Jenny Doan Weight Loss [2023]: Does She Suffer From Illness?

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Jenny Doan has lost around 40 pounds (18 kg) after struggling with weight-related issues for a major part of her life. Her story is very inspirational and worth reading.


Jenny Doan is a well-known name in the YouTube industry. Apart from her catchy content, one more thing that is captivating the interest of viewers is her changed appearance. After the COVID pandemic, Jenny Doan has started looking different. 

After the COVID pandemic, she has started looking very different and this has sparked concern amongst her fans. The reason for her change in appearance is her weight loss. Jenny Doan has lost around 40 pounds. 

Initially, her fans thought she had lost weight due to a disease. But this is not true. Jenny Doan has lost weight with her own will after a weight loss journey. The secrets of her weight loss are spilled. 

The curiosity of people who want to know will be addressed in this article. In this article, we will look into the weight-loss journey of Jenny Doan and see how she has managed to lose weight. To know her secrets, keep reading!

Real NameJenny Doan
Famous NameJenny Doan
Date of BirthJune 11, 1957
Age66 Years
Height5 feet 8 inchrs
Weight73 kg/ 160 pounds
ProfessionQuilter and YouTuber
Marital StatusMarried
Net Worth$17.3 Million

Who is Jenny Doan?

Jenny Doan is a famous YouTuber and American quilter who has been making videos on YouTube showing her quilting skills for over a decade. She is the face of the Missouri Star Quilt Company. 

This company is the largest quilting supply vendor in the United States. People love watching Jenny Doan videos on YouTube and following her steps for making beautiful quilt designs. She is called “The most famous quilter in the world”. 

Her YouTube channel has over 210 million cumulative views. She is regarded as a leading figure in the pre-cut quilting movements. People trust her with her skills and beginners look for her videos for learning. 

Jenny used to love sewing from an early age and eventually, she started learning sewing with the 4 H Club Youth Organization from the age of 10. She continued to maintain her interest throughout her adolescence and carried it through her adulthood. 

Why did she decide to lose weight?

Jenny Doan was so busy with her work and life that she used to neglect her weight. This negligence of her made her gain so much weight over the years and she did not realize the same. She was not able to give time to her body due to her tough schedule. 

In her past videos, her excessive weight was visible. Her weight started becoming a problem for her and it was becoming an alarming situation for her. But at the right time, she decided to lose weight and follow a healthy lifestyle. 

This is what forced her to lose weight. The decision of Jenny Doan to lose weight is extremely right as it prevented her from many dangerous diseases that could have made her life hard due to her weight. 

What dietary changes Jenny Doan made?

Jenny Doan made some significant dietary changes that showed results in her body. Her approach to weight loss was more concerned with her eating habits. She made the following dietary changes to lose weight:

1. Eliminating high-calorie food

For losing weight Jenny Doan eliminated high calorie food from her diet because she followed a calorie deficit diet. She used to avoid oily and junk food particularly because these foods are very rich in calories and can make body gain fat. While qe eat calorie-rich food, the fat gets stored in the body making the body get pounds. 

2. Avoiding Sugar

She also avoided sugar during her weight loss journey because she is over 50 years of age and this made her at the higher risk of having diabetes and sugar is proven to disbalance the blood sugar levels in the body. Sugar is also very high in calories and can make you gain weight. 

3. Drinking lots of water

Jenny used to drink lots of water during her weight loss journey. Water used to make her feel full for a longer period of time and reduces her appetite. Water also boosted her metabolism and gave her energy to workout and stay energetic throughout the day. She took the help of water reminder app to keep her aware water intake. 

4. Portion Control

She controlled her portion size for losing weight. She became more mindful of how much quantity she is eating. This helped her in eating too much or too less. This was beneficial because she was following a calorie deficit diet. She used to weigh her food in grams before eating it. She also used free apps available on playstore to count her calories. 

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Jenny Doan Workout Routine

Jenny Doan’s workout routine is quite simple. She followed very normal and easy workouts considering her age. Even while following simple workouts, her workouts showed equal results because of her consistency. 

She used to do low-impact cardio which helped her in burning more calories. Her cardio also included a little dancing. Jenny also used to walk daily to burn calories. This was her favorite part of the day. 

This is because while walking she used to spend some quality time with her husband after having a hectic day at work. Cycling also was Jenny’s thing and she used to go cycling on weekends. All these workout efforts of her helped her burn calories. 

Jenny Doan’s Before and After

Jenny Doan Weight Loss before and after

Jenny Doan understood that as the age grows, the weight becomes a reason to worry. So she decided to give some attention to her health. Her transformation is visible in her before and after pictures. 

Jenny Doan has managed to lose around 40 pounds (18 kg). Her weight loss is significant, as she has chosen the path of a healthy life. Before weight loss, she was overweight and weighed 200 pounds (91 kg), which was a matter of concern. 

But health is as important as work, so she decided to change a few things about her. After weight loss, she is looking more fit than young people. After weight loss, she weighs around 160 pounds (73 kg). 

Jenny Doan’s Net Worth

Jenny Doan’s skills can be seen through her work. From a young age, she started making costumes from the local theatre group when she was a newlywed. Doan has a very good career and wealth but one time she suffered due to the recession. 

She and her husband used most of their savings to maintain their children and their lives. Jenny decided to use her skills to earn some money and she bought a quilting machine and set up a small business for her to sew other people’s quilts. 

The demand for her work was so high that they had to set up a website for selling her additional materials. This is how the company was introduced. After the growth of her work and skills, her sons suggested she make YouTube videos showing off her skills. 

This also helped many people in learning tutorials from her. Jenny Doan has a net worth of around $13.7 million. Her net worth includes her business income, YouTube income, brand sponsorships, and investments. 

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In conclusion, Jenny Doan’s inspiring weight loss journey is a testament to the power of determination and a commitment to a healthier lifestyle. She’s a renowned quilter and YouTube star. 

However, she has faced the challenges of neglecting her health due to a busy schedule. However, after realizing the importance of a healthy life, she made significant dietary changes such as eliminating high-calorie foods, avoiding sugar, and drinking lots of water. 

Her workout routine, although simple and age-appropriate, gave her remarkable results due to her consistency. Jenny’s transformation is evident In her before and after pictures where she managed to lose around forty pounds. 

Jenny Doan’s journey Serves as an inspiration to prioritize health and well, proving that age is not a barrier to achieving a fit and healthy lifestyle. She is a successful woman having a net worth of around 13.7 million.


Who is Jenny Doan’s husband?

Ans. Jenny Doan married Ronald Doan in 1980. They both have 2 children together. They are true lovebirds and are spending their old age together after facing so many financial issues in an earlier stage of their relationship.

Has Jenny Doan used any inorganic ways to lose weight?

Ans. No, Jenny Doan has not used any inorganic ways for losing weight such as surgery or needles. She followed totally organic ways of losing weight by following a good diet and exercise routine. 

Did she follow intermittent fasting?

Ans. No, Jenny Doan has not followed an intermittent diet during her weight loss. She has followed a normal eating window but reduced her food intake. She did not believe in intermittent fasting and thought that she would eat more during her intermittent window. 

What are the key changes that Jenny Doan made to lose weight?

Ans. The key change that Jenny Doan made to lose weight is changing her sleeping schedule. She made sure to sleep 7 to 8 hours daily during her weight loss journey. This change helped her realize toxins and made her body rest. 

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