Weight Loss Journey of Fitness Freak Madison Lecroy

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Madison Lecroy is a famous actress and internet personality who has lost around 10 pounds (4 kg) after following a healthy lifestyle and daily workout routine.


Some people are fitness freaks; they like being healthy and in shape. Well, it’s a good thing too because as the environment changes our bodies requires fitness to survive. Madison Lecroy has always been known for her glamour and makeup looks. 

She can enhance the beauty of a human being with her brush and hands. She is also popular for one more reason which is her diet. She is loved by people for her easy-going personality and fit body that makes it look effortless to glam. 

But deep down it requires lots of effort and consistency. To add more depth to her fitness Madison Lecroy has lost around 10 pounds. This inspires many women outside because they also want to look effortless like her. 

In this article, we will go into depth about Madison Lecroy’s weight loss journey and will see how she maintains her body, what diet she follows and what are her workout secrets.

Real NameMadison Lecroy
Famous NameMadison Lecroy
Date of BirthOctober 6, 1990
Age33 Years
Height5 feet 3 inches
Weight54 Kg/ 120 Pounds
ProfessionActress and Internet Personality
Marital StatusMarried
Net Worth$1.5 Million

Who is Madison Lecroy?

Madison Lecroy is an American actress and TV personality. She gained fame after appearing in the reality TV show Southern Charm. On the show she dated Austen Kroll and their relationship was on and off. 

But the couple later split in 2020. Madison was born on October 6, 1990, in Greenville, South Carolina. She used to love makeup and hairstyles used to amaze her. So she attended Carolina College of Hair Design. 

She is known for her makeup skills and is often seen helping people dolled up for their special days. She is also a fitness enthusiast who inspires millions by sharing her healthy habits through social media. 

What is Madison Lecroy’s diet routine?

Madison Lecroy keeps sharing healthy insights of her life now and then with her followers. She is known to follow a simple and healthy lifestyle but sometimes becomes very strict with her diet. Here is the diet routine of Madison Lecroy that helps her slay her body:

1. Having Detox Days

Madison Lecroy believes in having detox days every month to lose weight. She often shares her detox days stories and shows thresultslt of these days on her weight. During detox days she eats no food and only survives on water and liquid food. This helps her in burning fat because her body burns the glucose and stored fat to produce energy while she is detoxifying her body. 

2. Starting Morning with Juices

She believes in starting her morning with juices. She has fruit or vegetable juices. The type of juice usually depends on her mood. During summers she likes to have fresh watermelon juice to feel fresh. Celery juice is one of her go-to juices as she says that it is also good for her skin and she doesn’t have good skin so she drinks it to get glowing skin. 

3. Being Mindful

Madison also became mindful of what she was eating. She shared that she always tries to be mindful and often connects with her cook to decide what she is eating and how much is required. She does not believe in food wastage and also does not believe in overeating so she always tries to find the balance between all these things. This helps her in following her calorie-deficit diet. 

4. Eating a Plant-Based Diet

She follows a plant-based diet. Basically, in a plant-based diet, Madison avoids animal-based food and eats only food that comes from plants like fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, and seeds. In this diet, one eats less or no animal products. This diet is often chosen for environmental reasons and the idea behind following this diet during weight loss is that plant-based food is easily digestible as compared to animal-based food. 

5. Limiting Sugar Consumption 

Madison Lecroy also limited her sugar consumption. She takes little to no sugar because sugar is very high in calories and for maintaining a body like her, avoiding sugar becomes necessary. Excess sugar can convert into fat in the body which can contribute to weight gain. When you consume more sugar than your body needs for immediate energy it gets stored as fat. 

What workouts does Madison do to stay fit?

Madison Lecroy’s weight loss secret is not only her diet but she also puts equal pressure on her workout routine. She never forgets to work out and that is what helps her the most in staying fit. Here is the workout routine that is followed by Madison Lecroy religiously:

1. Taking help from professionals

Lecroy takes the help of an expert called Gunnar who helps her with her workout. She shared that she has a friend named Gunnar who helps her in working out daily. This is what helps her in staying on track. Seeking help from a professional or trainer can be beneficial because the guidance can also help you stay disciplined during the crucial process. 

2. Goes cycling with her son

Madison also goes cycling to burn those extra calories and to make sure that her legs are still fit and healthy. Madison has shared a picture with her son in which they were seen already on their bikes to have a fun day while doing some exercise. This is one of the best ways of burning calories without even releasing them. 

3. Loves going to the gym

She loves going to the gym and often shares her workout videos with her followers showing her workout. In many videos she is seen doing squats with weight, walking on the treadmill, and doing back workouts. Her gym fever helped her in having a lean body with some curves. This also helps her in keeping her muscle strength good. She also does push-ups, weight lifting, ropes, and many other fun exercises in the gym. 

4. Does she cardio religiously?

She also does mixed cardio 2 to 3 times a day to feel energetic and burn calories. Cardio is one of her favorite workouts as it boosts her heart rate while making her feel accomplished for the day. She likes mixing her cardio with dancing so that she can enjoy the whole process. She turns her favorite music on and just enjoys her flow. She does cardio either at the gym or at home depending on her mood. 

5. Stays consistent with her efforts 

Madison Lecroy tries to stay consistent with her efforts to work out daily. This consistency of hers is something that is a crucial ingredient in the road to success. Without consistency there is no tomorrow in fitness, so she tries to move her body daily. It is tough to follow the same rigorous workout routine daily but she always tries to at least do something rather than nothing. 

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How much weight did she lose?

Madison Lecroy says that she often takes on challenges like eating just kale salad and grilled chicken with broccoli while avoiding sugar for 14 days. These kinds of challenges are tough for her but help her achieve her weight-loss goals. 

She sometimes follows a plant-based diet and other times she switches to eating a protein-rich diet by including chicken and fish. Her diet changes according to her next goal. To add some more depth to her body, she has lost around 10 pounds (4 kg). 

She was not overweight before weight loss but she still wanted to lose weight because she had some ideal fitness picture in her mind. Before weight loss, she weighed around 130 pounds (59 kg). 

Her weight loss was not aimed at satisfying any perfect body standards but at feeling good from within. After weight loss, she weighs around 120 pounds (54 kg). Even after weight loss, she continues to follow the same routine because her fitness is constant. 

Madison Lecroy’s Net Worth

Madison Lecroy is a successful woman and has many business ventures in her name. Madison Lecroy has a net worth of around $1.5 million. Her net worth is due to her growing business ventures. 

She is also the owner of a salon and her successful makeup artist career also contributed to her net worth. She owns a salon called “Maven,” located in South Charleston. Her income also receives an increase from her freelancing career. 

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In conclusion, Madison Lecroy is a fitness enthusiast and make-up artist known for her TV appearances and healthy lifestyle. She follows a diet that includes detox days, starts her morning with juices and being mindful of what she eats. 

Madison also prefers a plant-based diet and limits sugar consumption to help with weight management. In the process of a healthy lifestyle, she has managed to lose around 10 pounds, which is inspiring many people around her. 

She has been very open about her healthy lifestyle and the ways that help her stay fit and slim. To stay fit, Madison combines Her diet with a dedicated workout routine. She has hired a trainer that helps her with her workout. 

She also goes cycling, enjoys gym sessions, does cardio exercises, and values consistency in her fitness efforts. Madison’s weight loss journey serves as an inspiration for those looking to achieve their fitness goal through a combination of a balanced diet and regular exercise.


Where does Madison LeCroy get her money?

Ans. Madison got financial success after she appeared on the television show “Southern Charm. She also has many other income sources. 

Who is Madison’s husband?

Ans. Madison Lecroy is married to Brett Randle. They got married in 2022 and since they are both together,

What is up with Madison LeCroy’s teeth?

Ans. Madison Lecroy’s skills look different and this is because she has transformed her smile with the use of veneers. She has shared about her dental procedure with people. 

How big is Madison LeCroy’s ring?

Ans. When Madison Lecroy shared about her wedding and proposal, the questions were related to her ring. Her ring is a 3.5-carat round diamond solitaire ring that has an 18-karat gold and platinum setting. 

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