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Tanya Goodman Sykes is a gospel singer who lost over 120 pounds of weight. She is now inspiring many with her transformation.


Weight loss starts with a reason. Some people do it for themselves, and some people do it for any reason, but a reason is something that keeps us all going. Tanya Goodman Sykes also had a reason for her weight-loss transformation. She is a famous gospel singer and songwriter who is famous for her melodious voice. She has recently lost over 120 pounds in the span of 7 years. 7 years is a long period, but she kept going with her hard work and dedication towards her goals.

Her reason was to be fit and fight her excessive weight. Tanya Goodman Sykes followed a diet that was prescribed by her doctor and also worked out daily. She became aware that she wanted to live happily with her family and children, but for that, losing weight was important. In this article, we will look into how Tanya Goodman Sykes lost so much weight over a long period of seven years and what kept her going. Stay tuned till the end to know all.

Real NameTanya Goodman Sykes
Famous NameTanya Goodman Sykes
Date of BirthMarch 9, 1951
Age73 Years
ProfessionGospel Singer and Songwriter
Marital StatusMarried
Net-worth$5.35 Million

Who is Tanya Goodman Sykes?

Tanya Goodman Sykes is a famous gospel singer and songwriter. She was born on March 9, 1951, in Macon, Georgia, in the United States. She is also known for collaborating with famous actors like Michael W. Smith and New Song.

Tanya Goodman Sykes recently got the limelight for her weight loss transformation, where she lost over 120 pounds in 7 years. She shared a Facebook post in the year 2021 in which she stated that she lost 90 pounds that year. She lost a total of 120 pounds in these years with her consistency and hard work. She was overweight, and after considering her problems due to her weight, she transformed. She contacted her doctor and got a custom-made diet and exercise plan that worked for her.

Earlier, due to her weight, she was struggling with managing her life and children and was not able to find clothes that fit her. But after her transformation, she is inspiring many to start their journey today to see the self that they never imagined existed.

What struggles did she face before her weight loss?

Tanya Goodman Sykes used to suffer from her excessive weight. She is a popular gospel singer, but still, she was suffering a lot due to her own body. She was heavily dependent on medications due to her weight. But unfortunately, her dependency on medications didn’t result in weight loss, but vice versa. Medications didn’t only result in her never-ending cycle of weight gain; her eating habits were also not so good, which contributed to her weight gain.

After struggling a lot with her weight, she finally decided to overcome her weight gain and started making lifestyle changes and adopting healthy eating habits. She consulted her doctor, and rather than depending on her medications, she opted for healthy diets and daily workouts.

Did Tanya Goodman Sykes follow Intermittent fasting?

Tanya Goodman Sykes Weight loss diet workout

Intermittent fasting is a type of dieting in which one alternates between fasting and eating intervals. It does not prescribe which foods to consume, but rather when to consume them. In other words, it is an eating habit rather than a diet in the classic sense. During fasting periods, a person will refrain from eating for a set period of time. This might range from 12–16 hours per day to 24 hours per day. A person can eat whatever they want throughout the eating intervals, as long as it fits within their calorie goals.

Intermittent fasting has the following benefits:

  • Weight loss
  • Improved metabolism 
  • Decreased inflammation
  • Prevents Type 2 diabetes 
  • Prevent heart disease 
  • Prevents Cancer

Tanya Goodman Sykes suggests starting with simple changes to continue with intermittent fasting. She suggests progressively increasing your fasting duration, developing a habit, and focusing on quality over quantity when it comes to what you consume within your eating window. 

Tanya Goodman Sykes shares useful strategies and tactics to make intermittent fasting a reasonable dietary practice with numerous potential health advantages. Following her suggestions can help you get the most out of your intermittent fasting practice, from progressively increasing your fasting window to focusing on excellent nourishment.

What eating habits did she follow in her weight loss journey?

Eating healthy was the main highlight of Tanya Goodman Sykes’s weight loss journey. She first focused on her eating habits and then moved forward with any other steps to lose weight. She also contacted her doctor to get a custom-made diet plan that suits her body and life. After following everything that suited her, she found her weight-loss eating habits, which are mentioned below for your reference:

1. Don’t skip breakfast

Tanya Goodman Sykes swears by eating breakfast in the morning. Breakfast is the first meal in the morning to break the night-long fast and provide some energy to our body. Breakfast should be heavy and nutrient-rich, including all the essential vitamins, minerals, and proteins. It is very important to provide some food to your stomach in the morning to follow the diet routine the whole day effectively.

2. Eat Fiber-Rich food

Fiber helps with digestion. In weight loss, fiber-rich food plays a big role as it helps with digestion to digest all the protein-rich food easily, which is sometimes hard to digest. It also boosts the metabolism, keeps your stomach fuller, and prevents unhealthy snacking. Tanya Goodman Sykes used to include fiber-rich foods like whole grains, fruits, and vegetables in her diet, which also helped regulate her blood sugar levels.

3. Avoid Processed Food

Tanya’s doctor clearly advised her to stop eating processed and refined foods. These food options contain excessive calories, sugar, and oil, which are very hard for the body to digest. Her doctor advised her to substitute these items with fresh food and unprocessed items like vegetables, nuts, seeds, and fruits.

4. Start with a plan

You should always start with a plan. A diet plan is a must to lose weight. Tanya Goodman Sykes’s first step to losing weight was to get a diet plan made by her doctor. It is always advisable to get a diet plan made by a certified doctor or nutritionist. Your plan should be focused on your goals but also be clear and practical. It should not be starving or exerting for your body.

5. Control your Portion Sizes

It is always necessary to look for what is going on inside of you and in what quantity. Tanya Goodman Sykes brought this awareness to her to look for whether she is eating too little or too much. Her doctor gave her a diet plan in which her food was mentioned along with the portion of her meal, and she used to follow that with her closed eyes. Portion control is very important to stop yourself from overeating.

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Which workouts did she do in her weight loss journey?

Tanya Goodman Sykes is a hard-working woman. She has an interest in fun as well as exercise activities like running, dancing, and swimming. After considering all of her likes and dislikes, she developed a workout routine for herself, which she is eager to do. Following is the workout routine of Tanya Goodman Sykes during her weight loss journey:

1. Running 

Tanya Goodman Sykes used to go running at least three times a week, which used to vary depending on the distance and intensity of her runs. She used to love running, and running is also effective at burning calories. It used to burn lots of calories, which was very helpful during her weight loss journey. 

2. Yoga

Tanya also followed yoga during her weight loss journey. Yoga is very effective for weight loss and also brings flexibility to the body. She used to do yoga for her physical as well as mental fitness, and it also brought flexibility to her body. Yoga also added balance to her body. She added yoga asanas, which suited her needs and wants and also provided her with mental peace, balance, and flexibility.

3. Strength Training

She also used to do strength training to build muscle mass. When you do strength training, it boosts the metabolism and also increases fat burning, even at rest. Tanya used to do strength training two times a week to train her muscles and build muscle mass. She used to do lunges, squats, and push-ups, which helped her build strength and tone her muscles.

4. Cycling

Tanya Goodman Sykes used to love cycling, and she added her favorite activity to her weight loss routine to get two benefits from it. Cycling also burns 7 calories per minute, which was a plus point to do during the weight loss journey. Cycling can be done anytime, anywhere, with anyone. Tanya used to cycle with her spouse and kids to spend quality time as well as achieve her daily targets.

5. Swimming

Swimming is also a very fun activity that helps with weight loss. This water sport is loved by both young people and small children. Tanya Goodman Sykes used to love swimming too, and she used to do it to lose weight as well. She used to go swimming at least twice a week, especially on weekends, to burst the stress bubble and enjoy herself.

Tanya Goodman Sykes’s Net Worth

Tanya Goodman Sykes lifestyle net worth

Tanya Goodman Sykes is a successful gospel singer and songwriter who is famous for her work on various songs. She has also worked with famous personalities like Michael W. Smith and New Song. She has also done a world tour for her fans and has performed live in front of them in various countries.

She is also known for her incredible weight loss transformation and how she managed to lose weight with consistency in the span of 7 years. She is a successful woman and has a Net worth of 5.35 Million dollars, which she has earned with her hard work, zeal, and passion for her work. Her net worth is the sum total of her earnings, monthly income, crypto-investments, and assets.

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In a nutshell, Tanya Goodman Sykes is a talented gospel singer and songwriter who not only has a melodious voice but is also a ray of inspiration for many people due to her weight loss transformation. She has achieved her weight loss dreams due to her hard work and dedication towards her goals.

She was suffering from excessive weight gain issues and was totally dependent on medications due to her health conditions. After suffering from her weight for many years, she finally decided to give herself a much needed transformation because she was not able to move easily and enjoy life with her children and spouse. 

She started making healthy lifestyle changes and also got a diet plan from her doctor. She followed many diet habits, like avoiding processed food and controlling her portions. She also did intermittent fasting, which worked best for her. She started working out daily to burn calories and adopted a workout routine according to her likes and dislikes. After all these efforts, she finally lost over 120 pounds in seven years. Many people are getting emotional over her transformation and how she lost 120 pounds.

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What is Tanya Goodman’s husband’s name?

Ans. Michael Sykes is Tanya Goodman Sykes’s spouse and is a well-known vocalist, producer, and all-around music guy.

What became the tipping point in Tanya’s transformation journey?

Ans. After dealing with excessive weight for many years, Tanya finally discovered that she needed to alter her lifestyle in order to enhance her health.

Did Tanya Goodman undergo any weight loss surgery?

Ans. As per reports, there is no evidence of Tanya Goodman getting weight loss surgery.

Who are the singers in the Goodman Revival?

Ans. The singers in Tanya Goodman Sykes revival are Michael Skyes and Johnny Minick.

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