Chia Seeds Benefits For Weight Loss

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As the internet popularity is growing, the rise of food content is also increasing daily. With this change, there have been many weight loss recipes that are floating all over the internet. One of those is chia seed recipes. 

The internet is flooded with chia seed recipes and people are talking about how it can help with weight loss. But where are the facts that claim it does? Does Chia seeds and weight loss the coin of the same tub?

Chia seeds can help in weight loss but there are certain things that need to be considered. By just putting chia seeds in everything you cannot lose weight. Having excess amount of chia seeds can be even more dangerous for your body.

In this article, we will see what are the benefits of chia seeds in weight loss, how can you add chia seeds to your diet and what are the best times to drink chia seeds to lose weight. To know everything in detail, keep reading!

What is Chia Seeds?

Chia seeds are small and black seeds that come from a plant. The  come from a plant Salvia hispanica, which is a member of the mint family. Chia seeds change their texture when they are soaked intio water. 

When they contact water, they become gel like consistency which can stick to your skin. Chia seeds had been used since years. It has been the part of diet of Aztecs and Mayans for centuries. 

These small seeds are packed with high nutritional value and can be a good food product that you can add in your diet. Chia seeds and weight loss had been in the talks from decades. Let’s see that it can seriously help or not.

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Does Chia Seed Helps in Weight Loss?

The tiny chia seeds can help in losing weight due to its power packed nutrients density. Chiab seeds are rich in fiber that can make the stomach full which un turns controls the appetite and prevents over eating. 

Chia seeds is a good dietary element that can make you shed pounds. Chia seeds are also rich in protein that can be a positive point for all the vegetarians. Many people use chia seeds as a substitute for eggs. 

This is due to its property that can gelatinize and bind the ingredients. The omega-3 fatty acids present in chia seeds can make the overall health good and contribute to the weight loss efforts. 

It should be noted that chia seeds constitute part of a balanced diet but it is not the only solution for losing weight one has to undertake many other efforts like regular exercises, a good diet, and mindfulness for losing weight.

Nutrition Value of Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are loaded with essential vitamins, minerals, and protein that make it a healthy option to choose when you are trying to lose weight. This is the reason why chia seeds are always there in the recipes of people trying to lose weight.

Chia seeds contain omega-3 fatty acids, and proteins, rich in anti-oxidants and fiber. Although chia seeds have no taste of their own, they can make your bowl worth eating with little effort. The property of absorbing water is the most positive one.

Here is the nutrient value of chia seeds in 28 grams chia seeds:

S.No.NutrientsPercentage (%)
1Fiber11 grams
2Protein 4 grams
3Fat9 grams
4Calcium177 milligrams
5Phosphorus265 milligrams
6Magnesium95 milligrams
7Manganese0.6 kilograms

What is the Best time to Drink Chia Seeds for Weight Loss?

Chia seeds can be eaten at any time and there is no specific time in which to enjoy this healthy food. Many people like to have it empty stomach or in between meals. In any way, the effect remains the same. 

Having chia seeds in the morning can help you kickstart your day with a nutritious boost. This can also help you with feeling fullness throughout the morning. Chia seeds could be a good pre-workout dish that you can have to perform your best during the workout session.

Having chia seeds in the evening can help you in not eating much before going to bed and can be a light dinner option. This will also help you digest the food easily at night and can be easy on your stomach. 

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What are the Benefits of Chia Seeds for Weight Loss?

Chia seeds offer a bundle of benefits that will help in weight loss. Here are some of the key benefits that chia seeds offer:

  1. High in Fiber 

Chia seeds are high in fiber can make your gut health healthy and can control your appetite by making the stomach full. The water content that chia seeds absorbs makes the stomach full and this will help in consuming fewer calories.

  1. Low in calories 

Chia seeds are low in calories. If you are following a calorie deficit diet then chia seeds could be your favorite ingredient that will not make the count go high. This makes chia seeds a nutritionally dense food that provides nutrients while being low on calories.

  1. Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids:

Chia seeds are a plant-based product and rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Chia seeds are the best plant source of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). Omega-3 offers many health benefits including good heart health and regulates weight. 

  1. Hydration advantage 

Chia seeds absorb a significant amount of water and form a gel-like substance. This property helps with hydration and may contribute to a feeling of fullness, potentially reducing the likelihood of overeating. 

  1. Blood sugar regulation 

As per studies, the soluble fiber in chia seeds helps in regulating blood sugar levels. Due to stable blood sugar levels, the cravings can be reduced which will promote a more consistent energy supply. 

Ways of Including Chia Seeds in Your Diet

Chia seeds have one more advantage which is that they can be eaten in various ways. You can make many delicious recipes using chia seeds and enjoy them. Here are some of the ways in which you can include chia seeds into your diet:

  1. Chia Pudding

You can eat chia seeds by making a pudding out of it. Pudding can be made by putting your preferred milk (dairy or plant-based) and your favorite fruits in it. This cup of pudding will be rich in nutrients and vitamins. You can also add sweeteners according to your taste or completely avoid it  

  1. Smoothies

Chia can be added to smoothies also. Smoothies are a good way of filling the stomach but not consuming the calories at the same time. You can add a tablespoon of chia seeds to your favorite smoothie before you blend it. The seeds will absorb liquid and will add thickness to the smoothie. 

  1. Chia seeds with coconut water

You can also drink chia seeds with coconut water or normal water. This will make your drink more refreshing and will add more value to the water. Add chia seeds and let it sit for a while to let it form a gel-like consistency. 

  1. Chia Oatmeal

Chia oatmeal is one of the famous chia seed dishes that is all over the internet. This morning breakfast can help you start your day on a good and sweet note. Add chia pudding to the oatmeal or cereal and let it soak for a few minutes before eating it. You can also add a dash of honey and your favorite fruits. 

  1. Salads 

Salads are a good and calorie deficit option during weight loss. By adding chia seeds to your salad you can increase its nutritional value. This will be an added crunch for your plate. You can also mix chia seeds into the salad dressing for an extra boost to your diet routine. 


In conclusion, chia seeds can be a helpful addition to your weight loss journey due to their many benefits. These tiny seeds are packed with fiber, which makes you feel full and can prevent overeating. 

They are also low in calories, making them a nutritious choice for those following a calorie-conscious diet. Chia seeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, contributing to overall health and supporting weight loss efforts. 

The ability of chia seeds to absorb water and form a gel-like substance can help with hydration and reduce the likelihood of over-eating. However, it’s important to remember that chia seeds are part of a balanced diet and not a stand-alone solution.  

To include chia seeds in your diet, try making chia pudding, adding them to smoothies, adding them to salads, or enjoying them with oatmeal. Remember to consult with a healthcare professional or a nutritionist for personalized advice on your weight loss journey. 

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

  1. Will chia seeds reduce belly fat?

Ans. By only having chia seeds you cannot lose fat but by adding chia seeds to your weight loss routine, you can speed up your weight loss journey because the fiber and protein content present in it helps in appetite management. 

  1. Can I drink chia seed water every day?

Ans. Yes, you can drink chia seed water every day to see the results. Drinking chia seed water daily on an empty stomach can help you with digestion and bowel movements. 

  1. Can I soak chia seeds overnight?

Ans. Yes, you can soak the chia seeds overnight. The more you will soak the chia seeds, the more nourishment they provide. 

  1. Which seed is best for weight loss?

Ans. As per studies, the best seed for weight loss is chia seeds. This reduces the appetite and supports weight loss.

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