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One of the all-time favorite comedy actresses, Abbi Jacobson has caught the attention of thousands of her fans by shredding her body weight at the age of 38. she lost 20 pounds, Have a look at how far she has come. 


Abbi Jacobson is a Hollywood actress who has been a part of the industry for over a decade now. And, for her roles in the comedy series, and her separate career as a writer and producer, she has attained a fairly large fan base of her own. 

Therefore, when others learned of her losing body weight, no one was more fascinated than her fans. Her new physique has gained her the admiration of many of her co-workers, and her fans all around the world. 

The prospect that makes her journey interesting to the masses is the fact that she has toned down her body weight without any kind of medical treatment. It is only because of the work that she has put into her body that she has been able to do so.

And this very fact has garnered her even more attention and respect.

NameAbbi Jacobson
Weight Loss20 Pounds
Current Weight116 Pounds
Height 5′-5” (164 cm)
Age39 (in 2023)
ResidenceLos Angeles, California, United States
Date of Birth1st February 1984
Net Worth6 Million USD
Marital StatusEngaged (Jodi Balfour)
AwardsECNY Award (Nominee)Emmy Award (Nominee)Outstanding Short Form Comedy or Drama Series Award
Abbi Jacobson Table overview

Childhood and Upbringing

Abbi Jacobson weight loss journey

Abbi Jacobson was born on February 1st of 1984. She was born to Alan Jacobson and Susan Komm. The parents both have careers as an artist and graphic designers respectively. Most of her upbringing was in Wayne, Pennsylvania. 

Her primary and high school education was completed in the same state. Ever since her childhood, she was interested in acting and the core subjects of theatrical art. 

She graduated with a degree in Art from Maryland Institute College of Art in 2006 with a speciality in Fine Arts. She made a perfect utilization of her art and entered the filming industry soon after in the year of 2009. 

It would not be wrong that her primary interest in the filming industry is because of the way her roots (and those of her parents) are associated with the subject of Art. And, she has preserved that inheritance quite well. 

Making a Successful Career

Right after graduating with her degree in Arts in 2006, she started taking professional classes in theatrics from the Theatre School of Atlantic. It was through this acting and learning school that she started making contacts in the Hollywood industry.

In this particular school, she met Ilane Glazer, a successful producer and writer, giving a boost to her popularity and her overall career. By the grace of these connections and her extraordinary talent, she had a really good start in the industry. 

Ever since 2009, she had been playing many small roles in the filming industry. But, she got her big break when she co-starred in Broad City (2014), which has been a popular comedy series to date.

After that, her career has only been on the rise. And, even with the growing expectations of fans from her, she has not disappointed anyone, which is a remarkable feat in itself.

Health Status during Early Years

Abbi Jacobson did not have any kind of serious health issues. And, had been in the peak physical condition ever since her childhood days. 

She had an admirable physique that got along spectacularly well with her small height and overall frame. And, it was these specific charms of hers that worked wonders on the hearts of her followers and fans.

She had always been in the top physical condition. And, she was admired greatly for that. By the time of her late 20s, she had had no weight-related problems. And, neither was it expected even in the long sight. 

She had no hormonal dysfunction or any genetic condition that would have led to her gaining a lot of weight in a short amount of time.

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Abbi Jacobson’s Weight Gain

It was during her mid-30s that she started feeling that she had gained a lot of weight at a rather faster pace. The realization struck her when she was browsing through some of her images, as she stated. 

Even then, the statistics were not too abnormal. And, the weight was something that could be brought back into control if worked over it with enough determination. 

And, working on herself is what she did. She started looking for ways that were going to help her lose weight in a regular, faster, and more natural manner. And, as we see her today, her efforts have gained her quite some results. 

As mentioned by her, she had gained over 25 pounds in a small interval of time, and although not physically bothersome, the additional weight was interfering with her career as an actress. And, that is why she chose to work on herself. 

Abbi’s Decision to Lose Weight

Abbi Jacobson was presented with ways following which she could lessen her body weight. One was weight loss surgery, and the other one was the natural and hard-working way. 

And, Abbi did not take the easy way out. She decided to do it herself. And, corresponding to her determination, she was able to gain quite some extraordinary results and those too in the expected time. 

She did not feel the need for weight loss surgery and thought of it to be a drastic and serious measure. Therefore, she was more inclined towards the choice that majorly constituted physical work and labour.

Following her whims, she started working on her body, and with the help of certain professionals and fitness trainers, she was able to contain her body weight quite efficiently.

Weight Loss Aid

Abbi Jacobson herself states that one of the most possible reasons for which she was able to lose this much weight in a short time was because of her professional weight trainer. He was the one to guide her through her entire journey. 

While the name of her physical trainer has not been made known yet, the transformation that she has gone through speaks volumes in itself. And, that is perfect enough proof of the qualifications that the trainer must have had.

But aside from that, even after getting satisfactory results from the trainer’s guide, she kept on working on herself and is still keeping up with the choices that she made to lower her weight. 

Overall Weight Loss

Only through her extensive physical training, and without the aid of medical support, she was able to lower her body weight by impressive measures. 

She had lost more than 20 pounds in a matter of months. It was so sudden and impressive that, one would have even believed the prospect of her gaining weight to be a lie. But it did happen, and she lost the weight just like that. 

And, even after the reported weight loss, she continues to follow the lifestyle that she followed to lose all this weight. And, to tell the truth, this new lifestyle of herding sure suits her well. For she has come out as even more of an impressive actress after her transformation.

And, it is for the realization that she had about herself and her determination to gain back what she has lost that her fans admire her so much.

Change in Lifestyle

Said by Abbi Jacobson in her interview, that the journey has not been easy. And, she did have to make significant changes just to help stop her increasing body weight. And, that was the hardest part of her decision. 

She had to eliminate the consumption of all kinds of oily foods. And that in itself brought about many changes in her daily life. 

Then, she had to take up a completely new diet plan as suggested by her fitness trainer. No cheat meals, no out-takes, and no fatty meals. Everything was home cooked and rich in whole foods. 

Aside from that, she had to indulge in lots of physical fitness training sessions. Especially the running and swimming exercises. 

Her workout sessions included 1 hour of swimming class every day. And, that is only for the swimming part. She did many more exercises apart from that. 

Her exercises included running, jogging, sprints, weight training, boxing, and waist workouts. It could hardly be called easy, but the results were worth it.

Recovery after Weight Loss

The entire process of weight loss for Abbi Jacobson was a process of self-realization. Therefore, it did not affect her majorly when she gained weight.

Also, she was inactive between mid-2021 to 2022. Therefore, this gave her enough leeway to lose weight without gaining much attention. 

But, the difference in her persona becomes quite imminent when taking into account the roles she played in previous movies or series and the most recent one “A League of Their Own”. 

Her recovery is like she has gained an entirely new persona. And, she has been doing wonders in her acting and writing career since then.

Abbi Jacobson’s Net Worth

Throughout her life, Abbi Jacobson has worked through multiple careers and is still doing the same. She has been a writer, a producer, an actress, and a comedian, and all these are related to the Hollywood filming industry. 

This has served to put a boost to her financial status. and made her one of the richest and most successful actresses of the date. 

Reportedly, she has a net worth of over 6 Million USD taking into account all her sources of revenue. The shows that she has featured in, those that she has written and those that she has produced. 

Also, she has just bought a huge villa in Los Angeles, California, where she currently lives, which is worth about 1.7 Million USD, along with her fiancée, Jodi Balfour.

Featured Movies and TV Shows

She started her career in the Movie industry with her side role in the movie “Revelation 13.” After that, she played many roles for short films.

Her big break was when she was featured in “Broad City” (2010 to 2011). ever since then, she has not looked back. 

After that, she started getting starring roles, and even her own TV Series. She has worked for dozens of these TV Series and shows. and has been nominated for and awarded dozens of awards throughout her career. 

“A League of Their Own”, “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and “The Mitchells vs. the Machines” have been some of her most popular works. 

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Abbi Jacobson has been able to do it, again proving the fact that this is not impossible. And, anyone who puts in the work for it can lose weight. 

And, she did that when she was still active as an actress. This makes it an even more impressive deed. 

She is a successful actress and scriptwriter,, and she did not try to justify how she had gained weight. She worked and lost it; that is what one should take inspiration from. 


How many kids does Abbi Jacobson have?

She is engaged to her fiancée Jodi Balfour and has been engaged since 2019. And, she does not have any kids right now. 

What was Abbi’s diet plan?

The entire plan has been specified on her blog page. But specifically, she had to go all vegan to help herself with weight loss. 

How is she an author?

Abbi Jacobson is both a scriptwriter and an author. She has written scripts for TV shows and also published books that specifically target the younger generation. That makes her a scriptwriter as well as an author. 

Which book did Jacobson write?

Her first 2 books were colouring books. And her most recent one is “I Might Regret This: Essays, Drawings, Vulnerabilities, and Other Stuff”. This book specifically is meant for the adult generation and is a beautiful read. 

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