How did Jessa Bigelow lose 60 pounds?

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Jessa Bigelow has lost around 60 pounds (27 kg) after encountering the serious health implications of excessive weight. To know what challenges she faced, keep reading


Jessa Bigelow is known for her skills of doing magic on someone’s skin and making it a masterpiece with the use of ink. She is one of the famous tattoo artists who has struggled a lot in her career before receiving the fame she has now. 

But one more important thing is all over the internet about Jessa Bigelow and that is her weight loss. She has lost around 60 pounds, which is getting attention from netizens for obvious reasons.

Jessa Bigelow has suffered from weight issues for most of her adult life and this weight started showing an impact on her weight which is a long story in itself. After encountering many health issues and a lack of stamina due to her heavy body she decided to change.

Her change was necessary for her and after weight loss, she is feeling very light not only physically but mentally too. In this article, we will learn more about different parts of her weight loss journey because it is not a decision but a long process.

Real NameJessa Bigelow
Famous NameJessa Bigelow
weight loss60 pounds
ProfessionTattoo Artist
Marital StatusMarried

Who is Jessa Bigelow?

Jessa Bigelow is a famous tattooer and artist. She started her tattoo career at the age of 18. She first worked cleaning and attending to clients. Jessa has shared that throughout her career she has worked at various shops around New Jersey. 

But at the age of 31, she is fortunate enough to work from the comfortable and inclusive space that she has built herself and can proudly call her. She is the co-owner of her tattoo line “Gallery of Ink” which is also co-owned by her husband. 

She is known for her fine art and great designs. She is currently enjoying her work with some side fun. She is also on social media and frequently posts her personal and professional life along with her tattoo designs. 

She has also appeared on season 3 of “Ink Master”. She gained recognition from this show and became public as well as a celebrity artist. Her body is covered in the color of her love which is the tattoo. 

Why did she decide to lose weight?

Jessa Bigelow had a tough relationship with her body and she struggled with losing weight. She tried many ways of being healthy but failed at it because of a lack of seriousness. Until her medical diagnosis came in.

Jessa Bigelow’s weight took a toll on her health and her doctor told her that she was on the verge of getting diabetes. Her pre-diabetes diagnosis affected her terribly. She was also warned that if she does not lose weight it might be harmful for her body.

This is when she decided to lose weight. It is quite obvious that excess of everything is bad and this is what happened with Jessa. Her excess weight resulted in serious health complications and she even had to take medications.

But this alarming situation completely changed her perspective on life and she started being more serious. She prioritized her health and the primary step that she took to be healthy was to lose weight. 

How does her weight impact her mental health?

Jessa Bigelow’s relationship with her body impacted her mental health a lot. After trying and failing multiple times she was heartbroken. She used to feel very demotivated. Being a woman, hormonal issues also impacted her mood badly. 

But she did not give up because she knew that weight loss would be a life changer thing for her otherwise her health would deteriorate more. So she decided to work on herself. 

She practiced mindfulness and incorporated the following things that helped her with her mental state. 

  • Jessa did not value her weight loss on the scales.
  • She also used to avoid checking her weight frequently to avoid sadness.
  • To boost her mood she indulged herself in daily workouts.
  • She did things that used to make her happy.
  • She surrounded herself with positive people who motivated her by saying good words.
  • Jessa used to set realistic goals to avoid judgments from herself.
  • She started accepting herself and showed love to her body. 

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What are the dietary changes made by Jessa Bigelow for losing weight?

The primary change that weight loss requires is dietary changes. Jessa Bigelow made some sensible and real changes in her diet routine that helped her lose weight. Here are the dietary changes made by Jessa Bigelow for losing weight:

1. Tracking Calories

Jessa Bigelow started tracking her calorie intake. This is a very crucial step and its results can be seen during weight loss because without counting calories there is a high risk that a person will tend to consume more calories than are required to be consumed by them. For tracking calories, Jessa Bigelow used a calorie tracking app because the app made her job easy. 

2. Eating Nutrition-Dense Food

She also focused on eating nutrition-dense food. Without this, the body cannot survive the rigorous exercise sessions and strict calorie tracking. To nourish the body, the proper intake of vitamins, minerals, and proteins is essential. Jessa added fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, smoothies, curd, milk, and non-veg for completing a balanced diet. This also improved her gut health because the fiber present in the food made her digestion good. 

3. Sipping on Herbal Tea

She avoided sugary drinks and alcohol and rather sipped on herbal teas. She opted for herbal tea instead of green tea because herbal tea also has various health benefits and calms the brain, releases happy hormones, relaxes the body, controls blood sugar levels, and balances blood pressure. She included different flavors of herbal tea like cinnamon, ginger, lemon, cardamom, tulsi and many more  

4. Prioritizing Protein Intake

Jessa Bigelow also prioritized her protein intake because her workout sessions were rigorous and she also used to train her core and do strength training. So after her workout sessions she used to take some protein to help in muscle repair as well. She used to have high-protein shakes, fish, boiled eggs, and boiled chicken. 

How much weight did she lose?

Jessa Bigelow has recently got married and is living her best life. But before her marriage, her transformation also shocked people because she managed to lose around 60 pounds/ 27 kg. She has been very diligent in achieving the body she currently has. 

Before weight loss she was overweight and that was visible from her body. However, the exact weight before weight loss is not disclosed by Jessa Bigelow but her before and after pictures show a clear comparison of her transformation.

Her weight loss story is very motivating and she has inspired many people to start working on themselves today otherwise their weight could result in serious health implications. She is looking more beautiful and fit after losing weight.

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In conclusion, Jessa Bigelow is a famous tattoo artist who has faced significant challenges with her weight and health. Her decision to lose around 60 pounds was motivated by her serious health issues, including her pre-diabetes diagnosis. 

Her weight also took a toll on her mental health, causing demotivation and mood swings. To shed the excess weight, Jessa made several dietary changes including tracking calories, consuming nutrition-dense foods, drinking herbal teas, and prioritizing protein intake. 

These changes helped her on her weight loss journey. She also added regular workouts to boost her mood and burn calories. After her determined efforts she has successfully lost weight. 

After weight loss, she is now feeling mentally and physically lighter. Her transformation serves as an inspiring story, showing that with dedication and the right changes, one can achieve a healthier and happier life. 


Who is Jessa Bigelow’s husband?

Ans. Jessa Bigelow is married to Juan Cardona. Their exact wedding details are not disclosed but the artist has shared the mesmerizing photos from her wedding. Her husband is also the co-owner of her business.

Has Jessa Bigelow undergone any weight loss surgery?

Ans. No, Jessa Bigelow has not undergone any weight loss surgery. She has followed the organic way of losing weight which is dieting and exercising. 

Did she follow intermittent fasting?

Ans. No, Jessa Bigelow has not followed an intermittent diet. She did not believe in fasting, rather she counted her calories by reducing her portion size. 

What are the workouts performed by Jessa Bigelow for losing weight?

Ans. Jessa followed a daily workout routine in which she used to do a mix of cardio and strength training. She also did some walking and running. Her workout routine included variety to engage herself in the workouts for a longer time. 

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