Amber Rachdi Weight Loss Journey [2024]

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Many people deal with weight that is hard to lose. Some weight gain stories are also shown on the famous television show “My 600-lb Life.”. This show highlights the dark side of unhealthy habits, lifestyle choices, and health diseases that can make your life hard.

But the weight loss transformation of Amber Rachdi proves that with effort, you can even break the stone. Amber Rachdi was one of the contestants on the show “My 600-lb Life,” where she weighed around 657 pounds.

Having this much weight made her life hard. She used to feel pain by moving her body an inch. But she decided to change her fate through her hard work and now her weight loss journey is gaining attention all over the internet.

In this article, we will delve deep into the motivational tale of Amber Rachdi’s weight loss journey.

Real NameAmber Rachdi
Famous NameAmber Rachdi
Date of BirthJune 22, 1990
NationalityPortland, United States
ProfessionSocial Media Influencer
Weight400 Pounds/ 181 Kg
Marital StatusMarried
Networth$5 Million

Who is Amber Rachdi?

Amber Rachdi is a famous internet personality. She is known as a social media influencer and motivational figure amongst her fans. She rose to fame when she was seen in season 3 of the famous reality show “My 600-lb Life.”. 

Amber was born on June 22, 1990, in Portland, Oregon, United States. Her fan following grew after her transformation came to light. She has transformed herself after undergoing a very motivational journey. 

Amber Rachdi is active on social media and frequently interacts with her fans through her live videos and stories. Amber has faced many health challenges in her life. On the show, thousands of people watched her journey. 

People watched her strive to live a healthy and meaningful life. Even after the show, Amber continued to make efforts towards living a healthy lifestyle. She shares her every day with her fans through her Instagram. 

Amber Struggles With Her Body

Amber Rachdi has always struggled with her body. She has been dealing with weight issues since her childhood. Amber was 5 years old when she weighed more than the children her age. At that time, she weighed around 160 pounds, which was not good for her age. 

Her weight issues also conflicted with her morale and confidence. She found it hard to make friends, socialize, and indulge in activities that she liked. Before she appeared on the show, she was living a black-and-white life. 

She used to feel like she was a burden to her parents, even though they always supported her. Her body image issues made her suffer from depression. She used to isolate herself. Her mood was often sad and irritated. 

Amber’s life on the show was not easy. She struggled with simple things like walking, going shopping, or standing for too long. But this show gave her hope and she made every effort to push herself towards her desired body.

Does Amber Rachdi Underwent Weight Surgery?

Amber struggled with her weight until she decided to be a participant in a reality show that changed her life. During her journey on the show, she met Dr. Nowzaradan, who helped a lot with losing weight. 

After struggling so much, she understood that the only option left for her was to go for surgery. However, her doctor informed her that she was not ready for the surgery at the moment. Before she could proceed with the surgery, she needed to lose some pounds. 

Amber took her doctor’s advice seriously and started a diet plan to prepare her body for weight loss surgery by losing some pounds. She tried eating healthy and made sure to avoid junk food. After her significant efforts, Amber lost around 17 pounds. 

She then approached her doctor, who told her that now she could proceed with bariatric surgery. Dr. Nowzaradan proceeded with her surgery and she lost around 240 pounds with her surgical encounter.

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Tips Followed By Amber Rachdi

Apart from the surgery, Amber Rachdi has also lost pounds by following diets and workout routines. She followed some tips that helped her lose weight, which are:

1. Portion Control

Amber Rachdi strictly controlled her portion sizes. She knew that it was important for her to lose weight and for that, she had to have something healthy and limited. She reduced the amount of food she ate by following a calorie deficit diet. Portion control is proven to be effective in the weight loss process and it has helped many people like Amber lose weight.

2. Avoiding Processed Food

Amber used to love unhealthy food like every individual but to lose weight, she had to stop eating it and focus on eating clean. She cut down on her favorite junk food and processed foods. She used to get cravings, but she used to control herself and used to imagine herself being slim and fit one day.

3. Stopped Binge Eating

Every one of us likes binge-eating while lying in bed and watching our favorite shows or movies. But this is what can make us gain weight. Amber understood this and avoided binge eating. She religiously tried eating only 3 times a day and 2 snacks a day at fixed intervals.

4. Staying Positive

Amber Rachdi’s life was not that easy because of her body. But she kept on smiling and started staying positive. This is because she learned that by being sad or depressed, she cannot achieve her goal and it will only be an obstacle to her weight loss journey. So, she started being more optimistic about her life. 

5. Avoid Late Dinners

Late dinners are a big no in a weight loss journey. This is because it can cause increased fat buildup over time. Amber made sure to have her dinner by 7 pm and not eat anything after that. She used to have her night chamomile tea. 

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Amber Rachdi Before & After

Amber Rachdi has struggled a lot with her body and tried everything possible to achieve her desired goal. But her journey was not that easy. Her body has been her own enemy since childhood and has made her suffer unnecessarily. 

But after so much struggle, Amber has finally lost around 257 pounds. This all started with her effort to share her journey with the world. She tried everything to lose weight but nothing worked. That’s when surgery came into play. 

However, her weight before surgery was not adequate for surgery, which made her wait and lose weight manually. She tried strict diets and workouts and lost around 17 pounds/ 7 kg before weight loss surgery.

After her weight loss, her doctor told her that she was ready to undergo the surgery. She underwent bariatric surgery and lost around 250 pounds/ 113 kg. Before weight loss, Amber weighed around 657 pounds/ 298 kg but after weight loss, she weighs around 400 pounds/ 182 kg.

Amber Rachdi’s Net Worth

Amber Rachdi has gained popularity after her appearance in the reality show. She is also a famous social media personality. She has more than 3 lakh followers on her Instagram and other social media handles. 

She is known for her down-to-earth personality and hardworking nature. Amber Rachdi has a net worth of around $5 million (as of 2024). She earns her income through her social media posts, television show paychecks, brand sponsorships, and other work. 

As per sources, Amber earns around $38,175 per month. Amber Rachdi also debuted in a program in 2015. She is currently working as a plus-size model and social media influencer. She regularly posts stuff to motivate people towards weight loss.


In a nutshell, Amber Rachdi’s weight loss journey is a story of determination and positivity. She has struggled with her weight since childhood but she decided to overcome it by taking the necessary steps, like appearing on the show where she met Dr. Nowzaradan. 

Amber’s dedication to changing her lifestyle, including controlling her portion sizes, avoiding processed foods, and stopping binge eating, has played an important role in her weight loss transformation. 

Her weight loss journey was not so easy but she kept going and by thinking too much, she finally decided to give weight loss surgery a try, which proved to be beneficial for her. Amber Rachdi remains a ray of hope for all of us.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

  1. How did Amber Rachdi lose weight?

Ans. Amber Rachdi, after suffering from her weight loss, decided to get bariatric surgery done to lose weight. 

  1. Are Nathan and Amber still together?

Ans. Nathan and Amber are married and still in love. Their love is growing day by day and they are true couple goals for their fans. 

  1. What happened to Amber from my 600?

Ans. Amber has turned her life in a positive way through her consistent efforts and now she is no longer like the Amber that was on the show 

  1. Does having green tea help with weight loss?

Ans. Yes, having green tea can help you lose weight because it is filled with antioxidants and has 0 calories. 

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