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The 37-year-old weather journalist and meteorologist, Kate Bilo has been reported to have lost a total of 17 pounds in the last couple of months. With being now 119 pounds and a net worth of over a 1 million USD. The journey that this woman has travelled is bound to be an inspiring one. 


As it has been reported by the daily viewers to the weather forecast, it appears to many that the famous journalist Kate Bilo has dropped some pounds of body weight. And, the process has been a recent one. As the viewers have been seeing these changes for a while now. 

One of the chief journalists for CBS3 has been in the spotlight for having lost some pounds of body fat in a short time. And, that journalist is none other than the gorgeous Kate Bilo. 

This observation has put quite a few viewers in a predicament wondering about how she has been able to do this. And, the basics that they can follow to lose weight just like her. 

And hereby, we will follow who Kate Bilo is and her successful journey to a perfect physique after weight loss. 

NameKate Bilo
Weight Loss17 Pounds
Current Weight119 Pounds
Height162 cm
Age37 years (in 2023)
Date of Birth20 June 1986
Net Worth1 Million USD
ResidencePhoenixville, USA
ProfessionWeather Journalist
Marital StatusMarried (Scott Eby)
Children● Leo Eby● Anders Eby● Solenne Marit Elizabeth

Kate’s Early Life

kate bilo weight loss journey

Born on 20th June 1986 Kate Bilo is the sole child of her parents. She was born in Phoenixville, Philadelphia where she spent most of her childhood and early years of life. She also completed most of her basic and primary education in the same city and had always been known to be a model student. 

Although the personal information regarding her parents has not been made available yet, it is known for a fact that she does not have any siblings to date. 

And, seeing her interest in language and journalism, it is quite easy to guess just what would have propelled her towards the career choice of being a weather reporter and a chief geoscience major for the same news channel. 

Kate Bilo’s Educational Qualifications

After completing her primary education, she graduated with a degree of Bachelor in Science in Spanish from Penn State University. Also, with that, she completed her degree in International Business. 

By the end of 2003, Kate Bilo had two undergraduate degrees. But instead of specializing in any one of the two. She chose another one to specialize in, and that was exactly what propelled her towards her career. 

Through Mississippi State University, she got a degree in Geosciences with a specialization in Meteorology. And, as we know her today, she is the chief meteorologist of CBS3. 

Kate’s Profession as a Reporter

The start of Kate Bilo’s self-dependence was through her career choice as the main morning weather reporter for the Bloomberg Television Network. She had started the work back in 2009 and had quit the job when she got an offer from CBS3. 

She joined the CBS3 news network in 2013 and has been active since for the same platform. Now, she is the chief meteorologist at CBS3. Also, she reports for The CW Philly Eyewitness News. 

And as it appears, the choice of Kate’s in regarding this career as a profession must be because her interest in meteorology peaked through her degree studies on the same subject. 

Kate Bilo’s Health During Early Years

kate bilo bio-lifestyle

Since birth, Kate Bilo has been reported not to have any kind of birth-related issues or some kind of genetic problem. Therefore, she has always been in the perfect health condition. She has always been a charming lady. 

Even during her teens and the days of adulthood in her 20s, she did not have any kind of complications that would have led to her gaining a lot of weight that was hard to lose. 

The main problem centring her weight gain arose after her pregnancy. And, as said by herself, before her pregnancy, she did not have any problems with her weight. 

Also, although she did not have any kind of medical complications that would have led her to gain a lot of weight. She did have a different health problem. In 2017, it was reported that she had some blood clots in her lungs. But, she was declared fit after a successful surgery. 

Kate Bilo’s Weight Gain

The extreme weight gain that Kate Bilo had gone through was a result of her third pregnancy. After the childbirth of Solenne Marit Elizabeth, her third child and only daughter, she felt like her weight had only been growing. 

Instead of losing the post-pregnancy (postpartum) fat like one is usually supposed to do. Her weight was not brought back into control. Instead, the weight kept on increasing. And from that point on arose her concerns regarding her body weight. 

The problem of her weight gain had started mainly in the year 2017, and ever since then, she tried to maintain her body weight to the best of her abilities. 

Kate Bilo’s Weight Loss

The decision for weight loss made by Kate Loss was not an unexpected one. She still had some of her post-pregnancy fat from her previous two kids’ birth. And, the last one just added to it a bit more. 

Also, being a weather reporter and a public figure of a high measure, it would have seemed necessary for her to maintain her physique perfectly. And, that is exactly what had driven her to work for weight loss. 

And, when the results of her splendid transformation came, the viewers of her weather reports were rendered speechless. Her current physique is the result of all the hard work that she put in herself to get that ideal body for herself. 

Kate’s Journey to Weight Loss

It has hardly been easy for Kate Bilo to go through the procedure of weight loss. Even she stated in an interview that it had been harder for her to go through weight loss, harder than she had expected. 

But, even with taking the general ways for the weight loss – surgery and physical training. She did not opt for the prior one. She chose physical work over the surgery method of weight loss. 

And to get back in perfect shape, and to attain her prime figure she must have put a lot of hard work in her body to make it slimmer and fit. 

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Lifestyle Changes that Kate Bilo Made for Weight Loss

kate bilo diet-height-daily routine

As is to be expected, Kate Bilo must have had to make a lot of changes in her lifestyle to get back into shape. And, by no means could the entire procedure have been as easy as one would think it to be. 

The most impactful of the changes that she made in her lifestyle was to cut off all kinds of sugar and sweetener intake in her diet plan. Reportedly if done for as long as she did, this practice alone could have helped her lose over 6 pounds in just a month. And, this is when we disregard all the other changes that she made in her life. 

Also, she had to follow through with a strict diet plan and schedule. It meant that she would not be eating any kind of fast food, no cheat meals, no take-outs, and the like. In a way, she was disciplining herself to a new lifestyle along the way. 

And, the entirety of these practices have turned her into an admirable figure all over again. The hard work that she put in and the struggle that she went through to get her perfect body is something to be admired. 

Kate Bilo’s Weight Loss Tips

As per Kate Bilo herself, if you want to gain your ideal physique, the first thing that you need to have control over is your diet. You should not eat what is not healthy for you, or the food that you know you are going to regret eating later on. 

And, there is the thing about sugar. A large intake of it would not mean a large amount of energy. This can lead to serious health problems for some in the future. Therefore, if you are not able to eliminate the use of sugar, try your best to limit and regulate it to the best of your abilities. 

And then comes the prospect of physical exercise. To get the results that you want, you will need to put in the same amount of work into your body. If you want a perfect physique, put in the work that will lead you to a good physique. And you will see the results. 

Exercises that helped Kate Bilo lose weight

Although taking care of three kids was too stressful and physically indulging in itself, Kate Bilo did not present it as an excuse to not work on herself. 

She worked hard on her body. She went through workout sessions and exercise periods regularly to put a boost to her daily lifestyle. 

For the exercise part, she opted for cardiac exercises. The kind that helped her increase her endurance to great heights, and promoted fat burning to a new extent. 

She attended the swimming pool every day for an hour for her swim sessions. And, that in particular helped her lose lots of waist and hip fat. 

There are also other exercises like running, jogging, and static planks that had helped her along the way. As you can see, the exercises were not extreme. But, when followed regularly, these exercises yielded the results that she had expected. 

Kate Bilo’s Weight Loss Recovery

Kate Bilo did not report the advancements that she had made in her self-improvement phase. It was the viewers of her news channel that had started to see the physical changes that were taking place in her body. 

It was later confirmed by her that she was going through weight loss training and has been working to lose her pregnancy fat. 

Kate Bilo was active as a weather journalist and reporter even when she was practising weight loss. And, that is what an inspirational figure is meant to be. 

Kate Bilo’s Net Worth

kate bilo reduce weigt & net worth

Kate Bilo has a yearly income of 77,000 USD through her work as the Chief Meteorologist and the Eyewitness Weather Reporter for the CBS3 news channel

But besides this, she earns fairly well through her monetized blog page as well. And, putting all these amounts together, she has a net worth of over 1 Million USD. 

Also, it has been brought to their attention that after the birth of their third child, Kate Bilo and her husband Scott Eby have purchased a new residence in Phoenixville. And, observing the current market prices, any house in the locality would not have cost any less than 1.5 Million USD. 


The major public figure, and one of the most popular weather forecast reporters to date, Kate Bilo has been a subject of attention for her losing 17 pounds in a short time. And, she did not do it through the surgical procedure, it was an all-natural practice. Something that can be done by others as well. 


What is Kate Bilo’s professional position in the news channel?

Kate Bilo is the Chief Meteorologist for the CBS3. It means that she is the expert that is called for when assumptions of weather are to be made following static reports. Also, she is an Eyewitness Weather Reporter for The CW. 

What is Kate’s marital status?

Kat Bilo is married to Scott Eby. They got married in 2007 and have been together since. Scott Eby is a software engineer by profession. 

What is her net worth?

An average Meteorologist for a news channel makes nearly 55,000 USD a year. But with her experience, she gets 77,000 USD. And, adding her other sources of revenue, she has a net worth of 1 Million USD.

How much weight did Kate Bilo lose?

Kate had previously weighed 136 pounds. And, after the transformation, she is now 119 pounds. This means that she has already lost 17 pounds of body weight. 

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