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10 best sports for losing weight: 1. Swimming; 2. Kickboxing; 3. Martial Arts 4. Tennis 5. Basketball 6. Football; 7. Boxing; and many more!


Losing weight without adding exercise to your weight loss routine can never happen. Exercise and sports are crucial to losing weight. Sports should be played without wanting to lose weight. Sports keep us active and energetic. 

But finding good sports for losing weight sometimes comes as a challenge. Sometimes it gets hard to add such sports, which give maximum results daily by burning as many calories as possible.

In this article, we will share with you the 10 best sports for losing weight. These sports can be performed not only for losing weight but can be performed even when you are bored of gymming and want to try some good calorie-burning exercises.

These are the sports that you can enjoy a lot and also lose lots of weight. These sports can be easily added to your daily routine because they are not very hectic and require only 0–1 piece of equipment.

10 best sports for losing weight

We have picked these simple and easy sports for you to help you ace your weight loss game. These sports are fun, easy, and can be done with family or friends.

1. Swimming

swimming for reduce weight

Swimming is one of the most enjoyable sports in the world. This water sport is best suited for the summer season. This sport can be performed by people of any age group. Swimming helps burn a very good amount of calories while enjoying yourself. 

Swimming is an all-body exercise that involves every muscle in the body. It even involves muscles like the neck and face, which are not much involved in any other type of exercise. Generally, when we exercise, our bodies get heated, but this is not the case in swimming. 

In swimming, our body is underwater, due to which we do not feel any heat. Swimming is a cardio exercise that results in increased heart rate and breathing. When our heart starts beating fast, the blood circulation also becomes smooth, which results in good heart health. 

Swimming also prevents many diseases like heart attacks, strokes, and heart failure. Studies say that swimming for 45 minutes three days a week can help an overweight person get slimmer in less time as compared to other sports.

2. Running 

running for weight loss

Running is a cardiovascular exercise that involves the lower body’s muscles. Running helps burn more calories in less time as compared to other exercises. It requires different muscles to work hard, which results in immense sweating.

Running is considered high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Running has other health benefits because it also results in building stamina and promoting good heart health. Running for one mile can burn up to 150 calories.

Many athletes prefer running daily because it is the best exercise to do daily for overall physical fitness and losing weight. Many people have seen good results by adding running to their weight-loss routine.

It is always suggested to start running by choosing a shorter distance first and gradually increasing the miles. You can run with your partner, family, or friends. This is an enjoyable and fun exercise.

3. Badminton 

badminton best workout

Badminton is one of the most loved sports around the globe. The game of racket in a cock is something that we all enjoyed as children, and as we grew, it became a stress-buster sport for all of us.

But do you know that your favorite sport, badminton, can also help you burn that belly fat and shed pounds easily?  Your whole body is involved when you play badminton because running back and forth and those twists and turns help your body burn more calories without you knowing.

All these moments also help your body stay active and act as fuel for it. Badminton results in increased blood supply because it helps beat it faster. You can play badminton daily with your family for a minimum of 30 minutes and burn a minimum of 100 calories easily.

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4. Martial Arts

Martial arts good for fitness

Have you ever thought that you could lose weight while learning self-defense? Marital arts are a type of sport in which you learn a codified art to protect yourself. Marital art can also help with weight loss because it involves various activities. 

These are like learning special arts to defend yourself. When you practice martial arts, you learn and do things like kicking, punching, and moving your body in a different manner. In martial arts, your muscles become hard, and when you use them, they burn calories. 

Marital arts also promote muscle strengthening. It is a fun activity to stay fit and strong. Martial arts can also help you release stress because, when you focus on learning techniques, your mind becomes focused and ignores all the tensions.

5. Cycling

cycling best for fitness

Cycling is one of the most famous outdoor activities. Cycling is a low-intensity cardio workout in which you use your lower body to peddle the bike and your upper body to balance it. Cycling helps with weight loss because it is a fun way to make your legs work harder and your heart work faster. 

By cycling, your muscles get stronger, and you burn more calories. When you burn calories, it means you are using the stored energy in your body, which can lead to weight loss. Cycling is also not very hard on joints as compared to other sports. 

Cycling for 30 minutes can result in burning 7 calories per minute. Cycling also has other health benefits, like reducing the chances of high blood pressure and promoting overall health and well-being.

6. Tennis

tennis good for burn calories

Tennis is a game in which you have to hit the ball back and forth over the net with a small racket. This indoor game is enjoyed by many people, and many people call it their stress buster. This game has the added advantage that it can result in weight loss. 

This game involves lots of movement, and increased physical activity can result in weight loss. Many celebrities also lose weight by just playing tennis. Studies suggest that you can burn up to 200–300 calories in just an hour by playing tennis.

Tennis is the most traditional sport and has added health benefits. It also promotes concentration and strengthens the body. Tennis involves arm and leg muscles. Playing tennis daily can help you stay active, burn stress, and tone your body. 

7. Basketball

Basketball good for shed pounds

Basketball is an outdoor game in which you have to throw the ball in the hoop and score points. This fun game has many fans. Have you ever noticed that basketball players always look toned and fit?

This is because basketball is not just a fun sport; it also helps burn body fat and lose pounds. Basketball requires lots of stamina and strength. This game can help you burn 240 to 350 calories in just 30 minutes.

It means that if you play this game daily, you can easily lose weight. Basketball is a team sport, which is a plus for you because you can play it with your friends or family. When you play basketball, you have to run, jump, and dribble the ball.

All these actions can result in making you sweat a lot and burning lots of calories. Running around the court also helps you build your stamina and makes your heart stronger. So, if you want to lose weight in a fun way, you can try basketball.

8. Boxing

Boxing help for burn fat

Boxing is a kind of sport in which two people punch each other with gloves in their hands. This sport is mostly loved by men. Boxing is a fantastic sport for losing weight because it is a high-intensity workout.

During boxing, you have to do punches, dodge, and move around the ring, and all of these activities require lots of physical activity. All these actions result in making your muscles work hard and increasing your heart rate.

Boxing builds your muscles and helps you strengthen them. When you build muscle mass, your body starts burning fat even when you are at rest. Boxing also helps you do a back workout and improves coordination and agility, which helps you stay fit.

It is suggested to do boxing daily for 30 to 60 minutes to see good results. Boxing can change your body and tone your muscles. It can also help you get abs or six-packs.

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9. Football

footbal good for weight maintain

Football is a team sport in which you have to put the ball in the net with your foot. This is a highly loved and enjoyed sport in every age group. Football can help with weight loss because it requires lots of running to chase the ball.

This sport can help you burn calories in a fun way. It also makes you sweat a lot and promotes good heart health. According to studies, football can help burn up to 780 calories in just 90 minutes of regular play.

But one thing should be noted: football in the beginning will not burn more calories; if you do it religiously for a month, you will start seeing good results in your body. Football can also reduce thigh fat because it requires lots of leg work in chasing, kicking, and preventing the opponent from kicking the ball.

10. Kickboxing

kickboxing best for reduce weight

Kickboxing is a sport in which you kick and punch either your partner or a punching bag. Kickboxing is a combination of kicking and punching. Kickboxing is considered a full-body workout.

It is because while you kickbox, you use your arms and legs to strike and defend. Kickboxing engages multiple muscles and helps you burn calories easily. Kickboxing is like doing cardio and strength training at the same time.

This sport requires lots of stamina and endurance because kicking and defending at the same time can be troublesome. But it is also a fun sport that you can play with your friends or family and burn uncountable calories.

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Other health benefits of playing sports

Playing sports is always a good choice because they have many health benefits. Weight loss is the primary and most important benefit of all of those. But let’s take a look at the other benefits of playing sports:

  • Playing sports can also make your muscles and bones stronger.
  • Sports can also improve your balance and coordination.
  • Playing sports can also release happy hormones and relieve stress.
  • It can also promote better mental health by making you concentrate on the activity and forgetting your thoughts.
  • Sports can help you develop social skills because many sports are played on a team.
  • Playing sports can also result in having more energy for everyday activities.
  • If you struggle with sleeping problems, then playing sports can help you get better sleep at night.
  • Playing sports can result in overall well-being, which results in longer life and reduces the risk of chronic diseases.


In simple words, playing sports is not just about having fun; it also contributes to overall health and well-being. It is also an amazing way to stay healthy and lose weight. But finding a good sport that can help you lose weight easily by burning a good amount of calories can be tough sometimes.

Due to this, we have come to your aid and suggested the 10 best sports that can help you burn calories and lose weight easily. In this article, we have talked about swimming, cycling, running, kickboxing, and many other sports.

These sports are very fun, and you can play them with your friends and family. These sports can result in building muscle mass and help you gain stamina and endurance. These sports also have additional health benefits.

You can add these exercises to your weight loss routine and lose weight easily without any problems. You can also boost your social skills, improve your concentration power, and improve your sleep cycle by doing these exercises. 


Which three foods promote fat burning?

Ans. Foods that cause fat loss through increasing metabolism, lowering appetite, or reducing total food intake may be referred to as “fat-burning foods”. Every food increases metabolism. Eggs, almonds, and oily fish are some examples of these fat-burning meals. 

How can I reduce chest fat?

Ans. Physical activity is one of the best methods for reducing chest fat. Push-ups, cable flies, and dips are a few of the activities that can help reduce chest fat. Every exercise targets a different part of the chest, helping you get a toned and sculpted look overall.

Does lemon water promote fat loss?

Ans. Lemon water can stimulate metabolism, support hydration, encourage satiety, and aid in weight loss. However, when it comes to fat loss, lemon water is no more effective than normal water. 

Which sport is the oldest?

Ans. Wrestling is the oldest sport, according to records. It has evolved over time, but it was a part of the ancient Olympic Games from 800 to 1200 BC. In the 1830s, simultaneous professional wrestling circuit launches took place in Paris, France.

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