Does Losing Weight Fast Can Cause Harm?

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Everyone desires to lose weight as fast as possible. Many people even try to make a strategy to achieve their weight loss goals in weeks or months. But it is always considered to have a slow and steady weight loss.

This is because fast weight loss can cause lots of harm to the body and it is also not long-lasting as compared to slow and steady weight loss. But, the benefits of fast loss are none less. 

This causes confusion amongst people regarding the pace of their weight loss journey. In this article, we will dig into the pros and cons of losing weight fast and exactly what is considered as fast weight loss. 

What is exactly fast weight loss?

The first step to a healthy weight loss journey is to get to know what is exactly considered as fast weight loss. As per studies, a human body losing 1 to 2 pounds a week is considered totally normal. 

But any weight more than that is considered totally unhealthy. People try to do many rigorous exercises or follow intense diets that leave them in a situation of weakness and cause nutrition deficiency. 

By aiming to lose fast weight, you might tend to lose water weight instead of actual fat. This can be misleading because water weight gets back quickly. It is always advisable to seek medical help if you are losing more than 2 pounds in a week. 

This might be a sign of any underlying disease. You should not starve your body or follow crash diets just to lose weight. Sustainable and gradual weight loss is something that will be more effective in the long run and is considered healthy. 

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Pros & Cons of fast weight loss

It is always advisable to consider the pros and cons of everything before doing it because when it comes to health, the precautionary nature is always the best. Here are the Pros and cons of fast weight loss:


  • Fast Results: Quick weight loss can show you fast results which will give you a boost of achievement and motivation.
  • Boost in Confidence: Fast weight loss will also boost your confidence and will make you feel like you have pushed the stone so hard. 


  • Muscle Loss: Fast weight loss may lead to muscle loss along with fat loss which will affect the overall composition of your body.
  • Nutrient Deficiency: Due to strict diets and crash diets, your body will lack nutrients like vitamins and minerals which will cause weakness.
  • Temporary Success: Fast weight loss is often seen to come back due to several reasons. 

Common methods to achieve fast weight loss

Weight loss requires lots of effort and patience. It takes lots of time too. But by following methods you can achieve fast weight loss:

  1. Crash Diets

Crash diets are the most common diets that people follow to lose weight. In these diets, one has to eat extremely low calories like 800 calories a day which helps the body to burn the stored fat for energy. But these diets are not at all healthy ones as they can cause serious health issues, nutrition deficiency, and weakness.

  1. High-intensity workouts

The other method is high-intensity workouts. Many people also try to indulge in excessive weight loss workouts that cause them to get extremely sweaty and burn lots of calories. Exercising is healthy but suddenly too much exercise can have a bad impact on the body and can also lead to injuries.

  1. Weight loss supplements

Weight loss supplements can also help in losing weight. But taking weight loss supplements should be avoided and if anyone desires to take them then consulting with a healthcare professional should be the first step before consuming it because it can cause serious health implications and allergic reactions.

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Why might quick fixes not work?

Quick fixes or fast weight loss often fall short because they tend to focus on short-term solutions rather than sustainable and long-lasting changes. Many miracle diets or extreme workout routines promise rapid results but often have very dangerous side effects.  

It also becomes challenging to maintain the weight loss achieved in the short term. These quick fixes may involve severe calorie restrictions or elimination of essential nutrients from the diet, which will lead to nutritional imbalance in the body.

This causes serious health issues. These approaches also do not address the underlying lifestyle and habits that contribute to weight gain.  The restrictions involved in fast weight loss can make it difficult to stick to it.

Also, the weight loss caused in the initial time is weight loss but it is not the actual weight loss and can distract the person by providing false hopes. It is always advisable to lose weight slowly and steadily and in a healthy way.

Dangers of losing weight too quickly

Losing weight too quickly can cause significant health risks. One of the biggest dangers of quick weight loss is nutrient deficiencies. This is because fast weight loss and crash diets may not be able to provide all the essential nutrients to the body. 

Another wrong implication of fast weight loss is developing gallstones which are solid particles that can form in the gallbladder due to the rapid weight loss. Additionally, losing weight also results in muscle loss which is important for overall health and metabolism. 

The methods to achieve fast weight loss can cause weakness, fatigue, mood swings, and other mental health issues. It is very important to give time to the body to adapt to the changes that follow during the weight loss journey. 

By rushing the journey you can make it hard for your body to adapt to new things. Take your time and do not try to rush through things because everybody is different. Some can see the results quickly while some are a little late. 

Setting Realistic Weight Loss Goals

By setting realistic weight goals you can get lots of benefits during your weight loss journey. The most important out of all the benefits is not to get demotivated in this journey. Instead of looking for rapid and unsustainable results, you should focus on gradual and steady progress. 

The realistic goals that you will set for yourself will take into account individual preferences, lifestyle, and other health conditions. It’s very important to set achievable weight loss targets. One more step that can help you in your weight loss journey is not trying to weigh yourself every day. 

This will prevent you from comparing yourself. By building healthy habits, including balanced nutrition, and by doing regular physical activity you can achieve lasting success. Setting realistic goals will help you prioritize your health. 


In conclusion, the journey of losing weight fast may look tempting but it comes with lots of potential risks and challenges. Fast weight loss can offer immediate results and a boost in confidence can often lead to muscle loss, nutrient deficiencies, and temporary success. 

Quick fixes such as crash diets and intense workouts may not be sustainable and can have adverse effects on both physical and mental well-being. The fast weight loss journey also involves many dangers like mood swings, fatigue, and weakness.

Setting realistic goals is the key to a healthier and more sustainable journey. By focusing on gradual progress, considering individuals’ preferences and lifestyle you can achieve success which will last for the long term. 

Focus on prioritizing your overall health and consult a healthcare professional whenever you feel necessary. Remember, slow and steady wins the race when it comes to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. 

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

  1. Is it unhealthy to lose weight too fast?

Ans. Losing weight too fast is unhealthy for the body and it can lead to serious health issues like weakness, fatigue, low blood pressure, and nutrient deficiency. It is advisable to lose weight in moderation and not hurry up.

  1. How fast is it OK to lose weight?

Ans. As per studies, losing 1 to 2 pounds a week is considered as healthy. Any weight excess of this can have a serious impact on your health. 

  1. Why am I losing weight so quickly?

Ans. Weight loss can happen by consuming fewer calories and burning the calories consumed by way of exercise. If you are losing weight quickly and that too unintentionally, then it could be because of stress, any underlying health condition, or malnutrition.

  1. Will fasting shrink belly fat?

Ans. Fasting can help you lose weight. But fasting more than 12 hours can have a bad impact on your body and you should not choose to starve your body for losing weight as it will cause adverse outcomes. 

  1. Does loose skin go away?

Ans. After weight loss, a person is left with loose skin. Loose skin can go away with exercising but in some cases, the loose skin is too much to go away on its own. In those cases, surgery would be the best option to get rid of loose skin.

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