How did Alanah Pearce Lose Weight After Her Accident?

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Alanah Pearce lost around 39 pounds (18 kg) after she faced a tragic accident that made her gain weight. She has worked out with a VR system.


Alanah Pearce is a renowned name in the gaming industry. She has helped develop many games and has also done voiceover in many games. She is a gamer and spends most of her time in her chair. 

Considering her job, she added the element of daily exercise to her lifestyle to ensure she is burning the calories consumed. But something happened in Alanah’s life that disrupted her whole healthy lifestyle and also made her gain some weight. 

Alanah Pearce met with an accident that made her bedridden for some time and due to this she was not able to move her body and gained weight. But recently, she has shared her transformation with her fans. 

Alanah has shared through a video that she has lost around 39 pounds. This came as a motivation for her fans and her comment section was filled with congratulations, praise, and questions. In this article, we will see how Alanah Pearce has lost weight.

Real NameAlanah Pearce
Famous NameAlanah Pearce
Date of Birth24 August 1993
Age30 Years
Height1.78 meter
Weight30 pounds/ 59 kg
ProfessionGamer and Journalist
Marital StatusNot Married
Net Worth$5 Million

What was the accident Alanah Pearce met with?

We never know what will happen next. Alanah Pearce met with an accident when she was riding her motorbike. She was going out as usual and all of a sudden her bike got crashed and she fell down. This made her bedridden for some time. She was not able to move. 

This event affected her gaming career. Alanah Pearce said  “I got in an accident. I came off the motorbike at about 30 miles an hour directly into my hands and into one of my knees. And I couldn’t walk for a few weeks.”

Alanah shared that she couldn’t play her games and her cardio routine was also disrupted. Even the little activity took so much effort from her and the pain was also not letting her move easily. 

She went through months of plaster and medicines to treat her body completely. The medicines also made her dizzy and her body was clearly showing that it needed rest. It was necessary for her to leave everything for a while and focus on her health. 

Why did she gain weight during her recovery period?

Alanah Pearce’s accident left her on rest for some time and she was strictly advised by the doctor to not move. This is because her bones were damaged due to the accident. Due to having no movement, she gained weight. 

She was not able to burn the calories consumed. This made her get fat over her body. She had the habit of going to the gym but leaving that also caused her muscles to change. But her body needs rest to recover.

Alanah shared “I still can’t do a tremendous amount of cardio and as a result, gained more weight more rapidly than I have ever gained before in my life”. However, she behaved patiently with her recovery and recovered completely easily. 

How did the lockdown affected her weight?

Like the pandemic affected all of us, it also made Alanah Pearce’s life hard. This is because Alanah Pearce was not able to move out. She was not able to go outside due to the imposed lockdown. All the gyms were closed which made her not do any exercise. 

All of this affected her weight. She started gaining weight daily. This is because she was just eating and not working out properly. But after considering everything, she started home workouts. She started doing cardio at her home. 

This although not helped her with her problem completely. But it showed some results. She did not let the pandemic break her habit of working out daily. She also focused on her eating habits and her home workouts helped her with her mental health.

During the tough times of COVID, Alanah engaged herself in self-reflection and she learned to work with the bare minimum available. This is what shows the determination of Alanah Pearce towards a healthy lifestyle which no situation can shake. 

How does Alanah Pearce took her weight gain positively?

Alanah Pearce is a sensible lady, she understands the importance of patience and self-acceptance. During her recovery period, she did not rush anything. Rather she stayed calm and helped her body to take its time to recover. 

She accepted her weight gain positively. Alanah says that she does not fear weight gain. She did not feel bad after getting fat on her body. Her weight loss was also not to look good or impress the world, rather she wanted to get healthy again. 

She wanted to move her body and burn the calories. This is the biggest takeaway from her story that we all should understand. Weight loss requires a positive mindset and Alanah’s transformation was only possible because she remained positive.

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Why does Alanah Pearce give importance to diet routines?

Alanah Pearce deeply understands the importance of diet in the weight loss journey. Alanah says that many people undervalue the importance of healthy eating but she has not done the same thing. 

She made sure that she was eating well while losing weight. She also controlled her calories. Alanah says that she eats lots of veggies and fruits to keep her stomach fresh and healthy. She also eats lots of nuts and protein bars. 

She loves creamy things like pasta but she has to avoid all these things because it makes her feel like crap. Alanah Pearce’s eating perspective is simple and that is she wanted to fill her body with all good things. 

She also avoided sugar and changed her unhealthy diet to a healthy one. She also stopped herself from consuming alcohol. All these changes are reflected in her body today. She has motivated many with her transformation. 

Alanah Pearce workout with VR system

e in a video, Alanah Pearce shared that she works out with the help of a VR system. Alanah said that she used to play workouts and used to follow the instructions. She has pointed out many benefits of working out a VR system. 

Some of the benefits were that she used to do many plunges and squats without even noticing. It helped her a lot in getting back to the workout routine after a long gap. Alanah says that it helped her work out without even getting tried.

Alanah said “It’s really really hard and gets much harder or easier if you need it to. But overall it’s tough, “Supernatural VR uses the same dance-like arm moments that I like in a whole lot of other VR games.”. 

She says that V R contained every kind of workout and even contained different levels of moderation ranging from easy to medium. It was not only about working out because the VR also contained games that made her workout sessions even more interesting. 

Alanah Pearce Before and After

Alanah Pearce is like a worrier and she has come out so strong after her transformation. You can see the difference in her before and after pictures. Losing 39 pounds/ 18 kg after going through a traumatic incident is a victory in itself. 

She came down from 169 pounds/ 77 kg to 130 pounds/ 59 kg without showing any tantrums. Alanah said that her gain after her accident was more than even what happened to her during the lockdown period. 

Alanah Pearce used to work out while playing games but her accident made it hard for her to do anyone of it. But she still managed to overcome it all. She wants to bring the importance of daily workouts to her gamer community.

Alanah believes that the gamers have sitting jobs and due to this they live an unhealthy life but the exercise routine can add some movement to their body. This is the reason why Alanah Pearce is so punctual about her lifestyle. 


In conclusion, Alanah Pearce is a well-known figure in the gaming industry, who faces challenges in the journey of losing weight after a serious accident. The accident left her bedridden and disrupted her healthy lifestyle causing weight gain. 

Despite the setbacks, Alanah shared her inspiring transformation after losing 39 pounds. During her recovery, she faced difficulties with mobility and had to adapt to a change in routine. 

What sets Alanah apart is her acceptance of weight gain with positivity and patience. She acknowledged the importance of diet. Alana adopted healthy eating habits, including lots of vegetables, fruits, nuts, and protein bars. 

She avoided unhealthy foods and alcohol, making a significant impact on her transformation. She also took help from the VR system to do her workouts daily.


Who is Alanah Pearce?

Ans. Alanah Pearce is an Australian video game writer and former journalist who has worked as an American game developer with Santa Monica Studio. 

How much net worth does Alanah Pearce have?

Ans. Alanah is also a content creator and she makes videos on YouTube. Alanah Pearce has a net worth of around $5 million. 

What happened to Alanah Pearce?

Ans. Alanah Pearce used to be a journalist but then she moved to the development part of gaming in 2020. She also became a content writer. 

Did Alanah Pearce work on Ragnarok?

Ans. Yes, Alanah Pearce in September 2021 revealed that she had been a part of the development team of Ragnarok. 

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