Margot Robbie Weight Loss [2023]: exercise and diet secrets

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Margot Robbie also known as Barbie has lost around 25 pounds (11 kg) for her this very interesting reason which is given in detail in this article.


Actors have tough lives as they have to keep changing their bodies and looks according to their roles. Many actors lose weight for their films and one of these actors is Margot Robbie. Recently, Barbie was released worldwide, and this movie came as a delight for all the OG Barbie fans. 

Apart from the eye-catching visuals of the movie, one more thing that amazed fans was the body of Margot Robbie. People noticed she had a slim body with zero belly fat. This amazed fans and her weight loss rumours spread like fire. 

Fans demanded her weight loss diet and wanted to know about her weight-loss journey. Margot Robbie has reportedly lost around 25 pounds for her film. Margot says that she only loses weight when she is having her next role on the cards. Otherwise, she doesn’t like dieting. 

Well, she has a beautiful body and we embrace her for how she looks. But her weight loss journey is so strict that people want to know it badly. In this article, we will look into the weight loss journey of famous actress Margot Robbie and will see how she has managed to lose weight. 

Real NameMargot Elise Robbie
Famous NameMargot Robbie
Date of BirthJuly 2, 1990
Age33 Years
Weight56 kg/  123 pounds
Height5 feet 6 inches
ProfessionActress and Producer
Marital StatusMarried
Net Worth$50 Million

Who is Margot Robbie?

Margot Robbie is a famous Australian actress and producer who is known for her work in both blockbusters and independent films. She has been named as one of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2017.

She was born on July 2, 1990, in Dalby, Queensland, Australia. After Margot graduated, she did a few commercials and independent thriller films to make her research beautiful. Robbie then moved to Melbourne to start her acting career professionally. 

She has done many films like ‘Mary Queen of Scots’, ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’, ‘Bombshell’, and ‘The Legend of Tarzan’. She is a wonderful actress who is getting famous for her fitness and how she managed her body even in her 30s. 

She has been passionate about acting from a very young age. She did her first role when she was in high school. She acted in two low-budget independent thriller films called ‘Vigilante’ and ‘I.C.U’. She described the experience of her first time being at set as ‘a dream come true’.

Margot Robbie’s Diet Plan

Margot Robbie in an interview that she does not like dieting and that her diet routine is very poor. But when she knows that she has to achieve her bikini body for her next role she gets on the grind. Margot says that she eats carrot sticks only for three days. 

Margot’s diet routine is very strict. Margot says that she is not good at maintaining moderation and cannot live without eating. She avoided saturated fats and processed foods are a big no-no for her. 

She kick starts her day with porridge containing blueberries and other fruits without any sugar because she completely avoids sugar during her diet routine. She follows a typical high-carbohydrate diet which is rich in proteins and antioxidants.

She also includes smoothies that are good for filling her stomach and hydrating her body while providing all the nutritional value. Her lunch is normally contained chicken or fish. Margot likes to keep her dinner very light. chicken.

What activities she did to lose weight?

Margot Robbie is an actress and she spends daily hours in the gym to burn calories to get the slim body that she has. Margot is very particular about moving her body daily. When it comes to weight loss for losing weight, her fitness efforts get doubled. 

She likes doing strength training to train her core get a slim stomach and build her muscle mass. She also likes walking to refresh her mood and complete her step count. Margot also practices yoga to keep her mind relaxed and body flexible. 

Her fitness routine is simple but the duration is long. She spends 1 to an hour daily doing all of these activities. She enjoys moving her body as it releases happy hormones in her body.

How did she overcome her cravings?

Margot Robbie is a big-time foodie and feels miserable if she does not eat her meals. She lives for food. This fact about her often shocks people because her body does not look like a foodie’s body.

But Margot likes eating burgers, pizzas, and fries and cannot skip her glass of beer. During her weight loss journey, she has to avoid all of these things because she wants to get back in shape as soon as possible.

It was not easy for her to ignore her favorite food and she survived her weight loss journey without having any cheat meal days. Her diet routine is rigorous but this is how it works for her.

She loves eating her food but also knows when to stop. This is what one should follow in their diet routine for losing weight. She does not know about moderation but has very good self-control.

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How much weight did she lose?

The Barbie star has managed to shock us all not only with her acting but also with her jaw-dropping transformation. She is a real-life Barbie. She has lost around 25 pounds/11 kg. Her weight loss journey is not a very common one but it suits her body and lifestyle.

She takes time for her love for food in between her acting career by giving herself a much-needed break from strict diets, but she knows how to get back in the grind. Before weight loss, she weighed around 148 pounds (67 kg). 

She followed a strict diet routine but did not starve herself. She is an actress and for her career, she has to follow such a routine to achieve her weight loss immediately as their schedules are already very busy.

After weight loss, she weighed around 123 pounds (56 kg). Her weight-loss transformation is inspiring many people and now her fans have found more than one reason to love her. She looks beautiful in every shape but we see her weight-loss journey as an inspiration.

Margot Robbie’s Net Worth

Apart from being an actress, she is also a producer. She is a co-founder of the production company ‘LuckyChap Entertainment’. She has produced various films under her production house like ‘Promising Young Woman’ and ‘Barbie’. 

She has received many awards in her acting career, including a nomination for the ‘Academy Award for Best Actress’. She received good attention for her roles in ‘Suicide Squad’ and ‘Harley Quinn’. 

In 2023, her film ‘Barbie’, realized which did superbly on blockbusters all over the world. It broke many records and it was a treat for all the Barbie fans. This movie also benefited Margot Robbie in many ways.

It not only got her attention but also doubled her net worth. Her net worth is around $50 million. She has received all these praises and wealth with her hard work and determination.

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In conclusion, Margot Robbie is a famous Australian actress and producer who has undergone an impressive weight loss journey. She has lost around 25 pounds for her film roles which is a remarkable achievement. 

Despite her love for food, she followed a strict diet plan showing great self-control and determination. Margot’s weight loss journey has inspired many and her transformation is nothing short of impressive. 

She has managed to maintain a healthy balance between her love for food and her acting career demands. Apart from her acting career, she is also a successful producer and has co-founded ‘LuckyChap Entertainment’. 

She has received recognition for her acting skills and has also won many awards. Her net worth is around $50 million. Margot Robbie’s weight loss story is a testament to the power of determination and discipline.


Who is Margot Robbie’s Husband?

Ans. Margot Robbie is married to Tom Ackerley. They both got married in 2016. They are still together and happily in love. This husband-wife duo has co-founded a production house. 

Is Margot Robbie’s accent real?

Ans. This question has a simple answer. Robbie belongs to Dalby and has been using an American accent for ages. Her American accent is real and she does not fake it in any promotional events. 

Does Margot Robbie have green eyes?

Ans. Margot Robbie has beautiful features and the one feature that gets the most talk is her blue shiny eyes. She has blue eyes and you can fall in love with her by looking into her beautiful eyes.

Did Margot Robbie wear prosthetics?

Ans. Yes, Margot Robbie wears prosthetics on her chin, cheeks, nose, under her eyes, and around her neck. She wore them when she played the role of Tonya Harding in ‘I, Tonya’. 

Is Margot Robbie a flamboyant natural?

Ans. Yes, Margot Robbie’s flamboyant is 100 percent natural. She is a natural beauty carrying herself with grace everywhere and giving us all the hard times by teasing us with her beauty. 

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