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Amber Riley has lost around 50 pounds (23 kg) after going through a tough phase in her life. Her obesity pushed her to make healthy choices in life for her own sake.


Amber Riley is a well-known personality who has achieved good milestones in life. But life is not a flat road and it has many hurdles. The hurdle for Amber Riley in her life was her weight. She suffered from excessive weight.

Due to her weight, she faced many issues. From mental health troubles to bad health she suffered it all. The main cause of her weight was her unhealthy habits. But she realised the lack of discipline in her life one day and that’s when change happened for her. 

Her weight loss transformation is jaw-dropping as she has shedded around 50 pounds. Her journey involves very helpful and motivational insights. Her weight loss pictures on the internet are making people mad to know about how she has achieved it.

In this article, we will learn how Amber Riley has finally changed the table for her benefit and will see her diet and workout routine that helped her shed pounds.

Real NameAmber Patrice Riley
Famous NameAmber Riley
Date of BirthFebruary 15, 1986
Age37 Years
Height5 feet, 2 inches
Weight85 kg/ 187 pounds
ProfessionActress and Singer
Marital Status
Net Worth$2 Million

Who is Amber Riley?

Amber Riley is an American actress and singer who is also known as Mononymously. She was born on February 15, 1986, in Crompton, California, United States. She had a passion for singing. She auditioned for American Idol when she was just 17. 

But unfortunately, she did not get selected back then. Then she shifted her focus on her studies and graduated from La Mirada High School in 2004. Amber got famous when she played the role of Mercedes Jones on “Glee”.

She also participated in “Dancing with the Stars” in 2013, and she won the show. She has also appeared as a judge on a BBC One musical talent show called “Let It Shine”. She also participated in the American and British versions of Masked Singer.

She has many singles in her name that include “A Moment”, “Creepin”, “BGE”, and “Someone You Loved”. She also teamed up with the British singers Beverley Knight and Cassidy Janson in 2017 as a leading lady in a group album.

What was Amber Riley’s diet routine?

Dietary changes are the pillar of a healthy lifestyle, and this was completely understood by Amber Riley during her weight loss journey. She made the following dietary changes to lose weight:

1. Avoiding her favourites

As we have mentioned earlier, she loves eating her burgers and pizzas because it used to give her an instant rush of happy hormones during her busy and stressful schedule but it also made her obese. So to get back in shape she had to avoid her favourites because while eating them she couldn’t lose any inch. She followed a strict diet by avoiding any fast food or junk that is high in calories and sugar  

2. High on Water

She also religiously followed one thing and that was completing her water intake. She cannot stress enough on telling the importance of this step during weight loss. It helped her suppress her appetite because water tended to make the stomach feel full and also helped her boost her metabolism and keep her energetic throughout the day.

3. Changed her beverage choices

She also sincerely changed her beverage choices by avoiding any drink that contained soda and added sugar. She also avoided coffee or tea that was full of calories, creams, and artificial sweeteners. Instead, she focused on drinking fresh juices like orange juice, and apple juice and when it came to hot beverages she switched to green tea. 

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Amber Riley’s workout routine

Amber Riley has made significant changes in her life by adopting a healthy workout routine which is of prime importance. No weight loss is possible without a proper workout routine. One cannot lose weight without moving their body. Here is the workout routine followed by Amber Riley:

1. Joined Gym

Amber Riley has shown many insights and details of her weight loss. She has also shared many stories of her workout routine in which she has seen herself all sweaty clicking the picture in the mirror of the gym. She joined the gym to bring consistency to her workout routine and to train her core, legs, and upper body to make sure that the workout is not only burning fat but also toning her body. 

2. Cycling 

She also used cycling as a weapon against the fat that was not helping her in life. She used to cycle in her leisure time. Cycling engaged her lower body and also helped her in staying more active. It also lifted her mood by bringing her close to nature. Cycle therapy is something that we all need sometimes in our lives to feel relaxed and burn fat. On days when going to the gym was not accessible she used to cycle. 

3. Swimming

She also used to go swimming not only to enjoy some time in the pool with friends or family but also to engage her body in burning energy even on weekends. This is one of the most loved sports especially during summers because compared to other exercises in this one the body does not get heat up even while exercising. 

Amber Riley Before & After

Amber Riley weight loss before and after picture

Amber Riley’s weight loss transformation is visible in her before and after pictures. She has made quite a good progress. After following a healthy lifestyle she has lost around 50 pounds/ 23 pounds. She knew the route because of her fat.

Amber Riley gained weight over time due to unhealthy lifestyle practices and bad eating habits. She is famous and due to this, she has a very hectic schedule that makes her unfit. She says that she knew that she was doing wrong. 

Before weight loss, she weighed around 237 pounds/ 108 kg. Amber shared that pizzas and burgers were attacking her stomach because she used to grab one of these now and then. These were the things that made her unable to follow good conduct in life. 

But she fought for herself and after weight loss, she weighs around 187 pounds/ 85 kg. Her weight loss transformation is just beautiful and she is looking more confident than ever after shedding the unwanted skin from her body.

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Amber Riley’s Net Worth

Amber Riley is a successful woman and she has won many awards like “Screen Actors Guild Award”, and has also been nominated for three Teen Choice Awards, three NAACP Image Awards, and a Grammy Award.

She has also won the “Laurence Olivier Award for Best Actress in a Musical” and “Evening Standard Theatre Award for Best Musical Performance” in 2017 for her beautiful work. She has recorded many singles. 

She has also appeared on Television and the reports say that the major chunk of her earnings are from Television. Amber Riley has a net worth of around $2 million. She has gained all this fame and name from her hard work.

Her income sources are her albums, brand collaborations, Television, social media, winning prices, and paychecks of movies. She is a role model for many because she knows how to get whatever she wants. 


In conclusion, Amber Riley is a well-known actress and singer. She has undergone a magnificent transformation by losing around 50 pounds. She struggled with excessive weight for a major portion of her life due to her bad habits. 

Her weight loss journey is the result of her desire for a healthier and happier life. She has made significant changes in her diet and workout routine to achieve the impressive body she has currently. 

Amber had to make many dietary changes like she gave up on high-calorie and unhealthy foods like burgers and pizzas. She also emphasized the importance of drinking water and replaced soda beverages with fresh juices and green tea. 

She also added daily workouts in her life by going to the gym or cycling. In short, Amber’s Riley weight loss journey is very inspiring and motivating. She is also a successful singer having a net worth of around $2 million. 


What happened to Amber Riley?

Ans. Amber Riley has recently called off her engagement with her ex-fiance Deshaun Black. After her breakup, she is now focusing on herself more and is working on her upcoming albums. 

Did Oprah know Amber Riley?

Ans. Amber Riley once shared in an interview that she had met Oprah. She also shared that she was shocked to know that Oprah knew her mother and her name. 

Has Amber Riley undergone any weight loss surgery?

Ans. Amber Riley has made a significant transformation. But after the transformation came to light it got surrounded with surgery rumours. But, the truth is Amber Riley has not undergone any weight loss surgery. Her weight loss is completely natural. 

What is Amber Riley known for?

Ans. Amber Riley is one of the successful names but she is particularly more known for her role on the series “Glee” as Mercedes Jones. 

When did Amber Riley start singing?

Ans. Amber Riley started her singing career on April 3, 2014, when her debut single “Colorblind” premiered live on The Queen Latifah Show. This song was written by Emeli Sande. 

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