Dascha Polanco Weight Loss [2023]: How She Lost 60 Pounds?

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Dascha Polanco who finally listened to her dreams of acting has lost over 60 pounds(27 Kg). Her fans are falling in love with her new look. 


Dascha Polanco is a new name that is emerging in the world of acting and films. She has gained importance due to her role as Daya in the famous Netflix series “Orange is The New Black”. 

Not only this, she is also making headlines for her weight loss transformation. Her fans are comparing her new body with her body at the initial stage of her career. Dascha has been very open about her struggles with weight. 

She loved acting since her childhood but she had one fear in her mind that her weight could be the biggest obstacle in her journey to pursue her passion. But her beliefs were wrong and she got a role even when she was not fit. 

Because after all, skills matter the most. After her debut series was released, she made changes to herself because everybody needs a healthy body. Dascha recalled that she started gaining weight when she graduated from high school and that’s when her weight loss journey started. 

In this article, we will look into the weight loss journey of famous actress Dacha Polanco and will see how she lost around 60 pounds.

Real NameDascha Yolaine Polanco
Famous NameDascha Polanco
Date of BirthDecember 3, 1982
Age40 Years
Height5 feet 5 inches
Weight79 Kg/174 Pounds
ProfessionDominican-American actress
Marital StatusMarried
Net Worth$7 Million

Who is Dascha Polanco?

Dascha Polanco is a famous American Actress who is known for her role as Dayanara aka Daya Diaz in the Netflix series “Orange is the New Black”. She has also played the role of Cucua in the film”In the Heights”. 

Born on December 3, 1982, in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic she wanted to be an actress from a very young age. But she always doubted herself because of her weight. She thought that no one would cast her in their movie or series because of her weight and curly hair. 

So due to her fear, she dropped her idea of becoming an actress and started working as a nurse. But after 6 months of working as a nurse, she realized that she could be an actress. So she tried her luck in the industry and within a year she got her first role. 

Her first work was in the TV series “Unforgettable” and “NYC22”. She has completed more than 10 years in the industry and during this time she has also overcome her weight issues. She is now inspiring people with her weight loss transformation.

Why was Dascha worried before entering into the acting industry?

Dascha was worried about entering the acting industry because of her weight. She says that was gaining weight day by day after she graduated and her dream to be an actress was becoming a nightmare. 

She says that she thought that she had never seen any actress with obesity. So she tried to bury her dream and enrolled herself in a nursing course. But god has his own plans. Dascha shared that most of her life as a young adult went on while thinking about how people would accept her. 

She also used to think that she was not enough for certain things because of the way she looked. She was also very fearful of giving auditions because she thought that if she went for one she might hear someone saying “Well you have to lose weight your hair is curly ”.

But it is not always how we think it to be. When Dascha gave auditions she followed a good diet and workout routine but the thing for which she got selected was her acting. She got selected for her skills and not how overweight she was.

Dascha Polanco’s Diet Plan

Dascha Polanco’s first public appearance after losing weight made her fans mad. People were going crazy over her fit and slim body. Many people were curious about her weight loss diet. Well, here is the Diet Plan of Dascha Polanco that helped her in losing weight:

1. Drinking Lots of Fruit Juice

Dascha Polanco is a fruit lover and she added fruit juice to her diet. She did it because it helps in giving our body energy for the rest of the day. Dascha used to have different kinds of fruit juice daily. This also helped her in staying hydrated and fresh. 

2. Having Herbal Tea

She replaced her milk tea with herbal tea. She drank herbal tea because of its properties. This is good for overall health also. Herbal tea contains very less calories as compared to milk tea and also helps in boosting the metabolism and making the gut healthy.

3. Avoiding Junk Food

The Dascha trainer strictly denied her from eating any junk food. This is because junk foods are rich in calories and are hard to digest. They contain excessive salt, sugar, and oil. Most junk food is made with white flour which can make your weight loss tough. 

4. Having lunch after working out

Dascha also followed a ritual of doing a workout before having her food. She used to work out before she enjoyed her lunch. She usually used to have grilled chicken with sautéed vegetables. This helped her burn the calories and have a relaxing food to reward herself afterward.

5. Eating Lots of Papaya 

Dascha had lots of Papaya during her weight loss journey. This is because Papaya has fiber which helps boost the metabolism and makes the stomach feel fuller for a good amount of time. Papaya is also good for constipation and good gut health.

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What was Dascha Polanco’s Workout Routine?

Dascha Polanco has her own workout routine which she alters according to her wish. She doesn’t like being bossed so she does whatever she likes. However, Dascha is very particular about working out daily and has some favorite exercises that help her in burning calories. 

She knows how she can sweat more because Dascha has a mantra that if she has not got enough sweat she has not worked out properly. So she makes sure to add exercises that boost her heartbeat. 

She likes doing cardio workouts like running and walking. Her favorite exercise is squatting and cycling. She goes cycling to boost her mind. She believed that you should not work like a machine in the gym or in the office, but rather enjoy how you are moving your body.

Dascha Polanco Before and After

Dascha Polanco has completely transformed her body which is clearly visible from her before and after pictures. Dascha says that she recalls those days when others’ opinions used to matter a lot to her. 

She also used to think that the entertainment industry only needs beautiful and slim women. But over a period of time, she realized that she was talented enough to reach her dreams. She struggled a lot to gain ideal weight. 

But eventually, she managed to lose over 60 pounds/ 27 Kg. Before weight loss, she was obese and weighed around 236 pounds /107 Kg. Her weight affected her life as well as her confidence. But she fought with herself and made many changes in her life. 

Now she weighs 174 pounds /79 Kg. Her fans commented after seeing her weight loss that this is their dream body and Dacha is looking unrecognizable. Well, all of them are correct. Dascha is truly a beauty and her fit figure is adding more glamour to her.

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In conclusion, Dascha Polanco is a talented actress who is known for her role in “Orange is the new black”. She has lost over 60 pounds. She doubted herself a lot before entering into the acting world but she eventually overcame her fears. 

Dascha has achieved remarkable transformation through a balanced diet and regular exercise. She had lots of papaya and fruit juice during her weight loss journey. Her trainer strictly advised her to avoid junk food. 

She had a ritual of working out before eating her lunch. Her workout routine included cardio workouts and she loved squatting and cycling. Dascha Polanco’s weight loss transformation can be clearly seen in the pictures. 

When her transformation came to light, fans commented that this was their dream body. She is truly an inspiration for all of us. Her story teaches us that nothing is an obstacle if you think of overcoming it. 


What is Dascha Polanco’s Net Worth?

Ans.  Dascha Polanco is a famous actress who has gained fame for her role as Daya Diaz. She has a net worth of around $7 Million (as of 2023). 

Can lemon reduce belly fat?

Ans. Lemons can reduce belly fat because they are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants which promote good digestion. If you take lemon then it will detoxify your body and will help boost metabolism that will lead to weight loss. 

Is Dascha Polanco married?

Ans. No, Dascha Polanco is not married. There is not much information about her personal life. 

Has Dascha Undergo Any Weight Loss Surgery?

Ans. No, Dascha Polanco has not undergone any weight loss surgery. When her weight loss news surfaced, fans alleged that she might have undergone surgery. However, she clarified that her weight loss is completely natural. 

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