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Issa Rae is a well-known actress who has lost around 30 pounds after following the Paleo diet. This change not only made her feel more energy but also helped her kick unhealthy eating habits.


The acting industry brings lots of fame and money, which can be hard for many people to handle. Some of the new actors need to learn how to handle themselves when they have to achieve all of these things. 

 The weight-loss journey of Issa Rae is completely based on the above lines. Issa Rae is a successful actress who has done many series and movies. But throughout her journey, she has struggled with weight.

The main reason for her weight gain was that she started eating outside more often after she started earning money and that contributed to her weight gain. But after realizing her mistakes, she has lost around 30 pounds.

She is a figure of motivation for many people due to her inspiring journey. But the most important question arises: how has she managed to achieve this milestone? In this article, we will look into the weight loss journey of Issa Rae.

Real NameJo-Issa Rae Diop
Famous NameIssa Rae
Date of BirthJanuary 12, 1985
Age38 Years
Height5 feet 8 inches
Weight59 kg/ 130 pounds
Profession Actress and Author
Marital StatusMarried
Net Worth$8 Million (as of 2023)

Who is Issa Rae?

Issa Rae is an American actress, writer, and producer. She was born on January 12, 1985, in Los Angeles, California, United States with the name Jo-Issa Rae Diop. She got famous when she was seen in the YouTube web series called “Awkward Black Girl”. 

She also developed her channel in 2011. She posts stuff related to black people that includes short films, web series, and other content created by black people. She has also gained good recognition for her role in “Insecure”. 

She has also won many awards for her role. She is so outspoken about the rights of her community that Time magazine has regarded her by including her in the Time 100 list of the most influential people in the world. 

She has done many films and series like “The Hate U Give”, “Little”, “The Photograph”, “Barbie”, “Vengeance,” and many more films. Her book titled “The Misadventures of an Awkward Black Girl” became a New York Times bestseller.

What is the paleo diet followed by Issa Rae?

Issa Rae has been a vegetarian for 15 years but weight loss requires changes. To lose weight Issa Rae followed a Paleo diet. The Paleo diet is a diet followed by our ancestors. This diet believes in eating the things that they used to collect after hunting. 

This diet includes fruits, vegetables, lean meat, nuts, grains, and dairy products. The basic idea of following this diet is that we should eat what is natural, and the mixed products cannot nourish our body because they are not natural. 

The main advantage that Issa saw after following this diet was that she felt more energetic than before. This diet also prevents one from eating junk food. So getting rid of junk food from her diet helped Issa in numerous ways. 

She even gave up eating white flour. She also followed a regimen to drink 15 glasses of water. This diet worked for her. She also started eating bacon to complete her nutrient and protein intake. This vitamin and mineral-rich diet helped her to stay active. 

What are the pros and cons of the Paleo diet?

The Pros and Cons of the Paleo diet are as follows:


  • This diet is effective in weight loss.
  • This diet helps in stabilizing the blood sugar levels.
  • This diet is complete with all the vital nutrients that the body requires.
  • It helps in improving the energy and gut health. 
  • The Paleo diet also reduces inflammation in the body.
  • It is suitable for conditions like arthritis or allergies. 


  • This diet has limited food choices.
  • This diet can be more expensive because natural and organic food costs more.
  • This diet is not suitable for vegetarians as it is a meat-focused diet.
  • This diet is difficult to follow and may not fit into many family habits. 

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What is her workout routine?

Issa Rae is a morning person and during her weight loss, she knew that even if her daily routine does not permit her to work on herself, she has to make the time for it. So she chose the morning hours to find peace within herself. 

She used to wake up around 5 in the morning and rather than going to the gym she used to go on the streets. Her home is near to hills so she used to walk up the hills and on the roads. She also used to alternate between jogging and walking. 

Issa used to do all this while listening to music. But one day when she lost her earbud in the grass in the dark, she had to walk without music. Issa recalls that experience as an eye-opening one. 

She says that’s when she realized that she could also self-improve and look into her thoughts while exercising. This allowed her to work on her ideas and explore better opportunities. 

Issa Rae’s Before and After

Issa Rae achieved greater heights in her life, but in the initial stage of her journey, she was so lost in her fame and money that she did not pay attention to her health. But when she decided to change things, she did not wait for another second. 

Issa says that she used to think that she would make a resolution for the new year, and then she used to not follow it thinking that she would do it next year. But this time, she was so serious that she did not wait to make another resolution. 

Her weight loss transformation is evident from her before and after pictures, and she has lost around 30 pounds (14 kg). She has improved not only her body but also her health after losing weight. Before weight loss, she weighed around 160 pounds (73 kg).  

She looks mesmerizing after losing wweight,and when we look at her efforts, we can say that with these efforts weight loss is possible. After weight loss, she weighs around 130 pounds (59 kg).

Issa Rae’s Net Worth

Issa Rae is a successful woman and has built a place in the industry with her hard work. She is so famous that Google has announced that Issa Rae will be an additional voice to the Google Assistant in 2011. 

This gave her fans a chance to make the assistant speak like Issa till October 1, 2021. She is also a vocal activist who has used various platforms to bring attention to the violence and abuse faced by African Americans. 

She has also been included by Forbes in its ’30 under 30 list. Issa Rae’s net worth is around $8 million (as of 2023). Her net worth has drastically changed over the years because she has gained all the things through her hard work. 

Her income sources are brand sponsorships, YouTube, film paychecks, Social media, and her investments. She is the figure for all the Africans who face discrimination based on race and are not treated equally in this world. 

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Issa Rae is a well-known actress who has lost around 30 pounds after following the Paleo diet. She became famous for her work in web series like “Awkward Black Girl”, and the hit show “Insecure”. 

To shed the extra, Issa followed a Paleo diet, which focuses on eating natural and unprocessed food. 

This change not only made her feel more energy but also helped her kick unhealthy eating habits. She also added regular morning walks and jogs into her routine, which allowed her to focus on self-improvement and creative thinking. 

Before her transformation, she indulged in fame and did not prioritize her health. However, her determination helped her achieve an impressive weight loss. Her net worth has also grown substantially and has reach around $8 million in 2023.

Issa Rae serves as an inspiration not only for her career success but also for her dedication to a healthier lifestyle. Her story shows that with commitment and the right choices, anyone can achieve their weight loss goals and reach new heights in life. 


Who is Issa Rae’s husband?

Ans. Issa Rae is married to Louis Diame. Her husband is a Senegalese businessman. They got married in a private ceremony in France in July 2021.

Is Issa Rae an introvert?

Ans. Issa Rae in an interview revealed that growing up she was very shy and introverted. She used to feel very uncomfortable. She once even wrote in her journal that “I’m awkward and black”. 

Does Issa Rae wear wigs?

Ans.  Issa Rae is an actress and she only wears a wig when she has to shoot. Once her shoot is over she quickly snatches the wig from her head. 

Why did Issa Rae stop Insecure?

Ans. Issa Rae has so far made five seasons of “Insecure”. But there is bad news for all the “Insecure” fans. Issa has decided to stop telling her fellow executive producer that “Insecure” is going to have only 5 seasons. 

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