De’arra Taylor Weight Loss [2023]: Secrets Revealed

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De’arra Taylor has lost around 47 pounds (21 kg) after dealing with weight issues. Her weight-loss secrets are revealed in this article.


De’arra Taylor is a famous YouTuber and internet personality. Apart from her profession, she also gives people major fitness goals, as she has successfully lost around 47 pounds. Her story involves various details, including her professional life.

De’arra suffered from weight issues for a major part of her life and she tried following many diets and workouts to lose weight. But none of it was creating the last impact for her. The main reason was inconsistency.

In 2016, she started her weight loss journey after taking into account all the mistakes that prevented her from losing weight. She had been very open about her weight-loss secrets with her audience.

De’arra once posted a YouTube video with her ex-fiance while working out at the gym. But still, there is much more to know. In this article, we will look into the weight-loss journey of renowned YouTuber De’arra Taylor. 

Real NameDe’arra Taylor
Famous NameDe’arra Taylor
Date of BirthApril 17, 1996
Age27 Years
Height5 feet 5 inches/ 165 cm
Weight130 pounds/ 59 Kg
Marital StatusNot Married
Net Worth$20 Million

Who is De’arra Taylor?

De’arra Taylor is a famous YouTuber who started her first channel with her ex-fiance Ken Walker in 2015. They both used to make lots of videos and have more than 6 million subscribers on their YouTube channel. 

Later, the couple started their vlog channel named “DK4L,” and that channel also has around 3 million subscribers. However, the couple separated in 2021 due to reasons not disclosed. This news came as a shock for both fans. 

The couple got separated and stopped posting videos on their couple channels. However, after separation, De’arra Taylor started her own YouTube channel with her name on which she posts videos every 3 to 6 days. 

De’arra Taylor has also appeared in a feature film called  “Boo 2! A Madea Halloween and on season 2 of Fight of the Living Dead”.  De’arra has recently become famous for her fitness and weight loss transformations all over the internet.

What dietary changes did De’arra Taylor make?

After trying and failing for some time, De’arra started looking for the common dietary mistakes that she was making. After analysis, she made the following changes to her diet:

1. Avoiding Processed Food

De’arra Taylor completely avoided all types of unhealthy and processed food during her weight loss journey. She did so because this type of food is hard to digest and also is high in calories and oil. Unhealthy food also creates heat in the body that can make the weight loss process hard. So she completely cut off her favourites but the cravings used to come now and then. 

2. Following a balanced diet

She started eating more balanced food that gave her body energy throughout the day. Eating balanced food made her nutrient intake complete because she focused on foods rich in protein, minerals, vitamins, and fiber. This also increased her focus by providing healthy fuel for her body. Her gut health also improved after following a balanced diet. 

3. Adding healthy drinks to the diet

She removed unhealthy drinks and alcohol from her diet. Instead, she added healthy smoothies, fresh juices, and green tea to her diet. She used to start her mornings with either fresh juices or healthy smoothies. Smoothies are also used to keep her full for a longer period of time and to hydrate her body. Green tea, on the other hand contained 0 calories and also relaxed her mind while detoxifying her body. 

De’arra Taylor’s workout routine

De’arra incorporated daily workouts into her lifestyle. Many of us tend to neglect this crucial thing that daily activity is very important for one’s well-being. No matter how healthy you eat, if you are not able to burn the calories consumed, weight loss is tough to happen. De’arra Taylor clearly understood this. So she followed the following things to lose weight:

1. Joining Gym

De’arra Taylor joined a gym with her then-boyfriend to work out daily. She used to often share photographs from her workout sessions. There she used to do push-ups and strength training. She was particularly used to training her core. De’arra once shared with her fans in a video that they don’t even know how exhausted she is after working out. But in the end, it was all worth it.

2. Running

She also used to do running. On days she was not able to use the treadmill, she used to go for long runs after dinner to digest her food as well as burn some calories before sleeping. This also helped her get a sound sleep after having a hectic day at the gym and work. She is also a YouTuber, so the process of making videos and editing them used to affect her spine but running used to relax it and also contribute to her posture. 

3. Swimming

De’arra Taylor also used to go swimming. If you closely follow her YouTube channel you might know that she is a water baby and this is what benefited her during her weight loss. She used to go swimming with her friends and partner. Swimming is a good and fun way of burning calories as it involves those muscles that are not even involved in any other exercise for example, facial and neck muscles.

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De’arra Taylor’s Before and After

De’arra Taylor lost weight after she decided that she had to get lighter. Her transformation can be seen and compared to her before and after pictures. She has lost around 47 pounds (21 kg). As we always say, weight-loss journeys are not easy. 

When De’arra was not able to lose weight it impacted her mental health a lot. Everyone will get affected after making so much effort and not being able to see results. Before weight loss, she weighed around 177 pounds (80 kg). 

But she always learned from her mistakes from yesterday and that is what helped her wake up the next day and work on herself. After weight loss, she weighs around 130 pounds (59 kg). She has only gotten better after losing weight. 

De’arra Taylor’s Net Worth

De’arra is not only a successful YouTuber but also has her own business. She owns a clothing and sunglasses business. She is a leading Instagram influencer and has around 6 million followers on Instagram. 

Her YouTube channel also has good engagement as she has around 3 lakh subscribers. She has earned all this through her fun and engaging content. She follows trends, does collaborations, shares her personal life, and also makes van life videos. 

De’arra Taylor has a net worth of around $20 million. The source of her net worth is her YouTube channel, social media, sponsorships, business money, and investments. She is living her best life and is inspiring millions.

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In conclusion, De’arra Taylor is a well-known YouTuber who faced weight issues for a long time but successfully lost around 47 pounds by making some important changes in her life. She realized that consistency is the key to weight loss. 

De’arra improved her diet by avoiding processed food, following a balanced diet, and adding healthy drinks to her diet routine. She also focused on doing some physical activity daily. She joined the gym for daily workouts. 

She also used to do running and swimming which played a significant role in her transformation. De’arra is not only a successful YouTuber but also a businesswoman with a net worth of around $20 million. 

She inspires millions with her content and serves as a role model for many. Her story shows that with dedication and the right approach, anyone can achieve their fitness goals. She continues to maintain her weight even after her weight loss.


What does Dearra do for a living?

Ans. De’arra Taylor is a YouTuber, and she makes YouTube videos for a living. She has a good amount of followers. She also owns fashion brands that provide her handsome amount of money for living a lavish life. 

Who is the owner of Lorvae?

Ans. Lorvae is owned by De’arra Taylor. De’arra brand Lorvae is available on their official website as well as on Amazon. This brand offers sunglasses and other accessories that can level up your style game. 

Have De’arra and Ken broken up?

Ans. Yes, De’arra Taylor and Ken Walker have officially broken up. The couple shared a video with their fans in 2021 in which they cleared the air by revealing their breakup to their fans. The exact reason for the breakup was not revealed by them but rumors say that Ken has cheated on De’arra.

Has De’arra Taylor undergone any weight loss surgery?

Ans. No, De’arraa Taylor has not undergone any weight loss surgery. She has followed the natural method for losing weight rather than using needles to cut off the fat from her body. 

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