How Claudia Sulewski Lost 20 Pounds?

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Claudia Sulewski, a famous YouTuber and internet sensation, is all over the internet for losing 20 pounds. Her story has many fun yet realistic turns. To know more, keep reading


The human body is very delicate and it needs constant care and attention; otherwise with the blink of an eye you can gain weight due to your bad habits. Well, we have a real example to prove our words. 

Claudia Sulewski, a famous YouTuber and internet sensation is all over the internet for her weight loss transformation. Still, the main reason that made her gain weight was her carelessness about her body and eating everything she wanted. 

But this habit started turning against her, and she decided to shed some pounds. She has lost over 20 pounds in the period of half a year. Her weight loss did not happen quickly. She also suffered with finding the right techniques for losing weight and eventually, after failing again and again she focused on having a realistic diet rather than fancy, strict ones. 

In this article, we will look into the weight loss journey of Claudia Sulewski. Her story has many fun yet realistic turns. To know more, keep reading..

Real NameClaudia Sulewski
Famous NameClaudia Sulewski
Date of BirthFebruary 19, 1996
Age27 Years
Height5 feet 4 inches (163 cm)
Weight53 Kg/116 Pounds
ProfessionYoutuber and Host
Marital StatusNot Married
Net Worth$7.28 Million 

Who is Claudia Sulewski?

Claudia Sulewski is a famous American YouTuber, host, and actress who has been making videos on YouTube since the age of 13. She started making videos in her hometown of Chicago, and later she moved to Los Angeles to do hosting. 

Then she came across various opportunities and got into hosting videos for the YouTube channel of Teen Vogue. Born on February 19, 1996, in Chicago, Illinois, US, she made her acting debut in 2022 with the film I Love My Dad. 

She has a good YouTube fan base, and her video genre consists of fashion choices, beauty routines, travel, workouts, vlogs, and daily life. Despite having a successful career, her unhealthy lifestyle habits took over her weight.

But after realizing the need to change, she worked out on herself, and now she is an inspiration for everyone. She has talked about her weight loss journey on various podcasts. Her approach towards everything in life has been very natural, and the same is the case in weight loss. 

What is the diet routine of Claudia Sulewski?

Claudia Sulewski’s weight loss journey started in 2018, when she was becoming overweight and heavy day by day. She is an internet sensation and to do justice to her profession, she wanted to look fit and slim. 

The main change that she made in her life was making a diet routine that helped her lose weight. Initially, she tried many ways of losing weight but she failed in each of them, so she decided to follow a realistic approach to dieting. 

Here is the realistic diet routine of Claudia Sulewski that helped her lose weight:

1. Higher Protein Intake

Claudia followed a high-protein diet. High-protein diets are effective in weight loss because we have to do lots of exercise during weight loss. These diets also help in making you feel fuller for some time. These diets also prevent lean mass loss. Claudia used to have eggs, protein powder, fish, soya, and other protein-rich foods daily.

2. Avoid Sugar

Claudia also avoided sugar completely during her weight loss journey. Sugar is clearly not good for the human body. Eating sugar results in increased blood sugar levels and often causes diabetes. Sugar contains high amounts of calories and can also release certain toxins in our bodies that can force us to munch on unhealthy foods. 

3. Processed Food is a Big No!

She also said a clear no to processed food. Processed and packaged food are not fresh and these foods create heat in the body which disrupts the digestive process. Claudia was aware that processed food is rich in fats, oil, sugar, salt, and calories. Having this food can certainly release weight gain. 

4. Adding More Nutrients to Her Plate

Adding more nutrients to one’s plate is never a bad idea. Claudia was very particular to have every meal that was rich in nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and proteins. These nutrients help in making the body healthy and also help in providing more energy to do daily activities. Nutrients like fiber also help in making the digestion process good. 

5. Going for Light Meals at Night 

Doctors often suggest that having light meals at night is good for our bodies. This thing also has a very significant impact on weight loss. Claudia Sulewski used to have a very light meal at night and this contributed very much to her weight. She chose options like soups, salads, flavored yogurts, or smoothies as her dinner.

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Why did running not work out for Claudia?

Claudia also knew that physical activity is important for shedding pounds. But the main obstacle was to find an exercise of her interest that makes her excited daily to do it. She started her search by running. 

As we all know, running is effective in weight loss and burns a very good amount of calories. In running, our whole body’s muscles are involved, and it makes us sweat badly. But apart from having so many benefits, running did not work for Claudia. 

In one of her videos, Claudia shared with her 4 million fans that she hated running, and due to this she was not able to stay consistent in the gym. This is when she realized that she needed to start searching for another fun sport.

It is not important that you should love every sport. Sometimes the sport that can burn way more calories than the other one does not seem like a good option for you. We all should learn this from Claudia to choose the work out of our interest.

Claudia Sulewski’s workout routine

Claudia Sulewski’s workout routine completely revolved around fun activities and exercises. She added fun cardio exercises in her routine that helped her burn calories and have fun simultaneously. Her workout routine revolved around the following pointers:

  • Claudia used to do pilates daily because it used to help her stay active without making her feel like she was working daily.
  • She also used to go hiking every week with her boyfriend. Hiking was her fun leisure time activity. 
  • She also used to go for walks with her dog to complete her steps. 
  • She was very focused on enjoying moving her body and this practice helped her in burning more calories. 
  • This practice prevented her from getting bored and staying consistent with maintaining daily workout habits.

How much weight did she lose?

Claudia Sulewski has one of the most genuine and realistic weight loss journeys. Claudia has talked about her weight-loss journey openly. Once, she said that she adopted many healthy habits during her weight loss journey, but daily she was not able to do all of them daily because every day is not the same. 

Eventually, all those habits became her daily habits, and her life got much easier. She has lost over 20 pounds and 10 kilograms in just half a year. Before weight loss, she used to weigh around 136 pounds (62 kg). After gaining so much weight, she started feeling heavy. 

This is when she decided to do a transformation just for her sake. After a motivational transformation, she weighs around 116 pounds (53 kg). Claudia knew that her weight loss would not happen overnight. She behaved very patiently and followed every habit and step with proper dedication.

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In conclusion, Claudia Sulewski is a famous YouTuber and internet personality who suffered from sudden weight gain due to lifestyle issues. However, she decided to make changes and lose over 20 pounds in six months. 

Her weight loss journey was not easy, but she adopted a realistic approach. Her main focus was to have a proper, high-protein diet. She avoided processed and sugary items.  When it came to her workout routine, she wanted to make it fun so she added cardio like pilates and hiking to her exercise routine. 

She also used to take her dog for a walk by herself to complete her steps. She tried adding running to her workout routine, but it did not work out for her. Her transformation is so motivational that she has become a role model for many. 

Her tale is the story of dedication, patience, and adopting healthy habits. This down-to-earth celebrity has more than 4 million subscribers on her YouTube channel.


What is the net worth of Claudia Sulewski?

Ans. Claudia Sulewski is a famous American YouTuber whose net worth is $7.28 million. It Should be noted that this figure is not her actual but estimated net worth. 

What movies has Claudia Sulewski been in?

Ans. Claudia Sulewski has made her acting debut with the film “I Love My Dad”. She has also done films like “Deadcon”, “Worthless,” and “A Christmas Carol + Zombies.

Does Claudia undergo any weight loss surgery?

Ans. When Claudia lost weight, there were many rumors speculating that Claudia Sulewski had undergone any weight loss surgery, but all these rumors are fake. Claudia’s weight-loss transformation is completely organic.

Does Claudia drink water?

Ans. Well, this is a very strange thing about Claudia. In an interview, Claudia confessed that she doesn’t like or believe in water. She also said that she doesn’t have water because she doesn’t like it. 

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