How Kielyn Marrone Lost 40 Pounds?

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Kielyn Marrone has lost over 40 pounds during her wild adventure. Her weight-loss journey is very interesting. To learn more, keep reading. 


Life is a process in which you have to face many challenges. The human body is very delicate, but many TV shows like “Alone” test every limit of the human body. This show even makes its contestants lose weight. 

Kielyn Marrone also experienced this challenging TV show by being a contestant in season 8. Like every other contestant, she struggled with making shelter, getting eatable food, and keeping herself warm on the cold chilly nights. 

The show was set in the Canadian Arctic. Kielyn was among 10 more contestants, and they all were to few spend days in the wild struggling every day to survive. In this process, Kielyn Marrone lost over 40 pounds of weight. 

Her weight-loss journey is very challenging and interesting. In this article, we will look deeper into the exciting weight-loss journey of Kielyn Marrone. Stay tuned to know how she survived in the wild.


Real NameKielyn Marrone
Famous NameKielyn Marrone
Date of birth1987
Age33 years
Height5 feet, 5 inches
ProfessionTV Personality 
Marital StatusMarried
Net Worth$1 Million

Who is Kielyn Marrone?

Kielyn is an adventure guide who is the co-owner of Lure with her husband and best friend Dave. They often live in remote wilderness property which is only accessible through boat or snowmobile. 

She is a snow baby and has the capability of surviving in the cold. Kielyn has a competitive personality; she is very stubborn and has a dedicated life. She likes challenging herself every now and then to get the best version of herself. 

She is an inspiration for many individuals and teaches us all to go out of our comfort zone and explore life. Kielyn Marrone was also seen on “Alone” season 8 where she spent 80 days in the wild.

She was the last third to leave the show. Many people admired her courage to be on the show and perform so well. She was out of food like any other contestant, which also made her suffer from the cold weather. She also lost so much weight on the show.

What is “alone”?

“Alone” is a reality-based television series that is aired on the History Channel. This show started in the year 2015 and has 10 contestants in every season who are dumped in the wild to spend some days on their own. They only get medical support during those days and the winner gets a $500,000 winning prize. 

Each contestant gets isolated alone away from other contestants and human beings. In the past years, the location of each season keeps on changing. Some recent locations have been Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Nahuel Huapi National Park in Argentina, and many more. 

This show starts in late autumn which adds up to the challenges of its contestants because the approaching winter season makes it tough for the contestants to survive, especially late at night. In this show, contestants select 10 items to take with them from the pre-approved list of 40 and also are given a standard equipment kit, clothes, and first aid items. 

Each contestant is given a set of cameras to document their daily experiences and emotions. This journey is very hard and if anyone wants to leave the competition, they can provide a signal to the rescue team through satellite and leave easily. Many contestants find searching for food and keeping themselves warm the most challenging out of the other challenges.

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How did Kielyn Marrone lose weight?

As we have mentioned earlier, Kielyn Marrone was on the most challenging adventure show. She has mentioned that it was quite an adventure for her and she found it to be a tough journey. In her season, the show was set up in the Canadian Arctic, and the cold weather was very challenging for her. 

She said that it was really hard for her to keep her warm enough, and it started showing effects on her health. Marrone also mentioned that her body ran out of fats because she was unable to catch any fish due to the cold weather because it was hard for her to keep her feet warm while fishing. 

Kielyn said that she was losing about half a pound each day. She said that even though she is a winter specialist due to her business, not having any fat left in her body makes it hard for her to lose weight. Her experience on Alone was the reason behind her weight loss. She was starving daily due to the non-availability of food.

Her weight loss was not at all healthy because she was not getting proper food. She admires her experience on the show. But after her journey ended she felt so weak because she did not get any nutritional food during her journey.

Kielyn Marrone’s Net Worth

Kielyn Marrone is a famous wildlife instructor and homesteader. She lives with her husband and two animals dog, and a cat in the remote wilderness, mainly in forests away from human beings. 

She has completed her 10th season guiding her viewers on how to survive in the wild. Kielyn also introduces her as a camp chef and a photographer. Her passion is playing in the snow and doing wild activities outside in winter. 

She has a net worth of around $1 million. Her net worth includes her assets, investments, and other incomes. She is a role model for many people who want to go trekking, camping, and spend time in the wild. Through her appearance in the show “Alone,” she increased her fan base.

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In a nutshell, Kielyn Marrone’s weight loss journey on the reality show “Alone” was a challenging and inspiring experience. She faced extreme climate conditions in the Canadian Arctic and faced harsh cold and struggled to find good healthy food which eventually resulted in her weight loss. 

Her weight loss was far from healthy because of a lack of food and vitamins. She is a successful woman who likes taking on new challenges in her life and is a co-owner of Lure. She did not win the cash prize on the show but she won millions of hearts. She is a strong woman who inspired millions of females to get out of their comfort zone.

This strong woman has a net worth of around $1 million. She is always seen laughing and loving the snow. She and her husband live in a wild area 10km away from any humans where you can only go by boat or snowmobile. She continues to inspire all of us through her never-ending zeal for adventures.


Who lost the most weight alone?

Ans. Colter Barnes had lost the most weight on Alone by losing over 86 pounds in just 67 days. He mentioned that he has to be one of the filthiest contestants of all time, and he is proud of that. He was one of the four finalists on the show. 

Has anyone made 100 days alone?

Ans. Yes, Roland Welker has survived for 100 days in the wild on the show “Alone”. He is also popularly called the 100-Day King. Roland continues to inspire others to take on wild challenges and do their best. 

Do Alone contestants get paid?

Ans. No, unfortunately, the Alone contestants do not get paid for spending their days struggling in the wild. However, the winner gets paid a $500,000 winning prize. So, the winning prize is the only greed that can make you do this adventure. 

Has a girl ever won alone?

Ans. Yes, Woniya Thibeault has won one of the seasons of “Alone”. She has become a role model for many women and has proved that women are not less than men. 

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