Damaris Phillips Weight Loss Journey: her diet plan Revealed

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Damaris Phillips is flaunting her 143 pounds (65 kg) weight after going through a weight loss journey. She is looking unrealistic after weight loss.  


Damaris Phillips is a well-known name in the food industry. She is a famous American chef, having a fan following for her easy and tasty recipes all around the globe. But apart from this, she is getting famous for one more reason. 

The reason is her weight-loss transformation. Previously, Damaris Phillips was on the heavier side of the scale. But her current pictures are telling a different story. The story is about her weight loss. 

She has finally decided to overcome her biggest insecurity, that could even cause her some serious health issues if not worked on. Apart from people’s craze to know her recent recipes, her weight loss journey is a hot topic surrounding her life. 

People are head over heels to know how this food enthusiast has lost so much weight. In this article, we will look into the weight-loss journey of Damaris Phillips and will see how she has lost so much weight. 

Real NameDamaris Lennon Phillips
Famous NameDamaris Phillips
Date of BirthDecember 8, 1980
Age42 Years
Height5 feet, 10 Inches
Weight143 Pounds/ 65 Kg
ProfessionChef and Internet Personality
Marital StatusMarried
Conclusion$4 Million

Who is Damaris Phillips?

Damaris Phillips is a famous American chef and television personality. She was born on December 8, 1990, in Lexington, Kentucky, United States, with the name Damaris Lennon Phillips. 

She got famous when she won the ninth season of the Food Network television series “Food Network Star”. She also hosted the Food Network show “Southern at Heart” from 2013 to 2016. 

Talking about her educational background, she graduated from Jefferson Community and Technical College. She graduated with a degree in culinary arts. Her journey started with a question mark. 

This is because she joined a culinary school because she didn’t know what to do in life. But later, she became a culinary instructor. She is one of the well-known and most loved chefs. She eagerly shares her cooking tips and dos and don’ts with her viewers. 

Damaris Phillips Weight Loss Surgery

When Damaris Phillips’s weight-loss transformation pictures surfaced on the internet, the rumors took over the internet. One of the basic rumors was that she had lost weight through inorganic means or surgery. 

While surgery has become the most common way of losing weight, Damaris Phillips has not undergone any surgery. She has not decided to use needles to remove fat from her body. Rather, she decided to use organic means like exercising and eating healthy to lose weight. 

Surgery should be considered the last option to be used for losing weight because surgery has many risks associated with it and even though surgery might help in shedding pounds the weight loss is not permanent. The post-surgery efforts also require a healthy diet and exercise to stay fit. 

Damaris Phillips Diet Routine

Damaris Phillips is a food lover, well this is quite obvious because she cooks fantastically. She can have any delicious food at any time and this has proven to be very unhealthy for her in the long run. But to embark on a fitness journey, she had made the following changes:

1. Avoiding Sugar

Damaris made sure to avoid every unhealthy item and sugar from her diet. She is a cook and she knows how many calories food holds. So after she started her weight loss journey, her first decision was to eliminate sugar completely from her diet. Sugar is high in calories and in many cases, it has resulted in diabetes. As the age grows the metabolism also becomes weak making the body prey to sugar. 

2. Eating a Balanced Diet

Damaris started eating a balanced diet. She made sure to include lots of greenery, vegetables, and fruits on her plate. She often shares her diet plate and from that it is very obvious that she is very particular about including greens in her diet. She follows a nutrition-dense diet, which is also a reason for her always glowing skin. Her food is always rich in fiber, vitamins, proteins, minerals, and good fats. 

3. Eating fewer Portions

Damaris eats fewer portion sizes. She has significantly reduced the portion of her food because when she was following a calorie-deficit diet, it was necessary for her to eat fewer calories. Controlling her portion sizes has prevented her from not eating too much. This also helped her not to starve herself by thinking that she was eating too much. 

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What is Damaris Phillips’s workout routine?

Damaris Phillips has lost weight in an organic way. So it is obvious that she had to go through many rigorous rounds of exercise routines to get the body that she is embracing now. Talking about her workout routine, she has a very simple yet effective workout routine.

She often shares glimpses of her workout sessions with her Instagram family. She used to go for long walks daily to mentally detox and burn calories. Damaris was following a target to complete at least 8,000 steps daily. 

Considering her tight schedule, she was always busy and that contributed to her weight gain. However, after seeing the consequences of not doing proper exercise, she had to make some changes. She also used to do medium-intensity cardio at home. 

Her cardio sessions for power-packed and helped her get all sweaty and burn lots of calories. The main ingredient in her weight loss journey was her consistency in achieving her goals with full determination and faith. 

Damaris Phillips Before and After

Damaris Phillips weight loss before and after picture

Damaris Phillips has lost a significant amount of weight. She looks completely different after losing weight. Her exact number of weight losses is not revealed by her because she does not believe in looking after the numbers. 

Rather, she sees the results. But after weight loss, her body is as light as 143 pounds (65 kg). Her habit of not going after numbers is what has helped her lose weight. Her transformation clearly shows her hard work and efforts. 

She is a ray of hope for many people who are struggling with weight loss. She is a food lover but for weight loss, she has made changes that have proved to be vital for her well-being. She is an inspiration for all of us. 

Damaris Phillips’s Net Worth

Damaris Phillips is one of the wealthiest chefs and her wealth is directly related to her cooking career. She is a celebrity chef. She has done many shows like “Food Network Star”, “Southern at Heart”, “The Bobby and Damaris Show”, and “Southern and Hungry”.

She has also been on Guy’s Grocery Games as both a judge and a competing chef. Damaris Phillips’s net worth is around $4 million (as of 2023). Her net worth is one of the things that her fans want to know about her. 

She has also made some good amounts of money from her culinary instructor in the past. After she won the Food Network Star, her wealth also grew. Her net worth also includes her social media income, sponsorships, and assets. 

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In conclusion, Damaris Phillips is a renowned American chef who has undergone a motivational weight-loss journey. Despite being famous for her delicious recipes, she faced the challenge of being on the heavier side. 

However, she tackled this by opting for a natural approach rather than going for weight-loss surgery. Damaris implemented significant changes in her lifestyle, focusing on a balanced diet by eating lots of greens and nutrition-dense food while eliminating sugar and controlling portion sizes. 

Apart from her dietary changes, she also adopted a simple yet effective workout routine, including daily walks and medium-intensity cardio sessions. The transformation is completely visible with Damaris now weighing around 143 pounds. 

Her dedication and consistency serve as an inspiration for those struggling with weight loss. Beyond her personal journey, Damaris Phillips has a boosted net worth of $4 million, reflecting her success in the cooking world through shows like “Food Network Star” and “Southern at Heart”. 


Who is Damaris Phillips’ husband?

Ans. Damaris Phillips is married to Darrick Wood. They got married in 2015. The love birds are still chirping in love. 

Is Damaris Phillips a vegetarian?

Ans. Damaris Phillips has been a vegetarian for a long time. According to her, being vegetarian doesn’t have to be boring and it can be made in delicious ways by adding some fun and soul to it. 

Why is Damaris a vegetarian?

Ans. Damaris Phillips turned vegetarian after she married her husband, Darrick Wood. Her husband had been a vegetarian since he was pre-teen. 

What is Damaris Phillips known for?

Ans. Damaris Phillips is a celebrity chef and she is known for the shows she has done that have made her a TV personality. 

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