What are the details of Meri Brown Weight Loss Journey?

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Meri Brown has lost around 15 pounds (7 kg) after deciding to change herself to become a healthier version of her being. 


Meri Brown is the first wife of Kody Brown, who got divorced recently. This made Meri a piece of talk in the town. But after things got settled down, she is again in the talks for a reason that is different from her divorce.

This time Meri is in the limelight for her weight loss. Meri Brown was hurt after getting separated and this turmoil of feelings made her even doubt her worth. She was often in her mind loop reflecting on the whole thing. 

But this needed to stop. So to change her life perspective she started giving herself priority and started a weight loss journey. Meri Brown has talked about her experience throughout the journey. 

She said that it was not an easy one but she still managed to achieve it with her regular efforts. In this article, we will look into the weight loss journey of Meri Brown and will see how her consistency helped her to succeed.

Real NameMeri Caroline Barber
Famous NameMeri Brown 
Date of BirthJanuary 17, 1971
Age48 Years
Height5 feet, 7 Inches
Weight154 Pounds/ 70 Kg
ProfessionAuthor and TV Personality 
Marital StatusDivorced
Net Worth$400 thousand 

Who is Meri Brown?

Meri Brown is an American author, businesswoman, and television personality. She was born on January 16, 1971, in Alameda California. She is known for being the wife of Kody Brown. She is also famous for her appearance in TLC’s reality series “Sister Wives”. 

This show has completed 13 seasons. Basically, this show is based on Meri’s husband Kody who has 4 wives and 18 kids with her partners. This family has a polygamist lifestyle. But it was a big secret.

Until it came into reality when they all became a part of a reality program. Her husband even divorced Meri to legally marry Robyn Brown. Her personal life is totally messed up and we will not into much detail about that. 

What was her morning routine that helped her in weight loss?

Meri Brown is a morning person. She once in an interview shared that she likes going to bed early at night and waking up early in the morning. Meri Brown usually wakes up around 5 a.m.

This habit helped her a lot during her weight loss journey. She had a fixed time of going to bed and waking up early which helped her sleep without any disturbance and have a sound sleep. 

She used to go outside for a walk which was her first ritual in the morning and then her day used to get kick-started. Due to waking up in the morning she was able to breathe in the fresh air and was able to spend some time with herself away from honking and chaos. 

This also helped her in having sufficient time during the day for herself apart from her busy schedule. She was able to have a well-rounded breakfast peacefully in the morning. Overall, this 5 a.m. routine reduced rushing from her life. 

What did Meri Brown ate throughout the day?

Meri Brown focused a lot on her eating habits and she made many changes. For weight loss, a good diet is vital. She made sure to consume good calories and healthy fats. She usually ate light food which was easy to digest. 

Meri also made sure to include all the necessary nutrients in her diet routine and she consciously removed all the processed foods from her diet routine. She had 3 meals and 2 snacks throughout her day. Her diet routine is as follows:

  • Egg Salad
  • Green tea or Gorge Juice
  • Protein Shake
Pre-Lunch Snack
  • Fresh and seasonal fruits 
  • Sautéed vegetables fried in olive oil
  • Rice
Evening Snack
  • Protein bars
  • Green tea
  • High fiber snacks
  • Grilled chicken or fish fried in olive oil
  • Salad

Meri Brown Workout Routine

After Meri Brown was done walking in the morning, she then headed straight to the gym. She used to do various activities in the gym like treadmill, weight lifting, squats, cycling, and planks. These exercises gave a toned look to her body. 

Not only this, she also did yoga. Meri Brown’s habit of practicing yoga gave her mental peace. She loves doing yoga and does it all by herself. While she was in the gym, she only focused on cycling because it helped in burn many calories. 

Meri Brown in an interview quoted about her workout routine “I try to wake up early in the morning and this is my first task of the day, after it, I hit the gym and try to work as hard as I can”.

Her workout routine shows her determination and she has followed a simple routine that worked best for her. Her aim was to burn as many calories as possible. She also made sure to produce a large amount of sweat. 

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What are the other things followed by Meri Brown?

Apart from the good diet and consistent workout routine, Meri Brown also followed some things that made sure that she would shed some pounds. These things were adopted by Meri while considering her body. Here are the tips that Meri Brown followed for losing weight:

1. Water was her best friend

Meri Brown made sure to drink a good amount of water during her weight loss journey. She said that it was hard at times because of the constant urine pressure and she even used to forget about drinking water at times. But in the end, it only showed good results by flushing out toxins from her body. Meri drank around 100 ounces a day to keep herself hydrated.

2. Avoiding Sugar

She also avoided sugar completely. To follow this step religiously, she even removed tea and coffee from her diet and substituted it with green tea. She took this step to ensure that her blood sugar levels were in check and it also reduced the chances of diabetes for her. She avoided all the products that contained artificial sugar or sugar in general. 

3. Portion Control

Meri also practiced portion control. She ate her food but made sure to eat less. By trying to eat less, she doesn’t starve her body. Rather she made sure to count her portion sizes. This made sure that she was eating an adequate amount of calories. She consumed 3 full meals and 2 snacks and monitored the food value so that she could easily follow her calorie deficit diet

Meri Brown’s Before & After

meri brown weight loss before and after

Meri Brown has shared that she knew that it was hard to achieve the body she was aiming to get but she still continued doing it because her aim was bigger than the excuses. She said that she did what seemed impossible to her. 

This shows how courageous she is. Her transformation is visible in her before and after pictures. You can clearly see the difference. She has lost around 15 pounds/ 7 kg. Her journey was not to get a slim body. 

But to give herself the much-needed time and care that her body deserves. She wanted to be a healthier version of herself. Before weight loss, she weighed around 170 pounds / 77 kg. Her personal life obstacles acted as fuel for her weight loss journey.

After weight loss, she weighs around 154 pounds /70 kg. She is looking more confident and beautiful. Meri Brown has finally understood to love herself first. This priority is a motivation for everyone who wants to be the new version of themselves. Weight loss is not an option but a choice. 

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In conclusion, Meri Brown’s weight loss journey is a story of resilience and self-love Facing personal challenges and the aftermath of a divorce, Meri decided to prioritize her well-being. Waking up early became a crucial part of her routine, allowing for a peaceful morning outdoor walks and a nourishing breakfast. 

Alongside a disciplined workout routine, Meri focused on a balanced diet, emphasizing good calories and healthy fats while avoiding processed folds. Her dedication extended to staying hydrated, cutting out sugar, and practicing portion control. 

Through consistent efforts, Meri successfully shed around 15 pounds not just for a slimmer body but to embrace a healthier and more confident version of herself. Her transformation serves as a Motivating reminder that weight loss is a choice rooted in self-care and personal growth. 

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

How much net worth does Meri Brown have?

Ans. Meri Brown is a businesswoman and she has a net worth of around $400 thousand. 

What job did Meri Brown lose?

Ans. Meri Brown has lost her job in the mental health industry. She was studying psychology and worked at a risky youth job, but when she came on Sister Wives, she lost the job. This is because her employer was aware of her polygamist marriage. 

What happened to Meri Brown?

Ans. Meri Brown got divorced from her husband, Kody, and now she doesn’t look like dating anyone. She’s only focusing on her business. She often posts pictures on her social media in which she’s seen traveling and sharing the ways that helped her in weight loss and personal growth. 

What is the pink drink for weight loss?

Ans. The pink drink for weight loss is beetroot juice.  This drink helps in weight loss due to its antioxidant properties, and it also contributes to having great skin. 

How is Sister Wives legal?

Ans. Kody Brown is managing this show in a legal way by marrying only one of the women. Kody has said that it is not a crime to engage in multiple affairs as long as civil marriage is not involved. 

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