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Aliyah Royale is a famous actress who has lost around 60 pounds (27 kg) after suffering from body issues for years.


If you are a movie and series lover you might have seen or heard of young blood Aliyah Royale. She is famous not only for her impressive acting skills but for her weight loss transformation also. 

She suffered from weight for so long but now this Walking Dead fame has shocked her fans by losing weight. She has lost around 50 pounds. She has been very open about her weight struggles and weight loss transformation. 

Her weight loss was not achieved by following any tough or strict diets. Rather she believed in sticking to healthy food and spending hours moving our bodies. She completely focused on good exercise and eating healthy.

Her fans got curious about how she lost so much weight. Many people wanted her diet routine and her secrets to achieving this body. In this article, we will see the weight loss journey of Aliyah Royale and will see how she managed to lose weight.

Real NameAliyah Royale
Famous NameAliyah Royale
Date of BirthMarch 4, 2000
Age23 Years
Height5 feet 4 inches
Weight60 kg /132 pounds
Nationality American
Marital StatusNot Married
Net  Worth$350,000

Who is Aliyah Royale?

Aliyah Royale is a famous American actor who has worked in many television shows and movies. She is known for her acting skills and has built a separate fan base for her beauty and talent. She is also active on social media. 

She has worked in various films like The Red Line, The Walking Dead: World Beyond, The Watchful Eye, War Paint, and so on. She found her love in acting when she started participating in plays and school performances at an early age. 

She got famous for her role in The Walking Dead: World Beyond. She is also passionate about writing books and aims to introduce herself as an author in the future because she wants to publish a book in her name.

Aliyah Royale Diet Routine

Aliyah Royal made many dietary changes to lose weight. Dietary changes are a must for losing weight. But her approach was simple and realistic in nature. Here is the diet routine of Aliyah Royale that helped her lose weight:

1. Eating nutrient-rich food

Aliyah completely added nutrition-rich food to her diet. This helped her ensure that her vitamins, minerals, and protein intake was complete. She also included fiber-rich food that helped her keep her stomach full and also made her digestion system good.

2. Portion Control

Aliyah also practiced portion control. She controlled the portion size of her food and this helped her in keeping her nutrition intake in check. Portion control also helps in making sure a person is not eating too much or too little. This step helped Aliyah Royale in several ways.

3. Having Dinner Timely 

She used to have dinner on time. She used to have dinner by 7 to 8 pm at night. This helped her not to go to bed immediately after eating. As per studies,  having dinner on time is beneficial for the diet and it also helps in digesting the food. This also helps in keeping the calories in check.

4. Avoiding processed food 

Aliyah Royale also avoided processed food because processed food is high in sugar, fat and oil. This makes them a high-calorie food. Junk food also makes the digestion system bad. She used to crave her favorite hamburgers and pizzas but her diet demanded this change badly. 

5. Avoiding Sugary Products 

Sugar is very high in sugar and disrupts the blood sugar level of the body. So for losing weight avoiding sugar is advisable. This advice was followed by Aliyah Royale because sugar can disturb the whole weight loss journey. She also avoided any product that contained sugar and also avoided sugar syrups.

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What was her workout routine?

For losing weight, a workout is essential because this is the only way of losing weight and burning calories. Many people have different theories of moving their bodies to lose weight. Here is the workout routine Aliyah Royale that helped her in losing weight:

1. Strength Training

Aliyah joined the gym to lose weight. In the gym, she used to do strength training 3 to 4 times a week. Her personal trainer helped her in doing strength training. She used to do planks, weight lifting, and squats. Strength training helps in building muscle mass and makes the muscles strong. 

2. Walking

Aliyah was also very particular about completing her steps. She used to do 10,000 steps daily. Aliyah did a very interesting thing that is she used to take stairs to complete her steps. Going for walks also helped her keep her mood good because while we walk we connect with nature. 

3. Yoga

Weight loss requires lots of effort and during this process, one goes through lots of mental pressure which makes the whole process tough. But to deal with the same Aliyah indulges herself in yoga to bring flexibility to her body as well as prevent herself from emotional eating. 

4. Cardio Exercises 

Aliyah also used to do cardio workouts to burn all the calories and produce as much sweat as possible. She used to cycle, walk, and jog. She used to do cardio in her gym because her trainer used to help her with this too. Cardio is very effective in weight loss as it helps in burning more calories in less time.

How much weight did she lose?

Even after suffering from weight gain for years, Aliyah did not give up. She started her weight loss journey and failed many times. The one thing that helps in lose weight is that she keeps going. 

She successfully lost around 60 pounds/ 27 kg. Her weight loss journey is very simple yet realistic. Before weight loss, she weighed around 192 pounds/87 kg. But through her determination and dedication, she has overcome her biggest insecurity. 

She is an inspiration for all people struggling with body issues and finds losing weight hard. Currently, she weighs around 132 pounds/ 60 kg. She is making every possible effort to maintain her weight and she is looking more beautiful than ever. 

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In a nutshell, Aliyah Royale is a famous actress who has lost around 60 pounds after suffering from weight. For losing weight she did not use any extreme diets or surgery rather she followed simple and easy ways of losing weight. 

She focused on eating healthy and added more nutritious food to her diet, controlled portion sizes, ate dinner on time, and avoided sugar and processed food. She also made sure to work out daily. 

Her fitness routine included strength training, cardio workouts, yoga, and walking.  Aliyah has achieved heights in her career at a young age and has a net worth of around $350,000. Her story is an inspiration for many people.

Her weight loss transformation is significant and her weight loss story can be followed by anyone by taking into consideration their age and body type. The biggest takeaway from her story is consistency. She remained consistent and that’s only helped her in achieving her goal. 


What is Aliyah Royale’s Net Worth

Ans. Aliyah Royale is an American actress who has achieved fame at a young age. She has a net worth of around $350,000. 

Has Aliyah Royale lost weight through surgery?

Ans. No, Aliyah Royale has not lost weight through surgery. She has followed a simple diet routine and has spent rigorous hours in the gym to produce sweat.

How did the actress lose 21 kgs in 4 months?

Ans. Actresses lose this much weight because they have a profession of acting due to which they have to look good on the screen. But losing so much weight in this less time requires them to eat very less and sometimes even starve themselves.

How can I slim my neck?

Ans. Weight loss from a selected portion is difficult but you can lose some weight from your neck by doing facial and neck exercises that are easily available on the internet. 

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