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Elle Simone is a famous American Chef who has lost over 40 pounds after battling cancer. Did she undergo weight-loss surgery?


Losing weight is extremely difficult, especially when you are battling a life-threatening disease. But the story of Elle Simone is an example that anyone can achieve anything if they want it with their whole heart.

Elle Simone is an American Chef and food stylist on the PBS series. She is an ovarian cancer patient. A few years ago, Elle started having pain in her lower right abdomen, which also included fatigue. After bearing this pain, Elle Simone decided to start running because she noticed that her belly was getting bigger. After running for a few weeks, she saw the difference and lost some weight, but her belly was still the same.

This was also a sign of an alarming situation. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and had it removed. She underwent chemotherapy, and after all these struggles, she gained lots of weight and decided to be healthy and lose weight after battling with the deadly disease, which marked the beginning of her weight loss transformation. In this article, we will look into how Elle Simone lost weight, what her diet plan was, and what struggles she faced.

Who is Elle Simone?

Elle Simone is a famous American cook, test cook, and producer of culinary products. She is also a food stylist on a PBS series. She began her career at the age of 28 in the culinary field. She faced lots of hardships due to the 2008 recession, but she kept going toward her fate.

She became a public figure when she started hosting PBS America’s Test Kitchen. She is known as one of the world’s best chefs and has also started Shefchef for the purpose of giving coaching to women of different races in the field of food. She has recently lost over 40 pounds, which is inspiring many of her fans. 

After battling with cancer since 2016 and coming out as a cancer survivor, she decided to become a healthier version of herself. She made positive changes toward a healthier self. She changed the pages of her fate, and now she is fit and fine, easing her chef career with a healthy and cancer-free body.

Elle Simone’s Encounter with Cancer  

Elle Simone was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer at the age of 40. Her cancer journey started when she started experiencing pain in her lower abdomen. She used to have heavy periods and suffer from lots of pain at the start and end of her periods. She decided to consult a doctor, and in the ultrasound, she found that she has a cyst that is of a cancerous nature in her ovary.

She underwent chemotherapy and had her ovary removed. Elle, in an interview, said that she survived her cancer treatment for 4 years without any tumors. Her cancer was very slow and had not affected any other parts of her body.

Did Elle Simone undergo weight-loss surgery?

Elle Simone is a prestigious chef who is also known as one of the best chefs in the world. She is an ovarian cancer survivor and is also inspiring and guiding many people toward a cancer-free life. Elle Simone also struggled with unwanted weight gain before her cancer diagnosis as well as during her chemotherapy. After her cancer went away for once, she also underwent weight loss bariatric surgery.

She also confirmed this news with her fans, who were very tense about her condition, and told them that she had undergone surgery in the year 2019 and that her cancer returned in the year 2020. Her weight loss surgery went well, but her cancer had confusing symptoms, which led to her experiencing it once again.

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Elle Simone’s diet plan

Elle Simone’s objective behind weight loss was to be healthy once again after battling a life-threatening disease. She had put on some weight that she wanted to get off her body, and for that, she followed a simple yet rich diet that might help her lose weight. The following is the diet routine of Elle Simone during her weight loss journey.

1. Consuming a Variety of Foodstuffs

We have to mix a lot of food in order to receive all the nutrients we need in one meal. In order to complete her balanced diet, Elle Simone used to consume bread, fruits, and vegetables. Meat, fish, and beans are examples of foods high in protein that she used to eat. Probiotics are quite abundant in yogurt. It also helps with digestion and acidity. 

2. Portion Control

It’s crucial to control portions. Elle Simone started controlling her portion size and measuring her food. She was aware of not eating too much or too little. She used to weigh her food and was always aware of the types and amounts of food she consumed. Her daily protein intake used to be a set amount, such as 500 grams of chicken. 

3. Fiber-rich food

She also added fiber-rich foods to her diet. Fiber helps boost metabolism, helps in digestion, makes it easy to digest, and keeps your gut healthy. Fiber-rich food helps you feel fuller for a longer period of time, which is an advantage if you want to avoid unhealthy snacking. Elle Simone added berries, beans, avocados, apples, and dried fruits to her diet plan as a source of fiber. 

4. Hydration

Being well-hydrated is important for weight loss since it speeds up our metabolism and helps with weight loss. A higher metabolism gives you more energy to carry out everyday tasks and keep active. Elle Simone used to stay hydrated to cleanse her body as well as keep her stomach full to avoid any unhealthy eating. 

5. Avoid Junk food 

Junk food is quite high in sugar, oil, salt, and calories. Our bodies are particularly negatively impacted by sugar, especially white sugar. Sugar is quite heavy in calories, which is not at all healthy for our bodies. Elle Simone was strictly against eating junk food and sugary items. She completely cut down on these items and substituted them for healthy food.

What was her workout routine?

Elle Simone’s workout routine was very simple because her objective was just to remain healthy. Her body has become very weak due to sessions of chemotherapy, and she has only focused on simple yet effective exercises. The following is the workout routine of Elle Simone during her weight loss journey:

1. Yoga

Yoga was a part of Elle Simone’s fitness routine to increase her body’s flexibility and remove all the toxicity. She used to perform specific asanas to increase her body’s flexibility.  She used to do yoga to find mental peace and a healthy body. 

2. Strength Training

Strength training was something Elle used to perform to boost her metabolism and gain muscular mass. She wanted a toned physique in addition to building strong bones. She used to perform squats, deadlifts, lunges, and bench presses as part of her strength training.

3. Cardio workouts

When Elle was trying to lose weight, she used to like doing aerobic workouts. She added simple cardio workouts, including running, swimming, jumping rope, and cycling, to her exercise routine. These exercises helped her remain happy and healthy at the same time.’

Elle Simone’s Net Worth

After dealing with lots of financial crises, the name Elle Simone made its way toward success. She is a famous American Chef as well as a TV personality who is known for her cooking tips and tricks. Her hands are the magic that will take you straight to heaven. She was a food stylist for Cabot Creamery and The Chew. She is also the first African-American woman to appear as the host of the PBS television show America’s Test Kitchen.

Recently, she has lost lots of weight and is also an ovarian cancer survivor. Now she is working as a formal social worker to inform women about deadly ovarian cancer. Elle Simone is a member of her organization, the Board of Women Chefs and Restaurateurs. After battling the 2008 recession, she now has a flourishing career and a net worth of $102 Million. Her Net Worth includes her assets, investments, and other earnings.

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In conclusion, Elle Simone is a famous celebrity chef who has faced lots of hardships in life as well as due to her own body. Elle Simone suffered a financial crisis in 2008 due to the recession, during which she had little to no money and no fame or job.

After battling with this thing, her career took a turn, and when she was doing well in her life, she started experiencing pain in her lower abdomen and pain at the start and end of periods. She went to the gynecologist, who examined her for an ultrasound. It was found that she has ovarian cancer. During that time, she was just 40 years old and was shooting for a show from day to night because she is also a food stylist on a PBS series.

After her examination, she underwent chemotherapy and other surgeries, which worked well for her. All these things left her with lots of weight, which made her undergo weight loss bariatric surgery in the year 2019. 

After becoming cancer-free, she decided to remain healthy and lose some more weight. She started working out and eating healthy food and lost over 40 pounds in a few months. Her story is inspiring many people, and now her fans are feeling a sense of relief after seeing her healthy and cancer-free. She continues to embrace her new self and enjoy her fit body.


Did Elle Simone have cancer?

Ans. Chef and “America’s Test Kitchen” TV host Elle Simone Scott was identified as having ovarian cancer in September 2016 and is currently undergoing treatment at the Dana-Farber Brigham Cancer Center.

Elle Simone was born where?

Ans. Simone was raised in a middle-class 7th-Day Adventist family in Detroit, Michigan, where she was born as LaShawnda Sherise Simone Scott

Does Elle Simone follow intermittent fasting?

Ans. No, Elle Simone does not follow intermittent fasting. She only focused on eating healthy and working out regularly to burn calories. 

Who is America’s Test Kitchen’s, Elle Simons?

Ans. Elle Simone Scott, a celebrity chef and food stylist on the PBS program America’s Test Kitchen, helps assist viewers in following recipes in a way that puts even the fresher home cook at ease.

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