted to the ER. and was listed for emergency surgery. 

The surgery was subjected to the glands because of which she was having excessive hormonal discharge, which led to her weight gain. The surgery was successful and, overall perfect. 

However, the decision to counter her weight was made solely by Taryn Asher. And, for that goal, she set out on a journey of her own. One that has inspired thousands, and will inspire even more.

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A Successful Weight Loss Story

Taryn Asher, in particular, is known for how she was able to lose over 44 pounds in just 4 months. And that too was not attained through surgical methods or some kind of medication. It was entirely a physical process. 

Sure, it took a lot of determination and hard work on her part, but it worked out splendidly for her.

For the transformation, instead of opting for surgical fat removal, she chose to take a natural course of action. She made changes in her lifestyle and aimed for small-term goals that aligned well with her intentions. And, as you can see, she did not fail.


Keep Up with Taryn Asher’s Journey

Taryn Asher is someone who has turned into hope for people that are willing to make changes in their life if the goal is to get a better body physique. 

And what makes her a guardian Angel in herself is the prospect that she does not monetize the information that she posts. Or is not interested in the material gain, at least not from the blog page on which she posts her transformation notes and snippets of her journey. 

Her blog page is accessible to everyone and is completely free. No subscription fee, no charges. And, that is a really good and positive incentive to get started. 

Join the blog page, and take a look for yourself at the path she has travelled. Truly, an inspiration. 

Lifestyle Changes in Taryn Asher’s Life

Excess weight is a condition of which only those who have gone through it know the distress. Only those who have been able to successfully carry themselves out of this know how long and painful of a journey it is in its entirety. 

On every step one needs to make up his mind, make choices and decisions, and even then, the progress is barely visible. It is enough to break one, but only those that keep on marching on would reap the benefits of hard work.

Taryn Asher provides a short Weight Loss Program that will help you understand the basics of the principle of weight loss. And, will help you get acquainted with the new way in which you should lead your life. 

And, none of it is something that you are going to hate. It is bound to be a fun and compelling journey. One, that you will end up falling in love with. 

Diet Plans

Taryn Asher set up a diet plan for herself and did not stray from it no matter what. And as she claims, it was the leading factor in her regaining her former physique. 

She planned out the calorie count of the meals that she was intaking, and stuck with whole foods, instead of those that were more on the fatty side. 

The diet plan that was followed by her is accessible to all on her Weight Loss blog page. And, it has been edited personally by her to suit the requirements of others who also want to lose body weight. 

And, this plan provides people with a good incentive to get started with taking control of their lifestyle once again. 

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Throughout her transformation, Taryn Asher was not supportive of the explosive workout sessions or sets of exercises. And quite obviously, those are the ones that are made even more difficult for people that are high in weight. 

Instead, she opted for exercises that had a rather higher rate of static movement. This provided her with a much larger variety of exercises. And, she was able to target specific areas on which she wanted the weight loss to be imminent. 

The exercises mainly included walking, vested walks, strength training, and small weight exercises. These exercises are not something that will put excessive stress on your body. And, will be beneficial overall to a more accurate degree. 


The period of her weight loss was something that Taryn Asher saw as a self-improvement phase. And, for this, she not only targeted her weight but all the other prospects that she wanted to tone down on. 

It was particularly during this phase that she got an understanding of the things that she did not need in her life and those off. And, that was vastly for her diet plans. 

Irregular meals, over-consumption, alcohol, any kind of intoxication, she gave up on all of those, in pursuit of her physical well-being. And, in the end, it for sure was worth it. 

Extensive Workout Sessions

For overbearing exercises, she followed the standard tactic of short-interval high-endurance sessions. She frequently took breaks in between her workout sessions and motivated herself enough to get back to her workout all over again. This continuity was genuinely something that was meant to be looked up to and respected. 

These sessions aimed to build up her endurance and help her ease into the new lifestyle that she was trying to adopt. All the endurance exercises, strength training, and physical therapy sessions have worked wonders on this gorgeous woman. 

Psychological Health

Taryn Asher is someone who has been through enough. But even by taking her present mental fortitude into account, it would still have been difficult for her without her husband and family. 

Her entire family was supportive of her and her decisions. And, extended every bit of helping hand that she was in the need for. This was something that led to her realization that even with her then condition, she was not alone. 

She was provided with emotional and psychological support through her family and loved ones. And, in a way, that was exactly the motivation that she needed to get started with working on herself. 

Taryn Asher: Recovery

Even if the physical process of transformation was only four months, it was not easy to overcome. It took Taryn Asher quite some time to ease into a new lifestyle, even after regaining her physique. 

After her recovery, she opted for some therapy sessions with professionals, to be equipped with enough motivation to get back to the competitive world of business. And, that is exactly what she did. 

Career Choices

Taryn Asher was a popular Journalist, News Reporter and Anchor before her medical condition. And, she got back in line with the same career after her transformation. She came back as someone more confident, reliable and a rather well-trusted professional. 

Also, she took on the role of a fitness influencer to help others attain a perfect physique like she did. And, through both, her career as a News Anchor for Fox 2 and as an influencer, she is making a difference. 

Net Worth

Taryn Asher can be said to be the most renowned broadcast host and anchor in the present date. With 4 Emmy Awards and dozens of others, she is on a whole different plane in its entirety.

With her career as a journalist, she makes a bit over 75,000 $. Add to it her incentives through social platforms like Patreon and her directive sessions, her net worth exceeds $1 million. 

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Taryn Asher is an inspiration for all those who want to overcome the problem of body weight. She went through something that could not be easy for anyone to overcome, but she did it. And, she came out of it better and stronger than ever before. 

It is not just the period of her transformation, but this entire part of her life, that one can gain inspiration from and get started on the path of his conquest. 


What is Taryn Asher doing currently?

She is a news anchor and reporter for Fox 2 Detroit. And, is a pretty successful and one of the most looked up to working women in society. 

How much does Taryn Asher make a year?

Taryn Asher has a net worth of $1 million. She is one of the most popular and successful news reporters and anchors to the present date. 

What about her family?

Taryn Asher is a married woman. She is married to Jason Carr and has a child with him as well. The husband is a part of the television industry and is known for his phenomenal hosting.

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