Nikki Cross Weight Loss: Before and After Losing 20 Pounds 

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Nikki Cross a famous professional trainer has lost around 20 pounds in just 100 days. Eleven after being an athlete, she also suffered from obesity.


Being an athlete or a wrestler is a tough job as you have too many sacrifices in the journey of sports. The biggest sacrifice of all is fitness. Although fitness is important, doing it daily can be tough sometimes. After all, wrestlers are also human beings. 

Today we will learn about the weight loss journey of famous wrestler Nikki Cross who has lost over 20 pounds in just 100 days. No doubt Nikki is a talented wrestler who knows how to defeat her rival but one thing that made her less competitive was her excessive weight. 

Although she won her matches and has achieved many things, her fans noticed her weight. She got trolled for her weight and was told to lose weight. Many fans also objected to how she could perform with this body. 

But Nikki did not pay attention to critics. But over the period of time, she also saw that it started impacting her life. Well, there are many details to her story, let’s unwrap her weight loss journey.

Real NameNicola Glencross
Famous NameNikki Cross
Date of BirthApril 21, 1989
Age34 Years
Height1.53 m/5.02 feet
Weight117 Pounds/ 53 Kg
ProfessionProfessional Wrestler 
Marital StatusMarried
Net Worth$1 million

Who is Nikki Cross?

Nikki Cross is a famous Scottish professional wrestler. She is currently signed to WWE. She has been WWE Raw Women’s Champion and three-time WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion. She performs on the Raw brand and her ring name is Nikki Cross. 

She has also been an 11-time and final WWE 24/7 Champion. She was born on April 21, 1989, in Glasgow, Scotland with the name Nicola Glencross. She is a qualified fitness instructor and a personal trainer. 

Nikki made her professional wrestling debut with the Scottish Wrestling Alliance. Her OG fans might know that her initial ring name was “Nikki Storm”. It was given to her by her then-SWA ring announcer Marty Michaels. 

Her OG name was inspired by the X-Men character ‘Storm’. She has also wrestled for American all-female promotions Shimmer Women Athletes, Shine Wrestling, and Women Superstars Uncensored.

Why did she decide to lose weight?

Nikki Cross is a successful professional wrestler who apart from her best performances in the ring got trolled for her weight. She was overweight which did not affect her much in the initial stage but later on, it became an obstacle for her in her performance. 

Nikki is a fitness freak and knows how to handle her body. However, lack of time and energy was becoming a hurdle for her as she was not able to manage her work and her weight loss. So she took a 100-day break from WWE and totally focused on her weight loss. 

She did not reveal the reason for taking a break initially which made her fans worried a lot. But after she made her public appearance after losing weight, her fans were shocked to see her new body. She made the weight loss decision for herself. 

Her weight loss inspired many people. She was trolled badly before losing weight but she did not let that affect her. When she really thought that she needed changes, then only she started her weight loss run.

What are the dietary changes made by Nikki Cross?

Nikki Cross made many dietary changes that helped her lose weight. Dietary changes, that is the type of food we put in our body, is extremely important because it only decides how many calories we are consuming. Nikki Cross made the following dietary changes:

1. Adding Fruits to her diet

Nikki added different kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables to her diet. She used to have an apple daily because according to her “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Having fresh fruits helped her in getting all the essential nutrients from her food. 

2. Replacing Alcohol with Fresh Juices

She also completely avoided alcohol from her diet. This is because Alcohol is generally not good for the body and can lead to various cardiovascular diseases. She replaced it with fresh fruits and vegetable juices that helped her hydrate her body and gave her good nutrition.

3. Saying No to Restaurants 

Nikki completely avoided going to restaurants and eating outside food because outside food or junk food is rich in unhealthy fats and contains lots of oil, sugar, and salt. This can make you gain weight by giving you lots of calories. Junk food is also non-digestible for the body. 

4. Avoiding Sugar

Nikki also avoided sugar completely. Many people say that white sugar is completely poisonous to the body. Well unfortunately that’s partially true because white sugar is rich in calories and can result in an imbalance of blood sugar levels. So Nikki avoided sugar completely from her diet.

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Nikki Cross’s Workout Routine

Nikki Cross is also a personal trainer and fitness freak and she knows the value of workout and how movement is important for losing weight. She took 100 days off, especially from her work to do daily exercise and focus on her diet.

Nikki joined a gym to do a workout there. Usually for her training purposes, she used to do workouts in the ring during practise sessions. So it became important for her to join a gym where she did various types of workouts.

Nikki did strength training. She also used to go for swimming sessions to relax herself and burn calories. She also added daily walking to her routine and used to go for walks daily. These all activities helped her sweat a lot.

Nikki Cross Before and After

Nikki Cross Weight Loss.before and after pictures

Nikki Cross’s weight loss transformation is clearly visible in her before and after pictures. She has made a significant change in her body for herself. As the age grows it becomes necessary to lose weight. 

Her story has one more interesting point: she lost 20 pounds/9 Kg in just 100 days. This shows her determination. She has been the best performer many times and on the fitness front, she has not left any chance to inspire us all. 

She weighed around 137 pounds/62 Kg before weight loss. Which was a little heavyweight according to her profession and BMI. Nikki is so passionate about her profession that she does not take any chances with it.

When she thought that her weight could be an obstacle, she quickly made the necessary changes. After weight loss, she weighs around 117 pounds/53 pounds.

Nikki Cross’s Net Worth

Nikki Cross also known as Nicola Glencross signed a contract with WWE in 2016 which resulted in changing her name to Nikki Cross. In her first year with WWE, she worked on the NXT brand as a part of Stable Sanity. 

She is very strong and successful. Nikki Cross has a net worth of around $1 million. According to the reports, Nikki Cross has built a million-dollar empire with her career. Nikki has won the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship twice. 

This famous wrestler completed her graduation from the University of Edinburgh with a master’s degree in history in 2023. She has a very good fan following and has many fan pages. Her weight loss has doubled the no. of people who love her.

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In conclusion, Nikki Cross is a well-known professional wrestler who decided to lose weight after facing criticism and realizing the impact of her weight on her performance. She took a 100-day break from wrestling and focused on her health. 

She also made many dietary changes like adding more fruits and vegetables in her diet and replacing alcohol with fresh juices. Nikki also avoided going to eat outside and eliminated sugar from her diet. 

Nikki also added daily workouts like going to the gym, walking, and swimming in her diet. Her hard work resulted in being fruitful for her and she lost 20 pounds in just 100 days. It shows her determination and dedication towards a healthier self.

When she returned to the ring, her fans were shocked after seeing her transformation. Nikki Cross has achieved a good amount of success in her wrestling career and has a net worth of around $1 million. She is truly an inspiration for all of us.


Who is Nikki Cross’ husband?

Ans. Nikki Cross’ husband is Killian Dain. Nikki married her longtime boyfriend in 2019. They both are still together and happily in love. 

What is a WWE heel?

Ans. A heel (also known as a rudo in lucha libre) is a wrestler who portrays a villain, “bad guy,” or “rulebreaker” and serves as an antagonist to the faces, who are the heroic protagonists or “good guy” characters.

When did Nikki leave WWE?

Ans. Nikki Cross revealed that she left WWE on 4 March 2023 as their contract expired. She further said that it was mutually agreed to not renew the contracts. She revealed this on Nick and Brie Show.

When did Nikki Cross win the 24/7 championship?

Ans. Nikki Cross won the final championship when she defeated Dana Brooke on the November 7, 2022, episode of Raw. 

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