How Paula Ebben WBZ has Lost 40 Pounds?

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Paula Ebben has lost around 40 pounds by using this simple method, which is getting immense attention. Many people are following her diet routine to see the best results.


Weight loss is a tough journey and everyone has different approaches to it. Some follow traditional ways to lose weight while others follow advanced or modern techniques for burning fat. Paula Ebben, a famous Emmy Award-winning reporter/anchor, has lost around 40 pounds. 

She suffered from body issues and has lost weight to get fitter. Her transformation is very dramatic and mind-blowing, due to which the rumors of her getting weight loss surgery surfaced on the internet. 

But the shocking thing is that she has not undergone any needles for burning fat. Rather she has talked about a unique type of surgery that helps in losing weight without taking the risks of needles and traditional surgeries. 

Apart from that her weight loss is a result of a proper diet plan and good exercise routine. In this article, we will see the details of Paula Ebben’s weight loss journey, whether has she undergone any surgery, and what diet and exercise routine she followed for losing weight.

Real NamePaula Ebben
Famous NamePaula Ebben
Date of BirthNovember 9, 1999
Age56 Years
Height5 feet 8 inches
Weight65 Kg
ProfessionAnchor and Reporter
Marital StatusMarried
Net Worth$5 Million

Who is Paula Ebben?

Paula Ebben is a famous American Award-winning news anchor and reporter who works for WBZ TV in Boston, Massachusetts. She is known for reporting the Boston Marathon Bombing and the White House interview with First Lady Michelle Obama. 

She is also an anchor on CBSN Boston. She used to work at New England Cable News as an anchor and reporter. She had won an Emmy award for her skills. Apart from that she has a good social media following and is active on social media.

Recently, she has been gaining attention for her weight loss transformation because she has lost a significant amount of weight which is making people fall in love with her new look. Well, we are also in complete awe of her. 

Her fans are curious about how this lady manages to do so much flawlessly. She is not only known for her reporting style but also for her beauty. She co-anchors with Liam Martin in a 5:30 pm news on WBZ TV daily.

Has Paula Ebben undergone any weight loss surgery?

When Paula Edden’s weight loss transformation came to life many fans alleged that she had undergone any weight loss surgery. She has made a significant weight loss transformation. But the rumors regarding the weight loss surgery are not certain. 

However, Paula Edden has talked about a new method of losing weight which is called “Virtual Gastric Band Weight Loss Systems” which works well without using needles. This method uses hypnosis to make people think that they have had surgery and makes them believe that their stomachs are smaller than they are in reality. 

Due to this people eat less and lose weight. Paula Ebben has shared a report about Mark McGovern, saying that he was skeptical about this surgery but he decided to give it a try. In her reports, Paula stated that he was able to eat a whole pizza in one sitting, but after listening to the CD given in this surgery he gets full after just a bite of tuna. 

In this surgery, a CD is given to patients, whom they listen to daily. So Paula has not undergone any surgery, but she has covered a new surgery while reporting. Rumors surrounding her getting weight-loss surgery are fake.

Paula Ebben’s Diet Routine

Paula Ebben started eating healthy to lose weight which came with lots of dietary changes. She adopted a strict diet routine which helped her in shedding pounds. Here is Paula’s diet routine:

  1. Eating a Balanced Diet

Paula Ebben started having more balance because this approach helped her eat all the nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and proteins that were sufficient for her body. She included fresh fruits and vegetables in her diet which were also rich in fiber content to help her with her digestion. For protein, she added chicken, fish, eggs, tofu, and protein powder to her diet.

  1. Staying Hydrated

Paula also kept check of her hydration because it helped her in keeping her body’s water content good. The human body is made up of 70% water, which makes it necessary for us to drink enough water otherwise dehydration can result in other diseases. Paula drank at least 2-3 liters of water daily by setting alarms to keep her reminded. 

  1. Portion Control

She controlled her portion size which is the most common approach to weight loss. This trick actually helps people lose weight by eating fewer calories. She used to keep track to ensure that she was not eating too much or too little food. She used to measure the quantity of food. 

  1. Avoiding Sugar 

Paula also avoided sugar and sugary goods because sugar is the biggest culprit in weight gain. Many people gain weight just because of sugar because sugar is high in calories and can also interrupt blood sugar levels which can cause diseases like diabetes. She avoided sweeteners, creams, chocolates, and every sweet item. Whenever she craved chocolate, she ate dark chocolates to satisfy her cravings. 

  1. Setting Realistic Goals

Paula Ebben sets realistic goals because rushing to achieve the weight loss goals does not help in losing weight, rather staying calm and learning the process of weight loss does. She also practised mindfulness which helped her in preventing herself from emotional eating during the process. Realizing that weight loss requires time is important to see good results.

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How much weight did she lose?

Paula Ebben’s weight-loss journey has inspired many. She followed a simple yet effective weight loss journey to lose around 40 pounds/18 Kg. Paula says that she hates dieting but she made some dietary changes rather than eating boring diet food all the time. 

Paula Ebben’s weight loss was truly done to improve her body and weight because due to her busy schedule, she was unable to give her body much-needed time which Paula Ebben resulted in weight gain. Before weight loss, she weighed around 183 pounds /83 Kg

After losing weight she is looking more beautiful than ever. When age grows it becomes necessary to stay healthy and for that losing weight is mandatory. Now she weighs around 143 pounds/65 Kg.  

She has properly balanced between eating good and healthy food and burning calories daily. Even after having a short of time she still went for organic weight loss methods rather than inorganic ones.

Paula Ebben’s Net Worth

Paula Ebben gained recognition after she worked at CBS Corporation. She is a strong and successful woman who has earned lots of respect throughout her career. Paula won “The Columbia DuPont Award ” in 2014 and “The Peabody Award ” in 2013 for her contribution to the WBZ team. 

She has also been nominated for various awards like New England Emmys, including writing, consumer reporting, anchoring, and education sites. She added one more award to her collection “Edward R. The RTNDA “Murrow Award” for best feature reporting. 

She has a net worth of around $5 million. Her net worth includes her assets, investments, salary, and other incomes. She has a following of around 6,000 on her Instagram handle. She has also been honored to cover the “Royal Wedding” in London in 2011.

Paula has contributed to coverage from the “Democratic National Conventions” and the “Republican”. The list of her achievements is long. She is a source of inspiration for many people. 

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In conclusion, Paula Ebben is a well-known anchor and reporter who has lost around 40 pounds. Her weight loss transformation surrounded many rumours but she has not undergone any weight loss surgery. Instead, she has reported about an emerging weight loss surgery that has helped many people lose weight.

Paula’s weight loss is a result of her diet plan and workout routine. She made many dietary changes like portion control, eating a more balanced diet, avoiding sugar, and keeping herself hydrated. She also made sure to work out daily.

She likes walking on the treadmill, strength training, and easy cardio exercises for burning fat and calories consumed. Setting realistic goals and practicing mindfulness were also the key pillars of her weight loss routine. 

Apart from her weight loss journey, Paula has a successful career in journalism and has earned numerous awards and accolades. Her net worth is around $5 million which she has achieved through her own hard work.


Where is Paula Ebben now?

Ans. Paula is now living her teenage dream by co-anchoring on WBZ TV two evening newscasts while covering the “Eye on Education” series. 

How long has Paula Ebben been on WBZ?

Ans. She joined WBZ in 2002. Before that, she was working as an anchor and reporter at New England Cable News. 

Who is Paula Ebben’s husband?

Ans.  Paula Edden is married to Bill Edden. They both have 4 beautiful children together. They are college sweethearts. 

Can eating cucumbers help in losing weight?

Ans. Yes, eating cucumbers can help in losing weight because they are very low in calories and high water content. Many people have lost weight by following a cucumber diet for 5 to 10 days maximum. 

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