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Angel Strawbridge has lost 33 pounds by following an 80/20 diet routine. Angel stated that she started facing problems due to her weight


The famous producer, who is known for her famous TV series Escape to the Castle, is reportedly making headlines for losing 33 pounds of weight. Her fans are now adoring her for how fit and different she looks. 

Angel stated that she started facing problems due to her weight and that’s when she realized that she needed to do something with her weight. She said that she either had to do something or she could regret it. 

But she did not regret it and rather chose to come into action to fight back the fat that was bothering her. It is always our choice to lose weight or to live with it. Angel took a break from her career after completing season 8 of Escape to the Chateau. 

She followed a strict diet routine but enjoyed her favorite foods as well. In this article, we will look into the weight loss journey of Angel Adoree, what is her 80/20 diet, and what other secret tips she followed for losing weight. 

Real NameAngela Newman
Famous NameAngel Adoree (Strawbridge)
Date of BirthApril 7, 1978
Age45 Years
Height5 feet, 6 inches
Weight65 Kgs
ProfessionBusinesswoman and Producer
Marital StatusMarried
Net Worth£2 million

Who is Angel Strawbridge?

Angel Adoree is a famous businesswoman, producer, and British author who runs London-based ‘Vintage Patisserie’ that offers retro tea parties and many more. Born on April 7, 1978, in East London, United Kingdom, she won the hearts of people when she appeared on Dragons Den. 

She is known for her signature redhead look. She is married to British engineer Dick Strawbridge. She changed her name after her marriage and now she is known as Angel Strawbridge. 

After thriving in her business and publishing her book called Vintage Tea Party series, she with her husband and kids moved to France in search of a better life. Her hospitality business works amazingly. 

Apart from all these things, she also started her weight-loss journey in 2009 to finally look after herself. As it is said, all money is wasted if the health is not good. Her transformation is inspiring millions of people.

What is Angel’s 80/20 diet?

Angel Strawbridge followed an 80/20 diet routine. She loves food and has her own hospitality business. So it was hard for her to follow a strict diet and always eat greenery. To make her weight-loss journey easy, she followed an 80/20 diet routine. 

In an 80/20 diet, one is supposed to eat healthy 80 percent of the time and the other 20 can eat their favorite meals but in moderation. This practice helped her maintain a balance. It also did not make her weight loss too hard and she did not starve to lose weight. 

In this diet, moderation is the key. She believed that for losing weight, one does not need to fall for a strict and unpleasant diet, rather we can give ourselves a gift for following the diet routine by eating our favorite food in moderation. 

Adoree chose Sunday as a reserved day for spoiling herself by eating her favorite food. On Sunday nights she used to have her favorite food like pizzas, burgers, and pasta, and used to enjoy her favorite desserts without any guilt.

What are the other secrets that helped her in losing weight?

Angel Strawbridge decided to give herself some love and made a New Year’s resolution to lose weight. Apart from making dietary changes, there were many more things that Angel followed to lose weight. Here are the secrets that helped Angel in losing weight:

1. Setting Realistic Goals

Angel Adoree was very practical about her weight loss and she made realistic goals that were easy to achieve. Angel once stated that setting goals is very easy but the problem arises when it is time to follow them. This is why she analyzed herself and surrounded her weight loss journey with realistic goals rather than living in a fantasy world. 

2. Daily Workouts

She also added daily workouts to her routine. She made sure to work out 5 to 6 days a week. Sometimes it was hard for her to fit in exercising in her jam packed routine but she took out at least 1 hour to burn the calories. Exercising is a very important aspect of weight loss and without doing workouts it is nearly impossible to lose weight. 

3. Eating only Homemade Food

Angel also added homemade food to her 80/20 diet. During the 80 percent of her diet, she stuck to eating freshly cooked homemade food which was less in calories, oil, sugar, and salt. Homemade food has many benefits like it is easy to digest and having a high nutritional value as compared to other foods. The fiber content present in freshly made food helps in keeping the stomach full for a good period of time. 

4. Avoid Sugar

Angel Adoree strictly avoided sugar. Sugar is the reason for many diseases and one of those is obesity and weight gain. There are many stories of people losing weight by just giving up sugar. Sugar is very high in calories and can disrupt the blood sugar levels. Angel avoided sugar, drinks that contain sugar and artificial sweeteners completely.  

5. Swimming

Angel also used to go swimming on some days with her kids and husband. Swimming is a fun activity for losing weight, especially in summer. As per studies, swimming involves all the muscles of your face and neck as well as body which other exercises don’t do. Swimming helps in burning a good amount of calories in less time without making the body get heated.

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Angel Strawbridge before and after pictures

Angel Strawbridge has lost a good amount of weight and her transformation is clearly visible from her before and after pictures. Before weight loss, she weighed around 80 kg (176 pounds). Her weight started bothering her because it affected her stamina and day-to-day activities. 

She was not able to stay active and manage her business and home. So she decided to lose some weight to feel lighter both physically and mentally. She lost 15 kg (33pounds)s. Her weight loss came as a motivation for everyone because losing weight requires determination and courage to stand up every day, do rigorous workouts, and follow diet plans. 

After weight loss, she weighs around 65 kg (143 pounds). She is a good lover and keeping this factor in mind, she designed her diet plan to keep eating her favorite food every once in a while. Her workout routine was also not so tough to follow. 

She took a break from her work to focus on her health because she was not able to manage her diet, production house, and hospital business altogether. Even after having so many responsibilities, Angel proved that we all can take some time for ourselves.

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In a nutshell, Angel Strawbridge is a well-known producer and businesswoman who has undergone an impressive weight-loss transformation. Angel has lost 33 pounds by following an 80/20 diet routine, where she ate healthy food 80% of the time and enjoyed her cheat meals in the remaining 20%. 

She achieved her weight loss goal, by setting realistic standards, working out daily, and avoiding sugar completely. Her transformation is an example for many and shows that with determination and self-care anyone can easily prioritize their health and well-being. 

Angel Adoree is a strong successful woman who had a love for vintage since her childhood and she has published 3 series of her book “Vintage Tea Party”. Angel gave importance to home-cooked food because it has more nutritional value and she easily balanced between her diet and cheat meals. 

She has two options: either to regret or change her life and she chooses to embrace herself and change herself for the better. Now she is the happiest version of herself and she has shifted with her husband and kids to France to live their best life.


What is Angel Strawbridge’s net worth?

Ans. Angel Adoree became the matter of the talk when she and her husband Dick Strawbridge bought the “Château de la Motte Husson”. The couple has a business of hospitality and is earning a handsome amount of money out of it. The couple have a combined net worth of £2 million. 

Is Angel Adoree her real name?

Ans. No, many fans think that Angel Adoree is her real name. But her real name is Angela Newman. After her marriage, she changed her name to Angel Strawbridge. 

What are Angel Adoree’s qualifications?

Ans. Surprisingly, this businesswoman holds the qualifications of a chartered accountant. This explains why she has such a sharp business mind. She is a real example of beauty with a brain. 

Did she undergo any weight loss surgery?

Ans. No, Angel Strawbridge did not undergo any weight loss surgery. When her weight loss journey came to light, many fans alleged that she had undergone surgery. However, the author later clarified that her weight loss is completely natural. 

Do they have a TV show of their own?

Ans. Yes, Angel Adoree and her husband, Dick Strawbridge, have a TV show of their own called “Escape to the Chateau”. They both started their TV show after they started house hunting. They shut down the show after the 8th season. 

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