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Carnie Wilson has lost around 30 pounds (14 kg) after embarking on a weight-loss journey. She has even used the means of weight loss surgery. 


Carnie Wilson is a famous singer who is always in the limelight for her hard work. Due to her career, she has a busy schedule. But her busy schedule has proved to be dangerous for her. Often, in the race of life, we forget to take care of ourselves.

The same was happened to Carnie Wilson. In the race for success, she unfortunately stopped paying attention to her body and health and due to this, she gained weight. Cranie Wilson became overweight in no time.

This also happened because most of the work was done by sitting in one place which reflected a lack of movement in her life. But her weight slowly started to affect her life. She was not able to move freely and was highly obese. 

But now she has made an impactful transformation by losing around 30 pounds. In this article, we will look into how Carnie Wilson has lost weight and what were the phases in her weight loss journey.

Real NameCarnie Wilson
Famous NameCarnie Wilson
Date of BirthApril 29, 1968
Age55 Years
Weight270 Pounds/ 122 Kg
ProfessionSinger and Television
Marital StatusMarried
Net Worth$25 Million

Who is Carnie Wilson?

Carnie Wilson is an American singer and television personality. She was born on April 29, 1968, in Los Angeles, California, United States. Carnie Wilson was born to Brian Wilson, who is a singer. 

To pay tribute to her mother and father, she co-founded Wilson Phillips with her younger sister Wendy and childhood friend Chynna Phillips when they were in their teens. This trio has founded Phillips Studio where they have made their own records and albums. 

With the help of her friend, she released two albums, Wilson Phillips and Shadow and Light, which between them sold twelve million copies. Their group became so successful that they even gave three number-one singles and six top twenty hits in the United States before their group disbanded in 1993. 

But Carnie continued to release her albums with Wedny and they together recorded the Christmas album Hey Santa!. She is also a television personality and has hosted her own short-lived show called Carnie!. 

What weight loss surgery did Carnie Wilson undergo?

Carnie Wilson was heavily overweight, and her weight had now started troubling her. She reached such an amount that she started feeling weakness in her body. It took a lot of effort for her to move freely and easily. 

She also faced criticism from the internet. Everyone started talking about how fat she had become. This time the trolling was not unnecessary but genuine. She was in reality doing bad to her own body. 

After so much mental and physical suffering, Carnie Wilson finally decided to lose weight. After consulting with her doctors, she decided to go for Gastric Bypass Surgery. She chose the way of surgery only after she tried dieting and lifestyle changes. 

But after so many tries, she failed to see any results. In gastric bypass surgery, doctors operate by removing the small pouch from the stomach and connecting the newly created pouch with the small intestine. 

These kinds of surgeries require lots of courage and effort. Carnie gained courage and chose this surgery for her own good and well-being. With the help of this surgery, Carnie lost around 150 pounds. Carnie calls it a life-changing decision. 

How did “Celebrity Fit Club” help her in losing weight?

Even after losing weight through surgery, Carnie again gained it all back. She again fell into the pit of obesity. This is because she again started neglecting her body and did not follow any diet routine or workouts. 

So, it was obvious for her to gain it all back. After her weight came back, it affected her mental health. She became frustrated and was tirelessly finding a solution. After so many tries, she landed on Celebrity Fit Club. 

She became the fourth Contestant on the show. The Celebrity Fit Club Show is a reality show in which the show narrates the story of eight people who are overweight celebrities. This show helped her lose 22 pounds. 

This is because her weight loss journey was documented on television which gave her courage to perform. Even though her progress was little, she still managed to achieve this much. 

This achievement was a big deal for her. But unfortunately, this was also short-lived. She again gained back the weight. These types of fluctuations were something that made her more sad than ever. 

Carnie Wilson Lap Band Surgery

After her failed results and constant trying she became heartless. Her weight became so stubborn that it was not showing any way for her to get rid of it. Then after so much searching and consultation, Carnie Wilson ended up with the option of undergoing lap band surgery.

In this surgery, an inflatable silicone device is put around the top part of the stomach. This surgery controls the appetite. By putting the device, a person tends to eat less food. This helps control the calorie intake and helps the body burn stored fat for energy. 

With the help of lap band surgery, Carnie lost around 30 pounds. This time Carnie tried hard to maintain it, and she was successful in doing this. Her weight loss journey is very tough and involves lots of emotional suffering due to fluctuations in weight.

But her determination and stubborn nature are above everything. She maintained her weight by choosing the type of food and also adding lots of exercise to her diet. This awareness of her helped her control her portion size.

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How much weight did she lose?

Carnie Wilson’s weight-loss journey was very tough. She even became a joke to the world. Many comedians used her as a joke to make people laugh and trolled her badly. This affected her mental health. 

This shows what being an internet personality can do to a person. She faced all this but she still managed to lose around 30 pounds/ 14 kg. Though her weight loss is not that much on the healthier side, this shows her determination. 

Before weight loss, Carnie weighed around 300 pounds (136 kg). Her obesity was the reason for her downfall, even on her career front. But with courage and patience, she now weighs around 270 pounds (122 kg). Her weight-loss journey is still on. She is continuing a healthy lifestyle and aims to lose more weight.

Carnie Wilson’s Net Worth

Carnie Wilson has achieved the heights of her career with her determination. She has devoted her whole life to singing and music. This passion of hers has given her fruit in the way of a good net worth and living standards. 

Carnie Wilson is active on social media and has more than 2 lakh followers on Instagram. Her music is loved by people of every age group. Carnie Wilson has a net worth of around $25 million. 

Her net worth includes assets, investments, income by selling records, and social media income. Carnie has also had a good hosting career, and she has hosted a special titled 101 Celebrity Slimdowns.

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In conclusion, Carnie Wilson is a famous singer who faced Challenges with her weight due to a hectic schedule and a lack of attention to her health. After gaining significant weight, she underwent a gastric bypass surgery which helped her lose some inches. However, she faced up and down despite her efforts. 

Her weight loss efforts are a testament to her efforts. She continues to embrace her lost weight. Carnie Wilson’s net worth reflects her successful music career and ventures reaching around $25 million. Despite the difficulty, she continues her journey toward a healthy lifestyle, aiming for further weight loss.


Did Carnie Wilson have a weight problem?

Ans. Connie Wilson faced the issue of becoming morbidly obese as she grew up because she had a very tight and busy schedule, which made her so fat that she even crossed 300 pounds at one stage in her life. Carnie Wilson shared in an interview, “My feet were hurting; I would be tired a lot; I’d feel sluggish. I started getting paranoid

Did Carnie Wilson regain weight?

Ans. Yes, Carnie Wilson regained the weight she lost after she became pregnant with her daughter but later she again embarked on a weight loss journey and lost the weight. This was an issue with Carnie Wilson because she faced constant fluctuations in her weight. 

Does Carnie Wilson have a daughter?

Ans. Yes, Carine Wilson is blessed with a daughter. She married musician and producer Robert Bonfiglio in 2000. They both welcomed their first daughters, Lola in 2005 and Luciana in 2009

How did the fat leave his body?

Ans. Fat is broken down into carbon dioxide and water. When you exhale the carbon dioxide, the water enters your circulation and is eliminated as pee or perspiration. If you shed 20 pounds of fat, 18.4 pounds will be expelled through your lungs, while the remaining 1.6 pounds will be converted to water.

Why did he lose so much weight?

Ans. Weight loss can sometimes be unintentional. The reason for losing weight unintentionally could be due to any disease or too much stress. Stress is the major reason for unwanted weight loss as it makes the appetite zero, and the lack of calories can make people lose weight.

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