Can Coffee Help In Weight Loss?

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Coffee alone does not lead to weight gain, but it is essential to be very mindful of what you are adding to your cup. If you add sugar, milk, and other dressings to your coffe it will make it rich in calories and high in fat. 


In today’s busy life, we all are dependent on beverages like coffe. Some people can not start their day without having a cup of coffe. It helps give you instant energy because the caffeine present in it makes you feel non-sleepy. 

But when it comes to weight loss we start questioning our daily food items. When it comes to coffe there is always confusion about whether we should drink it during weight loss. Can coffe make us gain weight? 

These questions always get different answers which creates confusion. But here we will provide you with proper information about whether you should drink it or not to lose weight. 

How many calories does coffee contain?

Coffe is the favorite of many because it instantly boosts energy levels and helps in making you feel fresh. In today’s life, coffee is an escape from tiredness. But some fitness freaks always check the calories of every single thing they consume. 

Coffe does contain calories. 1 cup of simple brewed coffe contains 5 calories. It does not contain any fat. What makes it a calorie hub is the amount of things you are putting in it. 

If you add milk, cream, and sugar to it, it will increase the calorie count of the coffe. Black coffe contains only 2 calories which makes it a best-suited option for everyone. If you want to have coffe without consuming too many calories, you should stop dressing it with other ingredients. 

Can coffee affect your appetite?

Coffee is a quick energizing drink but it has a negative impact on your appetite. As per studies, coffe can reduce appetite. It affects hormones in the body which can lead to appetite suppression. It can be a golden tip for anyone who wants to eat less. 

But having coffe can also cause trouble in emptying your stomach. it directly affects the hunger hormones in your body which is called ‘Ghrelin’. If you still want to consume coffe you can have it in limited quantities because having 4-5 cups of coffe daily can affect your body negatively. Coffe is acidic and can affect the digestive system. 

This can make you feel full and can reduce your appetite. Coffe also releases adrenaline that makes you feel temporarily full. But people react differently to coffe because we all have different body types. Some people may feel that coffee reduces their appetite while some may not feel any changes after consuming it. 

Can coffee make you gain weight?

There are different ways of having it. Some people like it simple with water while others dilute it with milk and cream. It leads to weight gain simply depending on the way you are consuming it. 

A simple cup of this hot beverage will not result in weight gain because coffe with water does not contain more than 2 calories. But if you add sugar, milk, and other dressings to your cup it will make it rich in calories and high in fat. 

It contains 0 fat in itself which makes it a fit option to be consumed during a weight loss journey. Black coffe also suppresses your appetite which can make you eat less and help you in losing weight. 

As we mentioned earlier, everyone reacts differently to it. Some may find that coffe increases their metabolism and provides a boost of energy while others will still feel lethargic. 

It alone does not lead to weight gain but it is essential to be very mindful of what you are adding to your cup. If you are a coffee addict, then you can simply have black coffe during your lost weight journey. 

What are some negative impacts of coffee that may lead to weight gain?

Coffee does not directly lead to weight gain but it has certain impacts on the human body that may result in weight gain. It certainly depends on the choice of consuming the type of coffe or the time. Here are some of the negative impacts of coffee that may lead to weight gain:

1. Dependency on Coffee

Many people depend on coffee for instant energy instead of getting adequate sleep. This can result in an unhealthy lifestyle and promote weight gain. Proper rest is very much important for the body to perform well. Not resting properly and having quick and unhealthy snacks can make your body a total waste. This dependency on coffee could result in having trouble losing weight.

2. Stress and Anxiety

Coffe leads to feelings of anxiety in many people. Excessive coffee will make you feel stressed and anxious due to the release of certain hormones. This can result in emotional eating and can make you gain weight over time. When we are not mentally fit we can not perform well physically. 

3. Lack of Nutritional Value

Coffe itself contains no nutritional value. If you feel like only having coffe can benefit your body, you are thinking really wrong. Coffe can never replace a balanced diet. If you keep depending on coffe which will result in appetite suppression then your body will soon start showing the results of a lack of vitamins, minerals, and proteins.

4. Dehydration 

Beverages like coffe lead to dehydration. Coffe is a diuretic which means that it can increase urination and potential dehydration. If you are drinking too much coffee then you might soon get dehydrated. Some people mistake thirst for hunger but at that time our body requires lots of water to complete the water intake. 

5. Overconsumption of Caffeine 

Many people drink at least 5 cups of coffee daily. Overconsumption of caffeine has its own disadvantages. Drinking excessive amounts of coffe with high caffeine can disrupt sleep patterns. This can lead to fatigue and can increase the cravings for calorie-rich or comfort food. It is always advisable to drink as little caffeine as possible.

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How can you consume coffee to lose weight?

There is good news for all the coffe lovers. You can drink coffee even during your weight loss journey by following just these simple tricks. Here are the ways by which you can consume coffe and lose weight easily:

1. Limit Sugar and Creams

Some people like their coffe sweet and creamy but it is advisable to avoid sugar and high-calorie creamers. Both these things can result in weight gain by adding lots of calories to your cup of coffe. Creamers and other flavored syrups can add many calories to your coffe. You can choose a low-fat or non-dairy alternative if you like the creamy taste. 

2. Try having black coffee

We totally understand that black coffe is not for everyone. But black coffe can give you caffeine and help you lose weight at the same time. Black coffe contains 2 Calories which makes it a suitable option for a calorie-deficit diet. You can try having less strong black coffe and slowly and gradually you will get used to the taste.

3. Watch the timings of having coffee

You should be very concerned about the timings of coffe. it can be best in the morning. The worst time to have coffe is in the evening or night. Having coffee at night can result in weight gain because coffe may disrupt your sleep cycle. 

4. Have a balanced diet

You should not solely rely on coffe. Instead, you should have a balanced diet that is rich in nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and proteins. Coffe does not have any nutritional value. If you think that coffe alone will help you lose weight then you are wrong because it can lead to dehydration and other health issues.

5. Limit the number of cups

To lose weight it is very essential to have coffe in moderation. Having too many cups of coffe will have adverse effects on your body. Having one cup of coffe is enough if you want to lose weight. Having more than that can result in weight gain instead. You can also opt for cups of smaller sizes.

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In conclusion, coffe itself does not directly make you gain weight. A plain cup of black coffe contains very few calories and even helps in suppressing your appetite. However, it is important that you should be mindful of what you are adding to your it. 

You should avoid ingredients like sugar, cream, and flavored syrups because they are rich in calories and can make you gain weight. It has no fats but these added ingredients are rich in unhealthy fats. 

It has both negative and positive impacts on weight. It all depends on how you add it to your routine. If you are a coffe addict you can lower the number of cups. It does not react the same in everybody’s body, some may experience appetite loss after having it and some may not. 

Finally, we would like to say that you can enjoy your cup even during your weight loss journey but only if you do it in moderation. Excessiveness of anything is bad and the same applies in the case of caffeine. 


Is coffee good for you to Lose Weight?

Ans. Coffee is good for weight loss only if it is eaten in moderation. Black coffe is beneficial in weight loss because it contains 2 calories. 

Is coffee good for the skin?

Ans. Coffee has benefits for the skin. Coffe helps moisturize, heal, and strengthen the skin. Coffe also helps in providing relief from puffy eyes and can remove dark circles. 

Is coffee good for daily health?

Ans. Coffee is good for daily health only if it is consumed in moderation. Coffe lowers the chances of Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, liver, and endometrial cancers. 

Why do people drink coffee?

Ans. Coffee is popular because it helps people feel less tired and gives an instant adrenaline rush. It also temporarily boosts metabolism and improves productivity and brain functions. 

Does coffee affect hormones?

Ans. Yes, coffee can affect hormone levels. If you are having hormonal issues you should definitely avoid coffee. Coffe directly affects the estrogen level by directly increasing it. 

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