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Liz Marie Galvan has lost around 20 pounds (9 kg) after suffering from weight-related issues. Her weight loss has significantly changed her life, giving her a positive outlook on life. 


Liz Marie Galvan has one of those weight-loss journeys worth reading. Liz has lost around 20 pounds after embarking on a weight loss journey. Her story is one of our favorites due to its practicality. 

Liz Marie has lost weight after suffering from weight issues and when she talks about the problem, she knows what caused it. Liz has shared her entire weight loss journey through her blog. Her weight loss was mainly focused on a healthy lifestyle. 

Liz has recognized that she was not living a perfect lifestyle, which started showing issues on her body. At first, she did not pay attention to it but later it started bothering her. Some doctors even asked her to lose weight. 

Being a woman, she also suffers from many hormonal issues and PCOS that are lifestyle-based. But what matters the most is how she overcame all of this. When she started her weight-loss journey, she was clear that she didn’t want any quick fix but she wants some changes that would be long-lasting. In this article, we will see how Liz Marie Galvan has lost weight. 

Real NameLiz Marie Galvan
Famous NameLiz Marie Galvan
Date of BirthMarch 25, 1988
Age35 Years
Height5 feet, 2 inches
ProfessionBlogger and Interior Designer
Marital StatusMarried
Net Worth$16 Million

Who is Liz Marie Galvan?

Liz Marie Galvan is a famous blogger, interior designer, and co-owner of the vintage home decor boutique “The Found Cottage”. She is known for her blogs and her eye-catching designs. 

Many people look up to her for design ideas and her blogs are a good source of entertainment. She has also published a book called “Comfortable White Cottage: 100 Ways to Love the Feeling of Being Home” in 2019.

Recently, she has become famous for her weight loss transformation. People are also thinking that she has lost weight through any surgery, but this is not true. Liz Marie has not undergone any surgery but has followed things explained later in the article. 

Why did she decide to lose weight?

Liz Marie is a normal girl like all of us. She was living her life normally while ignoring her health which took a toll on her body and she started gaining weight that became uncomfortable. She became obese due to her bad habits. 

Liz shares that she did not take any initiative to go for walks or force herself to do something healthy for herself. This made it hard for her to do any task without any effort. She even faced problems while putting on her shoes and none of her clothes fit her anymore. 

She started feeling uncomfortable in her own skin. She also visited some doctors who recommended her weight loss. All these things wanted her to change her lifestyle and live a cleaner life. So she started her weight-loss journey. 

Marie also shared that she ignored her health and when she made efforts, she never remained consistent for the change to happen. All these things pushed her towards her better self and this is how she managed to lose weight. 

How has weight loss helped her with her PCOS?

Liz Marie suffers from PCOS. PCOS is polycystic ovary syndrome. Her PCOS was inflammatory, which leads to obesity. In this condition, one cannot live a normal life while eating sugary and processed foods and living an unhealthy lifestyle. 

These habits make this situation more fragile. Liz shared that she knows that she cannot live a normal life while doing all these things and eating these things like others due to her condition. 

But when she made positive changes, it significantly showed a good impact on her condition. Her cycle became regular. Liz says that she still struggles with PCOS and hormonal disbalance but she has noticed some changes in her acne, mood, and cycles. 

She says that it makes her cry that after years of suffering from all these things and inflammation, she is finally getting better. Liz says that she remembers not getting her periods the whole year, having painful cysts around her jawline, and always being bloated, but it has all changed. 

What changes made a big impact on her weight?

Liz Marie Galvan made some changes in her life that showed drastic changes in her weight and body. After making these changes she was awestruck because she didn’t know that these things can do so much to her body. 

The first habit that she developed was to drink enough water. She says that when she was in her cherry and coke phase, she did not realize that water can do so much to the human body. 

Liz says that after drinking enough water, her bloating issues, cysts, and cycle issues were gone. She even started learning to say “no”. She learned that saying no to the food when she was not hungry is not bad. 

She learned that eating food unnecessarily just because it is there or eating desserts because they are offered can not do any good to her. She loves sauces and realizing the calorie content of her favorite sauces gave her anxiety. 

But she did not stop eating them, rather she reduced the portion sizes of them. These changes also helped her enjoy her favorite food once in a while but in limited portions. Consistency also made a huge change for her and she started seeing results through all this. 

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How many calories did she consume?

Liz Marie Galvan was not obsessed with calorie counting. She used to consume around 18,000 to 20,000 on a daily basis. She did not believe in calorie-deficit diets because she used to burn the calories consumed through workouts. 

She used to eat to feel fueled. She says that she did not make herself hungry because being energetic was the only purpose of her diet. But she did not stuff herself without hunger and that is what helped her in the long run.  

She also cut out sugar from her diet and did daily movements for lots of chasing for her little one.  All these things helped her burn calories. Her workout routine was simple and revolved around fresh and green farms

How much weight did she lose?

Liz Marie Galvan’s weight loss journey is a practical one and even after weight loss, she continues to follow all the healthy habits. Liz Marie had lost around 20 pounds (9 kg). Throughout her weight loss journey, she did not check her weight because she did not believe in the numbers. 

Even while on her doctor’s visit, she used to turn around and ask them not to say her weight out loud to her. This habit of hers did not make her stick to numbers and made her keep going during the tough phase of weight loss. 

To achieve her goals, she labeled them “Get Healthy.”. She did not associate her weight loss with any number or size of jeans because she thought that once she achieved that, she might have stopped working out and put in more effort.

Her biggest motivation is getting healthy and this is what makes her wake up daily and start the day following the same healthy habits as yesterday. After losing weight, she is at more peace mentally. 

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In conclusion, Liz Maria Galvan’s weight loss journey is inspiring and down to earth. She lost around 20 pounds by making practical changes in her life. Liz realized her unhealthy habits were affecting her and she desired to make a positive change. 

Her weight loss journey helped her manage PCOS, a condition that had been troubling her by making better choices in her diet and lifestyle. Liz experiences positive effects like regular cycles and an improved mood. 

The key changes included drinking more water, learning to say no to unnecessary food, and being mindful of her portions. She said that she did not obsess over calorie counting, but focused on feeling energized and fueled.  

Exercises like daily moments and visits to green farms played a role in her weight loss, too. She did not focus on numbers and lost around 20 pounds. Her main motivation was to get healthy, not just a specific weight or clothing size. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Liz Marie Galvan’s net worth?

Ans. Liz Marie Galvan is a famous blogger and businesswoman with having net worth of around $16 million. She is also active on social media. Her net worth is the sum of her business income, assets, and investments. 

Who is Liz Marie Galvan’s husband?

Ans. Liz Marie Galvan is married to Jose Galvan. They both have a beautiful son together, Copeland Beau. The couple is working to remodel their 1800s farmhouse in Michigan while raising their son. 

Will I lose fat if I walk every day?

Ans. Yes, walking for one hour or completing 8000 to 10,000 steps daily can help you in losing weight. 

Is rice good for you to lose weight?

Ans. As per studies, white rice helps in burning fat because it boosts the metabolism in the body, as white rice is gluten-free and low fat. 

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