How Did Kathryn Dennis Lose Weight?

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Kathryn Dennis has lost over 30 pounds by following these easy tips and workout routines. There are many speculations regarding her weight loss surgery.


Kathryn Dennis a famous actress is known for her mystical beauty and fit figure. But she was not like that before. Like any other human being, she also suffered from weight gain and faced trolling. 

Even celebrities gain weight but when actresses do so they are asked whether they are pregnant. This is what happened to Kathryn Dennis. In 2018, when she uploaded a picture with her two kids, fans flooded her comments section with body-shaming comments and some even asked whether she was pregnant. 

Later Kathryn admitted that she had gained weight. But one day, Kathryn Dennis shocked us all by posting a picture of her in pink workout gear in which her body looked fabulous. That’s when her weight loss rumors sparked.

She has lost 30 pounds by positively taking the trolling. She did not lose weight for others but rather for herself. In this article, we will look into the weight loss journey of Kathryn Dennis and will see the details surrounding her weight loss.

Real NameKathryn Dennis
Famous NameKathryn Dennis
Date of BirthAugust 5, 1992
Age32 Years
Height5 feet 10 inches
Weight120 pounds/54 kg
ProfessionAmerican TV Personality and Actress
Marital StatusNot Married
Net Worth$800,000

Who is Kathryn Dennis?

Kathryn Dennis is a famous American TV personality and actress who gained fame when she was cast in the reality series ‘Southern Charm’. She is the granddaughter of Rembert Dennis who was an American Politician who spent 40 years in the South Carolina Senate. 

She was born on August 5, 1992, in Charleston, South Carolina, United States. She also gained attention for dating politician and entrepreneur Thomas Ravenel but what caught the attention of the world was her breakup with him which started a fight between the two for custody of their children. 

Kathryn owns several business ventures and one of them is furniture for children. She is all over the headlines for her weight loss transformation which has made people wonder how she has managed to lose so much weight.

Did she use drugs to lose weight?

When Kathryn Dennis’s weight loss came to light many people thought that she had used drugs for losing weight. These rumors spread like fire all over the internet. People thought that she used something because this can not happen so easily. 

Fans became concerned when they noticed her weight loss in her public appearance. These rumors were speculated when her fans learned about Kathryn going to rehab in 2016. Her former boyfriend also speculated the same. 

But Kathryn Dennis later clarified that all these rumors are fake and she has not used any drugs to lose weight. As per reports, Kathryn went to rehab in 2016 when she failed a drug test. 

When she was sent to rehabilitation, the custody of her two kids Kensie and Saint was also taken away from her. But now Kathryn is doing fine and all the problems related to her drug usage have been resolved.

Does Kathryn undergo any weight loss surgery?

Kathryn Dennis has lost a significant amount of weight which has made her fans worried. This is because she lost weight in a short period. But the actress herself made it clear that she has undergone a tummy surgery that has helped her burn fat from her stomach area. 

Kathryn has also had a cosmetic surgery procedure done for her lips and face. She shared her before and after pictures on her social media. Surgery is also a losing way which is the least popular one.

It is not always suggested to go for surgeries unless you are obese and have tried all the ways of losing weight. Kathryn Dennis adopted this not commonly used method because she wanted to see some fast results.

It was also not easy for her to go for surgery because it required lots of mental and emotional strength. After going through a rough patch in life i.e. going to rehab and losing your mother to cancer made her weak. She did it for herself in October 2020.

What did she eat to lose weight?

Kathryn Dennis has lost weight through surgery but that is not sufficient to keep her slim. She had to make many dietary changes in her eating habits to see the results that she desired. She made the following changes in the way she ate:

1. Avoided Processed Food

Kathryn Dennis completely avoided processed food because it is hard to digest for the stomach and creates a kind of heat in the body that can disrupt the weight loss process. Processed food is high in calories, fat, and oils which can be a hurdle in the weight loss process. 

2. Having Nutritious Smoothies

Kathryn added nutritious smoothies to her diet and removed soda or other beverages. All the cold drinks, coffee, and tea do no good to the body, rather it makes the body dehydrated and they are flooded with lots of sugar. 

3. Having Home Cooked Meals

Kathryn switched to eating home-cooked meals. Home-cooked meals are fresh and healthy because we know what we have added to them. These meals contain love and are rich in nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and proteins. 

4. Avoiding Sugar

Kathryn avoided sugar because it causes bloating and contains lots of calories which could have resulted in weight gain instead. Sugar also disrupts the blood sugar levels in the body. She avoided sweets, desserts, and sugary syrups. 

5. Having Green Tea

Kathryn added green tea to her diet and avoided tea or coffee. Green tea has 0 calories and has the property of relaxing the mind and body. Many herbal teas also have other benefits for the body. Kathryn used to sip on green tea to feel fresh and energetic.

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What is Kathryn Dennis’s Workout Routine?

Kathryn Dennis remained active throughout her weight loss journey which helped her in burning lots of calories. Kathryn joined the gym and she used to go to the gym thrice a week to lift weights and do strength training. 

Apart from that she used to go for walks every morning. She used to have nearly an hour-long walk sessions. She also used to do yoga daily on the days when she was not going to the gym. 

All of these efforts significantly improved her physique. Her workout routine also helped her deal with the mental pressure relating to her mother’s death and children’s custody. 

She remained consistent with her workout sessions which helped her burn more calories. She is a role model for many people as her determination and hard work helped her in achieving the body she wanted.

Kathryn Dennis Before and After

Kathryn has faced body shaming on the internet because the internet is filled with haters and lovers and when you are a public figure you have to face both. Kathryn once admitted that she has gained lots of weight because she was stressed which affected her eating behaviour. 

Stress is the biggest problem that can cause many issues in our bodies. But Kathryn adopted many measures for losing weight and has lost around 30 pounds/14 Kg. She has been very open about her weight loss journey and the struggles she has faced. 

Her weight loss transformation is visible in her before and after pictures. Her weight was 150 pounds/ 68 Kg before losing weight. The mother of two has not only made changes to her life but also made her kids eat healthy. After weight loss, she weighs around 120 pounds/54 Kg.

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In a nutshell, Kathryn Dennis is a well-known actress who has gained weight and has faced body shaming like many others. Kathryn Dennis after suffering from weight gain decided to lose weight for herself. She lost around 30 pounds in the process. 

Many rumors speculated that her weight loss is due to drugs but the actress denied the cause. Kathryn opened up about getting tummy surgery to reduce fat in her stomach in October 2020. 

Apart from surgery, she made many other changes in her lifestyle such as switching to home-cooked food and completely avoiding processed food. She has spoken about the main reason for her weight gain which was stress. 

Her weight loss transformation is clearly visible in her before and after pictures. She has not only added healthy habits to her lifestyle but has also trained her kids to live healthy lives because she has finally understood the importance of it.


What is Kathryn Dennis’s Net Worth?

Ans. Kathryn is an actress, model, and businesswoman who owns many business ventures in her name. Her net worth is around $800 thousand. She has more than 9 lakh followers on her social media accounts. 

What does Kathryn Dennis do for money?

Ans. Kathryn Dennis is a reality star and a model. Other than this she has been launched on OnlyFans account where she charges her subscribers $14.99 per month for her exclusive content. 

Who has custody of Kathryn Dennis’s children?

Ans. Her ex-partner Thomas Ravenel has custody of her children because the court has directed so. 

Why did Kathryn lose custody of the kids?

Ans. Kathryn lost custody because she failed the drug test numerous times. She tested positive for 3 illegal drugs for which she was sent to rehab. Her ex- partner Thomas’s legal team said that they have a mountain of evidence of neglect against her. 

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