Push ups for weight loss| Are Push ups Good for Weight Loss?

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Push-ups are a very effective exercise for weight loss. It helps burn calories at a speed of at least 7 calories per minute. To learn more, keep reading the article.


While losing weight, the most important step is to follow a workout routine. Exercise is very important for weight loss as it helps us burn calories. By only eating healthy food or following strict diets, you cannot lose weight.

The most helpful exercise for weight loss is push-ups. Push-ups are the most performed and loved exercise of all. It helps in losing weight, burning calories, and gaining muscle strength. While performing push-ups, the main muscles used are the chest muscles, shoulders, triceps, and core muscles. Push-ups build muscle strength, and you do not require any equipment to perform push-ups.

Push-ups are easy to perform, and you can do them anytime and anywhere to burn those stubborn calories. For upper body weight loss, push-ups are the best option. Studies have also proven that push-ups are a good way to lose those extra pounds. In this article, we will get into the brief details of how push-ups can help you lose weight. Keep reading until the end.

Are pushups good for Weight Loss?

Weight loss requires lots of exercise and strict weight loss routines. Push-ups can help with weight loss by burning calories and building muscle strength. This easy-to-perform exercise can be done anytime and anywhere without any hassle. Push-ups paired with a good weight loss routine can do wonders for you. Here’s why push-ups can help you lose weight:

1. Burns Calories

Push-ups are a weight training exercise that has the potential to burn a large number of calories. A push-up targets the chest muscles, shoulders, triceps, and core muscles. Push-ups require lots of energy and also result in burning calories. You can -up pushups with other cardiovascular exercises to burn calories and meet your daily calorie target.

2. Muscle Building

Push-ups also result in muscle building. It targets the upper body. Muscles are considered metabolically active tissues, and they are proven to lose calories even when at rest. Are you wondering how that can help you lose weight? When you gain more muscle mass, your resting metabolic rate also increases, which will result in more fat-burning and weight loss. 

3. Easy to Perform

Push-ups are easy to perform and don’t require any equipment. This nature of them makes them easy and convenient for anyone who wants to lose weight without investing much money in exercise. 

4. High Intensity Workout

Push-ups are considered high-intensity workouts. To Achieve your weight loss target, you should perform push-ups in a high-intensity target training format (HIIT). This method includes less time for a rest period. 

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How Many Calories Do Push-Ups Burn?

 Are Push ups Good for Weight Loss?

Burning calories is of vital importance in weight loss, and the biggest question arises is which exercise should I perform to burn those stubborn calories? Studies say that Push-ups burn at least 7 calories in 1 minute, while this may vary from person to person as every body is different and the major difference comes in burning calories in males and females. The factors influencing the number of calories that can be burned by performing push-ups are: 

1. Age

Age is a very important factor when it comes to the difference in calories burned. It is proven that in older people, the number of calories burned is lower as compared to young people. This is because as we age, muscle mass decreases and fat increases.

2. Height 

The taller the person, the more calories they might burn because in taller people, the amount of fat present is less as compared to shorter ones, and usually there is a large amount of muscle mass in taller people.

3. Weight

The heavier the person, the fewer calories they might burn due to excess fat and less muscle mass. While it’s the opposite in the case of thinner people.

4. Gender

It is proven that men burn more calories while performing push-ups than women. This is because men have higher muscle mass as compared to females. While females have more fat as compared to men. 

5. Intensity

The number of calories burned also depends on the intensity of the push-ups. Push-ups are considered a high intensity training format that requires lots of energy.

Do push-ups Make You Lose Belly Fat?

Do Push-ups make you lose belly fat? The answer to this common question is- Yes.

Push-ups can help you lose belly fat easily. When you do push-ups there are multiple muscles in your body that get engaged in the exercise, like your chest, shoulders, and arms. This exercise also benefits your muscles and brings stability to your body. You can achieve good muscle mass by performing push-ups regularly, which can result in increased metabolism and, as a result, burn more calories than usual.

Push-ups are a high intensity workout that also requires lots of energy. When you burn calories and build muscles, your body will start losing excess fat, including belly fat. But there is a misconception that you can do spot reduction, which is not possible. If you want to lose belly fat, then your whole body will lose some pounds because weight loss doesn’t work on particular parts. 

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How to Perform Push Ups for Weight Loss

Performing exercise in the correct way is very important, as doing a workout in the wrong posture can injure your muscles and can also make you bedridden. Many people have suffered very bad consequences by performing exercises in the wrong posture and position. Push-ups are very effective for weight loss when performed correctly using the right techniques and postures. Here is a simple way to perform push-ups at home and lose that belly pouch:

  1. Start in a high plank position, with your arms little away from your shoulders.
  2. Keep your body completely straight from neck to toe.
  3. Push yourself towards the floor using your arms, especially elbows, until the distance between your chest and floor is about 2-3 centimeters.
  4. Pause for 1 second and lift your body, coming to the starting position

Repeat these steps every time until you reach your push-up count. There is one thing that you should remember is that doing push-ups alone will not result in weight loss; rather, adding push-ups to your weight loss journey will give you good results. Remember to eat healthy, clean, and workout daily.

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Push Ups vs Plank Which is the best?

Basis of DifferencePush-UpsPlank
Main target MusclesChest, Shoulder, Triceps and CoreCore (Abdominals, Lower Back, Shoulders)
Target partsUpper bodyLower body
Calorie BurnBurns more calories due to excessive movementsBurns less calories due to staying in one position
Time efficient Quick workout due to continued movement.Longer hold to train body
Difficulty levelMedium to HighLow to Medium
Injury RiskHigher risk if done incorrectly Lower risk if done with proper form
Push-Ups vs Plank Table overview

Push Ups vs Plank Which is the best?

What are the benefits of Pushups?

Push-ups are a type of exercise that has overall health benefits. Push-ups are also effective for weight loss and provide overall fitness. Here are some of the main advantages of push-ups:

  1. Push-ups promote better posture.
  2. Boosts metabolism for better weight loss
  3. Enhances cardiovascular health and blood circulation 
  4. Improves core stability and body balance.
  5. Helps in building upper body strength and muscle mass
  6. Increases bone density and joint health
  7. Push-ups reduce the risk of injury.
  8. Engages multiple muscles at the same time.

Do Push-Ups Burn Fat in the Chest?

Push-ups can result in fat loss. They can also reduce fat in the chest, but spot reduction i.e. losing fat from a specific area, is not possible. When you perform push-ups there are multiple muscles that get involved, which results in building muscle mass. The increased muscle activity can result in fat burning and weight loss, which may eventually lead to fat loss in the chest area as well.

Push-ups are a high-intensity exercise that requires lots of energy. Push-ups are a great exercise to burn calories, as they burn around 7 calories in one minute. When you burn more calories than you consume, your body will start using stored fat for energy, which will lead to overall weight loss, including the chest area.


In the end, push ups are the best exercise for weight loss and normal fitness. They are easy to perform and do not require any equipment, making them convenient for all of us.

Push-Ups burn energy efficaciously, and when paired with an amazing weight loss routine, they provide the best results. Additionally, push-ups build muscle energy, which increases your resting metabolic rate, leading to more fat burning and weight loss. Remember to perform push-ups effectively, and don’t forget to include them in a high-intensity exercise routine like HIIT for maximum benefits.

While push-ups are amazing, it is crucial to understand that spot reduction (dropping fat from a specific area, like belly fat) isn’t possible. Weight loss affects the whole body. To complement your efforts, preserve a balanced weight-loss plan and keep in mind incorporating other exercises like planks into your workout routine.

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Is doing push-ups good for losing belly fat?

Ans. Yes, doing pushups is good for losing belly fat because push-ups burn calories in a good amount and also build muscle mass, which increases the resting metabolism and, as a result, leads to faster weight loss.

How many pushups a day for weight loss?

Ans. You don’t absolutely need to perform a certain amount of pushups each day in order to see “results” that apply to everyone. In other words, there are no studies that support the idea that you should perform 10 pushups per day or even 100 pushups per day to see improvements.

3. Does the push up increase weight?

Ans. No, push-ups do not increase weight. Push-ups are an exercise that can help you burn fat easily. It burns calories and builds muscle mass.

Can you lose weight by doing push ups regularly?

Ans. Yes, you can lose weight by doing push-ups daily. Push-ups are an effective exercise that burns calories and builds muscle mass. Push-ups should be combined with a good diet and daily workouts to see immediate results.

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