Brittany Van Voorhees Weight Loss (2023)| how she lost 20 pounds

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Brittany Van Voorhees is a popular meteorologist who has lost over 20 pounds in her weight loss journey. She is currently inspiring many people with her positive life choices.


In the world of weight loss transformation, Brittany Van Voorhees has also entered her name. She is a famous and certified broadcast meteorologist at WCNC Charlotte. She is known for her reporting skills and is recently gaining attention for her weight loss transformation. She has lost over 20 pounds after years of suffering from her own body. She has been facing excessive weight since her childhood, when she finally decided to overcome her self-doubt and lose weight.

Her weight-loss journey is simple and realistic and can be easily followed by anyone. She has placed an emphasis on personal relationships and support systems when we face problems and hardships during the weight loss journey. She has also changed her lifestyle and followed a healthy diet and workout routine. In this article, we will look into the inspiring journey of Brittany Van Voorhees, the strategies that she followed, and the diet she followed to lose weight.

Real NameBrittany Van Voorhees 
Famous NameBrittany Van Voorhees 
Date of BirthMay 25, 1994
Age29 Years
Height5 feet 7 inches
Marital StatusNot Known
Net worth$750,000

Who is Brittany Van Voorhees?

Brittany Van Voorhees is a famous meteorologist. She is also known as an Emmy Award-winning meteorologist for WCNC Charlotte. However, she had never revealed her date of birth, but she frequently mentions in a fun manner that she was born after the “Storm of the Century” in 1993. She grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. 

She has a special love for her news reporting job and is passionate about weather and climate IQ stories. She also received the Certified Broadcast Meteorologist (CBM) designation from the American Meteorological Society while she was serving the people of southwest Florida. 

Recently, she has gained attention for her weight loss transformation, and many people are falling head over heels for her beautiful look after her weight loss. She has lost over 20 pounds. She has followed a simple yet very effective routine. She is a celebrity who is always in the limelight for her work and news reporting, and being fit and fine in this industry is very important. Her story is a tale of hard work, patience, and consistency. After suffering from weight gain, she finally achieved her goal.

What was the turning point in Brittany Van Voorhees’s life?

Brittany Van Voorhees has suffered from unwanted weight gain since her childhood. Her weight gain increased the number of problems for her, and she faced many demanding situations at an early stage of her life. Her weight was the biggest reason for her insecurities, and she faced mental as well as emotional issues due to her weight gain. She tried very hard to lose weight, but she faced failure every time. She found herself in the vicious circle of weight gain, and her failed attempts started questioning her worth.

After suffering from these situations, she finally had the closure that she had needed so many times, and she finally decided to change herself for her own good. She had to change herself not only for her physical appearance but also for her mental well-being. She also sought a doctor’s help and consulted a trainer to train her during her weight loss journey. She kept going and finally lost over 20 pounds, marking her weight loss transformation.

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Brittany Van Voorhees Diet Plan

Brittany Van Voorhees lifestyle diet and workout

Brittany Van Voorhees has suffered from excessive weight since childhood. When she realized that she should change herself, the first thing that came to mind was changing her diet. She followed a simple yet effective diet routine that was appropriate for her body type. Brittany Van Voorhees always gave priority to observing her body’s demands and desires, and she altered her diet accordingly. Brittany Van Voorhees’s diet pattern that she followed during her weight loss journey is as follows:

1. Healthy Fats

Brittany Van Vorhees incorporated healthy fats into her diet while avoiding unhealthy fats. Many people believe that fats in general are bad for you; however, healthy fats are essential and beneficial to your health. To get the most benefits, she added healthy fats such as avocados, almonds, seeds, olive oil, and fish to her daily diet routine.

 2. Balanced Diet

Brittany Van Voorhees included a balanced diet in her weight loss diet routine to gain the benefits of all the nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and proteins. She also added fiber-rich foods to help her with her digestion during weight loss. Fiber-rich foods also help make our stomachs full. She followed a low-carbohydrate diet and a more protein-rich diet. She added lots of fruits, vegetables, chicken, eggs, and fish to her diet as well.

3. Portion Control

Portion control is very important to prevent oneself from overeating. Many people eat more than they are supposed to, and that leads to weight gain. She used to control her portion sizes and was also aware of what to eat and in what quantity. She did not believe in starving herself; rather, she believed in eating food to a limit. She used to eat her cheat meals in the required portions. 

4. Keeping Herself Hydrated

She realized that being hydrated is essential for weight loss. Water keeps us hydrated and improves our metabolism, which supplies us with energy. Water also makes us feel full, which helps us avoid eating bad foods and snacking. She used to drink at least 2 liters, or 8 glasses, of water per day. For Brittany Van Voorhees, water was also a source of clear skin and a good digestive system. 

5. Avoid Processed Food

Brittany Van Voorhees was strictly against Processed and packaged food. According to her, these foods are high in calories, oil, sugar, and salt. These foods are also hard to digest and result in weight gain because they are high in bad fats. She avoided these foods, and to suppress her cravings, she instead went for healthy nuts and protein bars.

Brittany Van Voorhees Workout Routine

Brittany Van Voorhees followed a simple exercise routine. Her aim was not to follow overly exerting exercises; rather, she wanted to go for simple exercises that might help her burn some calories. She followed the following workout routine for her weight loss:

  • She started doing yoga to achieve physical as well as mental fitness.
  • Strength training was also a part of her routine because she wanted to tone and build muscle mass. 
  • She used to love doing cardio exercises as well. Cardio exercises like swimming, running, and cycling were her favorites.
  • She used to go for walks to burn calories. Her daily aim was to walk at least 8,000 steps.

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Brittany Van Voorhees Net Worth

Brittany Van Voorhees is a successful meteorologist who has also won awards and the Certified Broadcast Meteorologist (CBM) designation. She is known for her reporting skills, her passion for the weather, and the Climate IQ series. She works as a meteorologist at WCNC Charlotte. She has lost weight, and now she is inspiring many people with her weight loss transformation.

She has followed a simple approach when it comes to her weight loss. She started working out regularly and eating healthy. She had built her career and gained fame because of her hard work, and her net worth is around $750,000. Her net worth includes her salary, investments, and assets.


In a nutshell, Brittany Van Voorhees is a famous meteorologist who has also received the Certified Broadcast Meteorologist (CBM) designation from the American Meteorological Society. She has built an identity in the world of weather reporting, and her passion for her work can be seen through her sense of delivery. She has lost lots of weight, which is inspiring many people right now. Her turning point towards a healthier self was when she realized that she could not suffer more due to her own body and needed to take some action to overcome the excess weight that she had carried since childhood.

She started changing things and creating a healthy lifestyle for herself. She made healthier choices in her life, like eating healthy food and avoiding processed and junk food. She also exercised daily by taking baby steps. Her story is an inspiration for everyone who is suffering from their own body. She has a clearly motivational story about how she started doubting herself and how she managed to overcome her mental and physical trauma that was caused by her excessive weight gain.


Who is the weatherwoman on WCNC?

Ans. The woman on WCNC is Brittany Van Voorhees. She is a Certified Broadcast Meteorologist (CBM). 

Did Brittany Van Voorhees follow intermittent fasting?

Ans. No, Brittany Van Voorhees didn’t follow intermittent fasting. She followed a healthy and balanced diet and controlled her portion size. 

Is Brittany Van Voorhees married?

Ans. Brittany Van Voorhees is a successful woman who has earned her name because of her own hard work. She is very secretive and doesn’t publicly talk about her marital status.

Did Brittany Van Voorhees undergo any weight loss surgery?

Ans. No, Brittany Van Voorhees did not undergo any weight loss surgery. Her weight loss is completely organic, and she followed a positive lifestyle to lose weight.

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