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63 years old Diane Kochilas, a famous Cookbook author and a renowned health coach has been able to make a splendid recovery by losing nearly 80 pounds of body weight in a short period of time. And, this example presents hope to all those who want to follow the same route.


Just looking back at the long way that Diane Kochilas has come is enough to make one think of her as an expert in the field.

And, through her entire experience and her view, she has shown that she knows the ropes about how one can lose body weight in the most efficient of ways.

She knows firsthand the changes that one has to make in his or her life because of their lacking physique. The sacrifices that are meant to be made. And also, provides others with the hope and incentives that they need to get started with the weight loss procedure.

NameDiane Kochilas
Weight Loss80 Pounds
Current Weight122 Pounds
Date of BirthMay 17, 1960
Age63 (in 2023)
Height163 cm
Net Worth1 Million USD
ResidenceNew York, United States
Marital StatusMarried (Vasilis Stenos)
Children● Kyveli● Yiorgo
Profession● Author● Professional Chef● Health Coach● Social Media Influencer
Awards● Books for a Better Life Award● Best Cookbook (3 awards)● Art of Eating Award● Taste Achievement Award, 2020

Diane’s Early Life

Diane Kochilas weight loss journey diet height

Diane Kochilas was born to Thomas Kochilas and Zoe Picos on May 17, 1060. Both were Greek-originated immigrants and gave birth to her in New York, United States. And, that is where she spent most of her childhood.

The basic education of Diane Kochilas was completed in the same place. And in due time, she stayed connected with her Greek heritage. 

Ever since the age of 10, she showed great interest in Greek cuisine and Mediterranean dishes. Her interest in cooking was greatly a courtesy of her father’s expertise. 

She graduated with a degree in Journalism in 1981, at the age of 21. And, from there on, she tried to keep up with both of her interests to the best of her abilities. 

Health Status During Early Years

By no means, was Diane Kochilas someone who was going through some kind of biological problem. Sure she was on a bit of a chubby side, but nothing that stood out of the standard reasoning.

She did not have any kind of metabolism problem or any kind of hormonal dysfunctions. Therefore, it was not likely for one to even imagine that she would one day go through some kind of weight loss surgery.

Even during her late teens, no such kind of problem was imminent in her body. She was in perfect health condition, just like a girl her age is supposed to be. 

And aligned with that, throughout the time, she progressed in her both career choices, as a journalist and as a potential cook. 

Diane Kochilas’s Weight Gain

That process can better be termed as a surprising one at the very least. And even that was something of an understatement. Her rapid increase in weight was too out of the ordinary. 

In a short amount of time, she started to gain excessive weight, the kind that started to spell her more and more trouble as time went by. 

The situation had digressed to a point when she has gained over 15 pounds in a short course of 3 months. And, that started to cause problems in her everyday life. 

It was at this time that she decided that, she wanted to focus greatly on her career choice as a potential cook. And for that, she received great support from her family. 

It was her determination that won her a large number of awards and great praise from people even at that stage of life.

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Worsening Condition

By the time she was in her 30s, the problems of her weight gain were not lost even to her. She started seeing her weight as more of an issue, because of the problems that she had started to have in her daily life. 

During that time frame, she weighed well over 170 pounds. And, considering that she was a woman of relatively short stature, things were only made worse for her because of that as her increased weight was made more obvious. 

This time, she started looking for solutions that will help her greatly. She looked for medical options that would help her greatly contain her body weight. Surgery was a possibility, but she opted for more self-centred methods before that. 

She tried her best to contain her lifestyle and daily choices to help aid her in her weight loss, but the results were not imminent. She had to finally resort to weight loss surgery.

Diane Kochilas’s Weight Loss Surgery

After great consideration and consultation, Diane Kochilas opted for the weight loss surgery as a means to help her lose body weight. And, considering that she had spent most of her adult life being overweight, she was to be satisfied with whatever she got.

But, the surgery turned out to be more successful and meaningful than what was expected. She was able to contain her body weight to a great extent.

After the surgery, she made a stead-fast recovery. But, she did not stop at just that. Now that she had been provided with a directive to lose weight, she wanted to do something more for herself. 

Therefore, she turned back to her old decisions. And, tried to assert herself into a new lifestyle to lose even more weight. And live an even more healthier life.

Her weight loss surgery was a turning point for her, and she took lessons from it just well. 

New Lifestyle

Having once seen the magic that losing weight could do to her, she was not going to back out of the possibility of lowering her weight even further.

And for that, she was willing to make the decisions and choices that she could not make before that. And therefore, she took up a completely new lifestyle. One that would direct her towards the goal of attaining a perfect physique. 

Now, she saw everything she did before in a very different light. She regulated her life to as great of a degree as she could. And, the results were astounding. 

And, it is these particular results for which she is this famous. These successful results are what make her a woman who has gone through a successful body transformation. 

And to be just like this is what every person with excess body weight wishes for. And, this is not a task that would be termed impossible. All it needs is a lot of determination, and it will be done. 

Her Diet Plan

Being a cook herself, she knew the impact that the diet of a person can have on his body. Therefore, she cut off the meals that she knew she could do without. And, turned towards the clean sources of food. 

And, her decision of doing so turned out to be an extraordinary one. By no means, she considers it to be a small change that she made in her life.

As a tribute to how important diet plans can be to people, she authored a cookbook, especially for people who were indulged in the practice of weight loss. 

And, it is these choices that she makes that reflect quite well on other people. This earns her even more respect and admiration from people. 

Exercise Plan

Diane Kochilas’s exercise plan mostly focused on walking and doing mobility exercises. And, she considered that to be the most effective way of reducing body fat. 

And seeing that she was able to lose a total of 20 pounds in 3 months after her surgery, the method was quite impressive in itself. 

She believed that walking for longer hours, with extensive breaks in the mid, will be the best for lowering fat in the waist area. And the way we see her today, she sure has no complaints. 


until her high school education, Diane Kochilas was interested in her career as a journalist and a professional chef. But over time, she lost her interest in the prior one. 

Sure, she completed her degree in Journalism, but the charm of the subject was lost to her. Therefore, she turned to cooking.

She focused greatly on cooking. And, through the support of her family, their rather cultural upbringing, and her connection with her Greek heritage, she turned out to be a great Greek chef.

And with that, she has been featured in dozens of cooking shows and has a cooking show series to her name.

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Diane Kochilas: Family and Relationships

Diane’s parents, Thomas Kochilas and Zoe Picos are of Greek descent and are immigrants to the United States. They settled in New York City, and that was where most of Diane’s childhood was spent.

She is married to Vasilis Stenos, who is a painter by profession. They have been married for over 38 years now. Her husband supported her through her earlier phase during her cooking shows. They both co-own and operate a culinary business together and have been running the business successfully for years.

Diane Kochilas is a mother of two kids. Namely, Kyveli and Yiorgo. 

Diane weight loss Recovery

By the time she got her results, all the hard work that she had put into herself and her body was worth it. 

She was able to lose a little over 80 pounds in the entire timeframe, through surgery and her practices. 

Right after the recovery, she got a boost in her confidence and her temperament. She returned to her interests as a cook. and hosted a worldwide broadcast cooking show, which was a super hit. 

Diane Kochilas’s Net Worth

Sure enough, the main source of Diane’s income is her cooking shows. And, relatively so, the shows are quite famous in America and Greece. 

Other small sources include social media platforms, supporting websites, and similar platforms. But, the scale in those areas is rather uneven. 

There is also the leeway through the live shows and the special classes she offers to the culinary institutions. 

She is the host and creator of her TV show, which generates lots of revenue each year. And taking into account all these factors, her net worth lies in the range of 1 million USD. 

Diane Kochilas’s Cooking Shows

Diane Kochilas owns her own cooking school. But before that, she was featured in quite some cooking shows. 

The list includes ‘Throwdown! With Bobby Flay’, ‘Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern’ and ‘The Today Show’.

There is also “The Greek Table,” a show that was created and hosted by herself. Through this show, Diane displayed some of her own authentic and genuine dishes. These were centred mainly on Greek and Mediterranean tastes.

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Through a lot of hard work and determination, Diane Kochilas was able to do something worthy of extreme respect. 

She went through a complete transformation, in such a small amount of time. And that too with great splendid ease. 

She provides hope to people that if they wish to, they too can gain the ideal physique that they desire by putting in the work. 

And, it is not just about the body, her success as a professional is something to be looked up to. 


What is the source of Diane Kochilas’s income?

The major source of Diane’s income is her cooking shows and the culinary school that is run by her and her husband. 

Is Diane Kochilas an author?

Ms. Kochilas has written over 17 books mainly serving the purpose of recipe books. In these books, you can find recipes related to what suits your taste in a relatively better session. 

 What show was she featured in?

She hosted her show “The Greek Table” apart from those that she was invited to as a guest. And the show ran for multiple seasons and was a great success in and out of America. 

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