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Joyce Meyer had one barrier during her weight loss and that was her weight. But after pushing her limits, she has managed to lose around 10 pounds (4 kg).


Joyce Meyer is a well-known name amongst God believers. She is the woman who helps people experience the love of God and helps them know the only truth in life is God. Apart from this Joyce also helps people in getting the body of their dream. 

She helps people live a healthy life and motivates them to follow the path of God. Joyce herself had gained some weight lately but after getting aware, she had lost around 10 pounds. 

Her weight has given one more reason for her fans to praise her. Her fans are now became more certain that Joyce Meyer does what she says. The most important reason for her weight loss is how she has managed to achieve it. 

Her fans appreciate her a lot and now they want to know her weight loss secrets. In this article, we will see the weight-loss journey of Joyce Meyer and will spill her secrets. Stay tuned till the end to know more.

Real NamePauline Joyce Meyer
Famous NameJoyce Meyer
Date of BirthJune 4, 1943
Age80 Years
Height5 feet 5 inches (165 cm)
Weight60 kg/132 pounds
ProfessionAuthor and Christian Speaker
Marital StatusMarried
Net Worth$10 Million

Who is Joyce Meyer?

Joyce Meyer is an American Christian author, speaker, and president of Joyce Meyer Ministries. She was born on June 4, 1943, in St. Louis, Missouri, United States, with the name Pauline Joyce Meyer. She had a very traumatic childhood. 

Joyce has shared in her interviews that she had been sexually abused by her father. Her father was in the army to fight World War II. When he used to return home, he used to do evil acts to her. 

Her marriage was also very toxic because she married a salesman shortly after she completed high school. But her husband cheated on her. After having all these bad experiences in life, she was completely heartbroken. 

But one day she found peace in God. Joyce recalls one incident that made her believe in the almighty. Joyce says that when she was heading to work, she heard God say her name, and that changed her whole belief system. 

Joyce Meyer’s Weight Loss Secrets

Joyce Meyer has lost weight and overall, her lifestyle is healthy. But how does she maintain all this at the age of 80? This is a shocking question. The simple answer to this question is that she pays attention to God’s lessons and follows the way that God has taught her to live a healthy lifestyle. Here are the secrets of Joyce Meyer for losing weight:

 1. Be easy on yourself

Joyce says that one should take it easy. She says that it is just life and that weight loss is a part of life and not the heart of life. So she asks everyone to take it lightly and not pressure themselves so much that it starts affecting their mental peace because being mentally happy is more important than anything. Joyce says that it is very important to remember that at the end we are all just humans and we all deserve to take care of ourselves first. 

2. Stay Hydrated!

Joyce says that hydration is very important during weight loss. She says that as per God’s saying, hydration is a fuel for the body. It helps in maintaining the energy throughout the day and also boosts the metabolism. It is important to drink water as it maintains the water levels in the body after workout sessions. The human body is made up of 70% water so water is the biggest necessity for a human to survive. 

3. Be Accountable 

Joyce says that one should be accountable for their health. She says to be responsible for your own body and weight. She asks everyone to take responsibility for one’s body. When the responsibility comes, it will make the person strive hard to succeed in the race for success. Joyce says that only you can change your body by making the right decision for yourself. 

4. Move your body daily

Joyce swears by exercising daily. She says that exercising daily is a must for a healthy body. The body is made to move, not to lie down all the time. Exercising is the best possible way of knowing our body and finding peace because, when we work out our body releases happy hormones that remove the stress and release serotonin. Exercising is not only the means of having a healthy life but it is a way of feeling healthy and strong. 

5. Practice balancing 

Joyce says that excess of anything is bad. So during weight loss, the most important thing is to balance the calories consumed. She says that one should try not to eat many calories throughout the day. Excess calories can make a person feel lethargic and gain weight. By following a calorie-deficit diet, you will be able to practice modesty in your life easily. 

6. Show Gratitude 

Joyce Meyer says that everything is given to us by God, so we should always be grateful to the almighty for what he has given to us and we should always show gratitude towards the food we eat and the way we can move our bodies.  Showing gratitude will help us stay motivated in the tough phase of weight loss and this in turn will help us shed more pounds because of mental peace.

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How much weight did she lose?

Joyce Meyer believes that we should not be so hard on ourselves by taking charge of hard things that are beyond our control. She says that doesn’t mean that we should not even try to push our limits. 

Joyce had one barrier during her weight loss and that was her weight. But after pushing her limits, she has managed to lose around 10 pounds (4 kg). Her weight-loss journey is very graceful. Before weight loss, she weighed around  142 pounds (64 Kg). 

She is a busy woman and finds it hard to give herself time. But she makes sure to take some time out to show gratitude to her own body. After weight loss, she weighs around 132 pounds (60 Kg). 

Joyce Meyer looks so young and beautiful for her age. Her age cannot be predicted from her beautiful face. She looks more radiant and young after losing weight. Her weight loss is nothing but a source of motivation for all of her followers. 

Joyce Meyer’s Net Worth 

Joyce Meyer is a successful woman and is also a hardworking businesswoman. She owns multiple homes and travels in her private jet. She is often criticized for living such a luxurious lifestyle. 

Joyce says that she does not pay any attention to these comments because she believes that there is no need to apologize for being blessed. Joyce Meyer has a net worth of around $10 million. As per reports, she has a $10 million corporate jet. 

Her husband has a $107,000 silver grey Mercedes, her home is worth $2 million, and has another house of $2 million for her 4 children. Her net worth and luxury lifestyle have received many bad comments and she has been the prey of many public inquiries. 

Joyce once said, “You can be a businessman here in St. Louis, and people think the more you have, the more wonderful it is,  but if you’re a preacher, then all of a sudden it becomes a problem”.

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In conclusion, Joyce Meyer is a well-known Christian author and speaker. She has undergone a remarkable weight loss journey after shedding around 10 pounds. Despite facing challenges in her life, including a traumatic childhood and a toxic marriage, she found peace in her faith in God. 

Joyce Meyer’s weight loss secrets include embracing a healthy lifestyle guided by God’s teaching. She emphasizes the importance of being kind to herself, staying hydrated, taking accountability for one’s health, Daily exercises, practicing balance in calorie consumption, and showing gratitude. 

Her weight loss journey has not only improved her physical health but also inspired her followers. At 80 years old, Joyce Meyer continues to radiate vitality and beauty. 

Despite criticism for her luxurious lifestyle, including a $10 million net worth and owning a corporate jet, Joyce remains unapologetic, asserting that there is no need to apologize for being blessed by God. 


Who is Joyce Meyer’s husband?

Ans. Joyce Meyer is married to Dave Meyer. They got married in 1967. They both are still together happily in love. They are the parents of 4 children. 

Why do I want to lose weight but have no motivation?

Ans. Weight loss is not just a physical process but it also has to do a lot with mental well-being. Lack of motivation for weight loss could be due to fatigue, high-stress levels, and feeling emotional. 

What is the 21-day Bible diet?

Ans. The 21-day bible diet is also called The Daniel Fast. In this diet, for 21 days, one has to eat only ad libitum food avoiding any animal products and preservatives. 

Is it a sin to be overweight?

Ans. It is not a sin to be overweight. Being weight conscious has to be a healthy perspective. But God does not discriminate against his children based on their weight. God wants its children to be healthy and happy in whatever shape, size, and color. 

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